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Review on Emerson Collective by Douglas Cachazo

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Emerson Collective: Organization for social justice

The world is going through a series of difficulties that still has not been able to solve, some progress has been made in some of them but there is really a long way to go, social justice for example is one of them, very few countries have achieved a balance in that sense, poverty brings many problems to society, climate change is another stumbling block in which progress and setbacks and believe it or not the pandemic has helped to curb global warming, as it has decreased the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, it sounds paradoxical but that's how it is,

Emerson collective is a private non-governmental organization focused on providing solutions to major problems such as climate change, education, immigration, the environment, and even cancer treatments.

Not only does it hold forums and create awareness with events, the company specifically invests in projects, some with no return on investment, emphasizes education, with new educational plans, internet for all, contributions for cancer treatments, also aware of the importance of immigrants for the U.S. economy, it also supports immigrants, as well as environmental plans.

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  • Important American company in favor of a better world.
  • It invests in various plans
  • Supports immigrants, aware of their importance
  • Carries out educational plans,
  • Creates environmental awareness and education
  • Nothing