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About LeadX Capital Partners

LeadX Capital Partners supports fast-growing, digitalization-focused products and solutions targeting the hospitality-, retail- and food-tech sectors. Over the last two years, LeadX has become one of the largest investors in these areas with a portfolio of over 50 investments.In addition to supporting entrepreneurs developing market-leading companies thanks to a European team of professional investors with over 85 years investment experience, LeadX aims to generate value through lead generation partnerships as well as access to the METRO companies.LeadX has a stage-agnostic, flexible investment approach and typically invests €5-30m per company.

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LeadX Capital Partners: Invests in manufacturer-distributor business models in Europe

LeadX Capital Partners supports companies that bring to the consumer industry solutions and services based on digital technologies, betting on success by ensuring investments in B2B companies, i.e. based on the manufacturer and distributor business...See full review

LeadX Capital Collaborators: Spots resources into creator transporter blueprints in Europe

LeadX Capital Colleagues keeps up affiliations that bring to the buyer business approaches and associations dependent after state of the art improvements, wagering on progress by guaranteeing interests in B2B relationship, for example thinking...See full review

LeadX Capital Assistants: Places assets into maker shipper game plans in Europe

LeadX Capital Assistants maintains associations that bring to the purchaser business courses of action and organizations reliant upon cutting edge developments, betting on progress by ensuring interests in B2B associations, for instance considering...See full review

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LeadX Capital Partners is an affiliation that gives a wide extent of help and leads the movement of client association affiliations. Supporting these affiliations' capital during advancement progress, LeadX Capital Adornments improves association…See full review

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LeadX Capital Associates is an association that gives a wide scope of help and leads the progression of customer organization associations. Supporting these associations' capital during development headway, LeadX Capital Accessories improves...See full review

My thoughts on LeadX Capital Partners.

LeadX Capital Partners is an investment platform that supports the faster growth and development of companies working in the general working areas, retail and food technology field of this company, which has done good work in many different areas...See full review

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LeadX Capital Accomplices is an organization that gives a wide range of help and leads the advancement of buyer administration organizations. Supporting these organizations' capital during innovation advancement, LeadX Capital Accomplices...See full review

LeadX Capital Accomplices: Puts resources into maker wholesaler plans of action in Europe

LeadX Capital Accomplices upholds organizations that bring to the shopper business arrangements and administrations dependent on computerized innovations, wagering on progress by guaranteeing interests in B2B organizations, for example in light of...See full review

My review on LeadX Capital Partners.

LeadX Capital Partners is multinational dedicated team, Where they invest technology and expertise to help with investment, financing and entrepreneurship. They helped me improve the efficiency of my work, and my sales capabilities, also develop...See full review

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LeadX Capital Partners is a company that provides all kinds of support and leads the development of consumer service companies. Supporting these companies' capital during technology development, LeadX Capital Partners optimizes service. LeadX...See full review