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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by Olorundare Ariyo


This is a Company with a great reputation in the History of Philanthropy and it helps in some of Strata of Society. The company over 45 years of protection of the LGBT right in the society today and with this long years history they have a very great achievement that can never be overlook in this presents era.

Its also help in protecting the right of the less prevelage and assisting the needy in supporting them financially and also morally. They also established their own cryptocurrency which involved a lot of people into trading their own coin and they have many international trading which makes them one the best company in this crypto era.

Charitable Organization was created to assist to make donations from some people to meets the needs of its community and also to make it more stronger and also some set of peoples make themselfs available to training LGBT so that they can discover most of their talents and to make their features more better has a prevelage to achieve their dream in live.

This company also set aside a well okay place for their older people to stay for a complete comfort of their lives.

in conclusion, I will this achievement is the best I have ever seen as the aid to render help to the poor, needy , the older ones and the less previlage people to achieve their dreams and to make them a useful person in the generation today. They should keep the good work.

Pros & cons

  • To assist the needy and poor.
  • To be of help to the older one.
  • its helps to achieve dreams
  • There is no Cons