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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by nurik buranbaev

"We are here if you need us"

The LGBTQ Network Foundation project is a decentralized and integrated space. For every client this business is impacted. Create a wallet and host your own information and your belongings and this wallet - Rainbow is a smart wallet that is easy to operate and protects you from sending coins. To receive your payments in a confidential manner, you only need to send an address and a response code. The motto "We are here if you need us", women, elderly people, men, children, he helps. The project of this platform is to create a world of social networks and marketing, provide services and support, using modern technologies and privacy, where you can communicate in any language. The application includes, various gifts and purchases, is a special source of security for people, in obtaining knowledge and opportunities. This project was able to cooperate with all organizations around the world, create a digital data center, attract knowledge, change countries for the better. The system is well thought out, it provides direct control of the functions of your wallet, and you can communicate with it through the central network or the Internet, secure storage and sending of money, the ability to create a digital data center. I can say that you can learn this project from different parts, that it is a convenient way to develop a program in different countries. I want to say that this project made an impression on me, and would advise those wishing to use this project.



Pros & cons

  • Rainbow is a smart wallet that's easy to use.
  • This is a convenient way to develop a program in different countries.
  • Create a world of social networking and marketing, all over the world.
  • Prokto has little vision.