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About LGBTQ Network Foundation

Creating a Social Networking Community IOS & Android Microblogging App with support LGBTQ People from all Around The World. Ability to create Own Community. Communicate among themselves, in any languages, using technical capabilities. Legal support for LGBTQ community. Supporting different LGBTQ Crowdfunding Campaigns. Sponsorships & Scholarships for LGBTQ Students & local LGBTQ Community all Around The World.

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LGTBQ covers a varieties of communities scheduled to globalise digital services for both private and cooperate firms.

LGTBQ community is a brand of experts which interacts with several groups of individuals and as well make effort for projects such that they can be influenced by people. The community makes…See more

Protecting gays is essential around the world

rrIt is a gay support charity that was founded more than forty years ago and has grown and expanded to reach all the country. It provides all kinds of support to gay, bisexual and transgender…See more


Founded in the United States in 1975, it promotes and supports gay, bisexual and transgender people and provides them with a just society and equality with all human beings in the world. It is also…See more


This register project was established in 2018, I love the project because of it objective to keep on making the digital asset well know and acceptable. Though the digital asset is now becoming…See more

LGBTQ Network

Hello, my today's review is about LGBTQ Network Foundation. LGBTQ is a crypto project created in recent years. I think there is no need to say the purpose of the project, because as it is evident…See more

LGBTQ Network Foundation Review

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about my research for the LGBTQ Network Foundation, my site review, and finally convey my own thoughts. The LGBTQ Network Foundation is a decentralized…See more

Review of the LGBTQ Network Foundation project.

Hello friends. One of the projects that seeks to unite the community in a decentralized way is the LGBTQ Network Foundation project. This project has had a huge impact on the lives of each of the…See more

LGBTQ Project Review

LGBTQ is a blockchain technology project that is presently running on Ethereum's blockchain. I'm very optimistic about the success of the core goals and objectives of the project with the level of…See more

LGBTQ Network Foundation, an example of inclusion of one of the most organized communities in the world.

My review of LGBTQ Network Foundation, is based on the aspect strictly related to its incorporation as a Foundation to the Blockchain world and not to the condition of its members. My background…See more

Promoting the use of new technologies from inclusion and respect.

The issue of inclusion and respect has always been a point of discussion for a long time, which gives a lot of relevance to this project which is aimed at these issues without falling into…See more