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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by Sirin Owezowa

My thoughts on GBTLQ.

The main purpose of this enterprise is to create an iOS and Android Microblog app that supports GBTLQ people from all over the world. He also has the ability to create his own community. You can communicate with each other in any language using such technical features.

The project provides legal support, especially for the LGBTQ community. Different LGBTQs also do not support multi-fundraising campaigns. There are sponsorships and scholarships for LGBTQ students and the local LGBTQ community around the world. A rainbow wallet is an extraordinary wallet that likes the simplicity of the board, allowing you to send coins from one friend to another, and you need to send a regional and reaction code to get a partial plan by keeping your information secret. He has an order and we may need it, he has helped here and there to varying degrees.

They provide a variety of help and support to women, the elderly, and men, as well as they have changed the realities of life. This practical program includes gifts and a special piece of gift to different people around the world for the purpose of acquiring information and strength through new developments. And it involves collecting development data.

Pros & cons

  • Support people at GBTLQ.
  • Various support for people.
  • Creating your own social skills.
  • So far there are few downsides.