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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by Naomi Ilani

I Think They Should Try Advicing These People To Back Out Of The Act

TThe LGBTQ Foundation is a project that I got to know recently too, all thanks to the Revain team for revealing their existence to me. The LGBTQ Foundation happens to be a project that I don't really support. This is because of the aim the project pursue. I'm saying this from my own point of view though 😄😄

One might be wondering why I don't really like the aim the project pursue. Well, this is majorly because their aim isn't supported by my religion. I guess it's enough of putting y'all behind the shadows. The LGBTQ Foundation is one that supports Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgenders. They don't really support the act though, but they try to stand up for them so they don't get criticized. Standing up for them seems nice but what they do don't seem so to me. I guess the truth shouldn't be hidden from them. The fact that what they do isn't good remains.

Presently, the Project happens to be moving forward in terms of adoption and support, this is mainly because almost everybody supports those that stands for other people's right. I do stand with them too but I think they can also use this as a means of sensitizing these people. They should understand that what they are doing is against the norms of the society and God. This foundation can use this as a means of providing support for them and at the same time trying to make them back out of it.

As many other projects do, the LGBTQ Foundation also has their own token. Sincerely, I don't really know much about their token, this is majorly because I'm yet to find an exchange platform where it is accepted (if anyone know of any, please drop it at the comment section). I would invest in it as soon as I get to know better about the token as the project looks like a really good investment opportunity.

Pros & cons

  • The project is a good one, especially due to the fact that it provides support to those who are in need of it
  • They have their own token which is used on the platform
  • The project look like a good one to invest in
  • I feel they can try talking to these people, trying to let them know that what they are doing is wrong