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Review on BKEX by Daniel Stephen

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An Exceptional And Ideal Trading Platform

BKEX exchange was esta

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blished in 2018 to provide trading services to Blockchain traders across the globe. It is a trading platform with unique trading attributes making it an attractive hub for digital currency traders. There are several reasons why the BKEX exchange is unique, this includes features like deposit option, security, trading fees, storage, and the Verification process. The deposit option on BKEX gives the flexibility of making use of a variable method to top up one's trading account on the exchange. It supports fiat deposits and cryptocurrency deposits, this allows those who are new to crypto to acquire their first crypto assets by making a direct deposit into their trading account using a bank card, PayPal, Wechat, or Alipay, these are variety of payment options available worldwide. So far there hasn't been any record of a security breach on BKEX. The tight security measure can be attributed to the security infrastructure put forward by the exchange platform to make the exchange immutable to attacks. As a centralized trading platform, BKEX takes custody of users' assets on the exchange and stores them. It uses a cold storage wallet to safeguard the safety of the assets on the exchange, the cold storage allows the exchange to move the user's assets offline hence reducing the chances of the assets being stolen by scammers. BKEX uses a 2-factor authentication and KYC verification system to keep users on the safe side. Enabling to the 2FA authentication using both Google and your email coupled with an identity verification system to avert security vulnerability. The trading fee on BKEX exchange is very competitive compared to the fees on other Centralized exchanges. For all crypto-to-crypto trade executed on the exchange a maker and a taker fee of 0.15% and 0.2% are taken respectively. This makes the transaction very costs effective especially when trading a huge amounts of assets on the exchange. One spectacular feature of the exchange is a seed incubator program. The seed incubator program is a launchpad platform created by the BKEX platform to offer early-stage support and fundraising to startup crypto projects emerging in the market and offer them partnership opportunities to become mainstream projects. Like other major trading platforms, BKEX has its own native utility token BKK, an ERC-20 token with a max supply of 164,450,30 BKK built to pay gas fees on the exchange and also grant users access to decision-making in the BKEX community. The community operates a DAO system to implement major decisions like the trading fee, deposit service, buyback, token listing, and mining tokens to be Supported. It's a professional exchange platform that anyone trading cryptocurrency will find exceptionally useful in their trading journey.

  • Provides launchpad service
  • Low trading and withdrawal fees
  • Provides an extra layer of security using 2FA and KYC verification
  • It has its own native token
  • None

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February 10, 2023
I have been using BKEX for 2 years, and it is very convenient to manage money. I can use it anytime, just withdraw money. Based on the experience in the past two years, the client terminal is getting better and better and more practical. We are optimistic about the follow-up development of BKEX!
February 10, 2023
good exchange rank 17 in cmc,money free deposit and withdraw
February 10, 2023
BKEX have multiple deposit and wtithdrawal options,platform funds limit security is great.There have many type of tokens to trading , there are also many trading modes, and financial management such as fixed deposit
February 09, 2023
The withdrawal is fast, the experience is very good, the interest rate of financial management is higher than that of banks, and it is convenient and easy to operate. This is my favorite place, and the most important is have 500x leverage and good launchpad product to participate
February 09, 2023
BKEX has many ways to play, and is quick to follow new comments BKEX is updated about once a week, and bug fixes are also timely. There are crazy contracts that can support up to 500 times, and there are 18%+options for financial management. If you don't understand, you can choose to follow orders and place orders with powerful traders to feel stable happiness
February 09, 2023
Simple and easy to use๐Ÿ‘
February 09, 2023
The design of their web and app are concise and clear, easy use. There are a lot of investment types to suit investors with different preferences.
February 09, 2023
The interface design is simple and convenient, and it is easy for novices to use it. There are many kinds of currencies, there are many bull coins and potential coins to choose from, and the projects are also very good, and the increase is also very large. Overall, this is a platform worth recommending.

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