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Hashbit blockchain is a new decentralized (DEX) block chain. Some users are yet to discover what Hashbit could offer. This block chain came Into existence in the year 2021 about a year now. This block chain known as Hashbit is among the safest and fastest block chain we could think off. Though I haven't used it before but from my research work I could see a great potential in this block chain. Any transaction that takes places in Hash bit can't be delayed. Its known for its super speed. TalkinSee full review

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BKEX has been in existence since 2018.i haven't used this exchange before. But I did all necessary research about this exchange 1.BKEX has close to $2billion trading volume according to CMC. Even the exchange which I use(kucoin) isn't even up to BKEX. BKEX has about 663 pairs in the spot sector which also include popular currencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc 2. I'll be talking about the registration process. The registration process is very simple, easy and fast. Your registration can be doneSee full review

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Now a days to find a good and suitable and authentic User friendly Exchange platform is very difficult. But with the introduction of Bityard exchange platform, many problems has been solved because this exchange platform provides solutions for exchange difficulties. It also provides a very simple and quick exchange services without any form of delay not only that, it also has a very high security system and a very safe and reliable security system. Secondly your account can be secured by you adSee full review

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Roobee platform is an investment platform that offers a lot of features.. Trading in this platform just requires a minimum of $10 only With your $10 you can Start investing in this ROOBEE platform, from my own personal research which I undergo I came to find out that roobee platform has been in existence since 2017 but by then it wasn't that famous like other investment platform.. The main thing that drags my whole attention to roobee is its investment channel You can invest as low as $10 and See full review

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I would love to talk about a project which goes by the name Gagarin launchpad. This platform is a foundation of other future projects. It helps to unlock potentials of future projects. The main ambition of this project is to make sure it assist other new projects unlock their potentials I.e it helps the new project reach their dreams. Gagarin launchpad platform also creates opportunity for its users a token to be able to benefit from it by Holding it Or even trading it. Lastly in their site, See full review

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Wodo network helps to empower business for an easy crypto currency, NFT, block chain etc.it also helps users know how to tackle their problem with ease bringing solution to their problem. Wodo has a group of team that are always active 24hrs and you can always reach out to them at any time From my own point I think this platform is well designed for crypto traders as well as new users who are joining the crypto market. Below are some segment of wodo which I'm about to mention 1. Wodo gamSee full review

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I'm an investor, I have invested in so many platforms and I can tell from experience which is good and which is bad. I'm someone thats always on a lookout for amazing and exciting new projects. From my lookout, I came in touch with Genius assets. Now Genius assets is a good investment platform that helps crypto investors invest in crypto and non-crypto opportunities. The entire system of Genius is base on GeniusX token. In recent past investment has been a burden or a yoke that troubles a lotSee full review

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My review today will be all about midas investment. For those that don't know, Midas investment is simply a custodial crypto investment platform that provides passive income to all crypto traders and investors. Another point again is, Its strives so hard to make sire it gives financial freedom for its investors. The company is situated in Eswatini going by its total employees i would say it has about 18 employees across all region Midas investment can be seen to trade all the types of cryptoSee full review

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my review is basebase on research anddn n My review today is base on token eco all my reviews is base on findings and research This exchange called tokenco is a good exchange that has tried to serve users This exchange has gone a long way to help individuals in the crypto world This exchange is not 100 pervcent good but i can assure you that it can serve very well According to my Research i found out that it aslo has a social media account But as it is right now we cant access thSee full review

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Hi guys i am here to write you guys on this exchange called kex My reviews are base on facts and research which i made Kex is a centralised exchange that is base in singapore And statistic shows that this exchange is already a dead exchange ie the exchange no longer exist again This exchange was created in singapore in the year 2017 that is four years ago With the intention to secure their citizens assets But unfortunately this exchange platform couldnt survive in the cryptSee full review

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My review today is on pay rue dex Hi guys i wanna write a review today on this exchange called pay rue dex My reviews are base on research and findings This exchange as we all know is a decentralised type of exchange that is very useful in the crypto world today Many users have testify about this exchange platform because it has serve them well Though this platform was created for a purpose which till now its still serving its purpose of creation This exchange platform is recSee full review

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HI guys AM HERE to write about chain creator All my reviews are base on findings and research This exchange platform has been a good exchange platform over the years now Many users have testified about this type of exchange platform because it has been of help to people This platform came into existence with the purpose to help people secure their asset According to my research this exchange platform is a good exchange platform that has been of help to the society andSee full review

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My review today is base on this exchange platform called ethermium All my reviews are base on facts and research This platform is among the little platform that are still available till date in the market The platform is being supported by the etherium network They have a good support team and the platform normally offers good service to people and users When it comes to design this platform has a superb design and well to do graphics This services offers a good walSee full review

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My little review on this platform called switch bit All my reviews are base on fact and findings Switch bit is one of a crypto currency that was being created in the year 2018 This platform has a good friendly inter phase that can allow both beginner and intermediate to be able to access the platform without experiencing any difficulties This platform can be much available on iOS and android This platform has a good security it also support the use of two factor authenticatioSee full review

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My review today is on rib bit trade All my review are base on research and findings This exchange platform offers users a very good range of crypto currencies Therefore making it one of a good option to carry out its exchanges. It has a good security site and a good user verification so as to avoid hackers from gaining access to your assets This platform has a very good speed of operation making it very efficient and very fast at same time When carrying out transaSee full review

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This exchange platform is another type of subsidiary binance exchange platform This exchange is a centralised exchange and it came into existence last year which is 2020 This exchange was founded in the country korea republic but unfortunately the exchange didn't even last up to one year It was shut down very permanently and according to the founders and suppoters they said the platform was shut down because of low trading volume This alone has effected their liquidity and tradinSee full review

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My little research on this platform called EZB

Revainrating 3 out of 5

As the world is evolving many changes are occuring and human are also being added to the long list of exchanges It is very important as a trader that you should always make the right choice so as not to affect your investment Some exchange in the crypto world are very innefective to use as a trader due to the kind of high charges that are being impose to it And some are also a scam project and will soon be abandoned This EZB is a chineese made exchange platform that is to say itSee full review

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This type of exchange as we all know deals with trading of cypto currency especially trading with bitcoin This exchange actually came into existence in the year 2014 it came from united states of america and it later was being approved This exchange platform deals with mainly the use of bitcoin futures When i tried using this exchange i felt very sad and discouraged at the same time because of all what i saw going on this exchange The binominal exchange comes with a very low interSee full review

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My little experience on this platform called dubiex

Revainrating 3 out of 5

This exchange was launched in the year 2018 that is about three years ago This exchange looks very different from others even the background looks different too This ex change platform to me looks like a wallet instead of a exchange platform The inter phase of the web is very bright and very colourful thats why i love it And its very easy to use with no difficulties attached to it Though it has some very little featured which am not familiar with however it is very necessaSee full review

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Virta coin wallet. There is yet another network problem which is financial and it seems to be giving a lot of issues and not being paid attention to what is used to provide. Now this one called virta coin wallet now a digital waller and its now very present in the crypto world. The major problem of virta coin wallet is that it gives free access to unlimited series of external wallet. The worst of all is that there is no access to the wallet. If you try visiting their webpage you will See full review

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