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Description of Midas.Investments

Midas.Investments is a custodial crypto-investment platform for staking core crypto assets and DeFi tokens. The platform aims to help people achieve financial freedom by generating sustainable passive income streams.


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And so the headline began with risks, but any investment is a risk! Why did I write like that? And so before investing, the most important thing is to calculate all possible risks so as not to lose your investments. I started the analysis with the site, the team and the legal component, and this is what I saw. The site has really been working since 2018, as the company claims, this is + There is organic search traffic, 1600 per month - not much, but it indicates the presence of real…

  • KYC
  • High risk

I welcome everyone! Today we will talk about such a project as Midas.Investments. I stumbled upon it while looking for interesting projects on the net. At first it seemed like something ordinary, but I still decided to visit the site to get acquainted with how this platform actually works. On the main page you are greeted with brief information about this platform, what it provides and how to make money on it. Personally, I found the design of the site a little too dark, which was a little…

  • Stable income
  • Riskiness

Who is Midas, and what is their story? Midas is a cryptocurrency investing platform that allows users to stake main crypto assets as well as DeFi markets. Iakov "Trevor" Levin is the company's CEO. Midas was established in the year 2018. They see themselves as having a long-term mission of providing users with a reliable and profitable passive income source that allows them to earn one of the highest returns on popular cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and USDT. What does Midas have to…

  • The concept is clean and simple.
  • Coins have a high APY.
  • For crypto deposits, there is no charge.
  • Deposits/withdrawals are relatively fast.
  • To be honest, I didn't see any major drawbacks.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best crypto investment platform of 2022.

My opinion on Midas.Investments. Midas is a solid platform that has achieved significant progress by being conscientious in the crypto realm. Having said that, I am positive that Midas will provide me with excellent returns on my future investments. However, owing to circumstances beyond anyone's control save the powers that be, I will only spend a limited amount at this moment. Please keep in mind that this is my opinion entirely. When making any form of investment, please do your own due…

  • For DeFi assets, the platform employs a multi-signature mechanism.
  • It does not leave funds in our wallets.
  • 95 percent of funds are allocated in initiatives.
  • The position of Midas in DeFi is extremely outstanding.
  • Among their advantages buyback is a significant positivity.
  • No such concern, but the current compulsory KYC may be a concern.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Meet the liberated version of investment: Midas Investments

Midas.Investments is a system where you can manage your cryptocurrencies or fiat money by investing and generate income. Some companies you can invest in are: Apple, Tesla, Amazon.. My favorite feature of Midas.Investments is; It gives importance to the protection of your funds and each funder provides an account guarantee with 500 thousand USD. Midas.Investments is a company that continues its services in many countries and is approved by the capital market boards of the countries. You can…

  • With high APY rates, you can increase your earnings in a short time.
  • It has a very wide range of investments.
  • Up to 500,000 USD SIPC account is created for the investment account
  • Acts as an intermediary institution for decentralized systems
  • It provides investment opportunity by integrating DEFI platforms to central companies
  • When I did some research on the internet, I read some negative cases

I started using Midas.Investment’s brand of yield bearing services in December 2021, and like anyone who approaches a new protocol or service claiming to possess the highest returns on single-sided staking investments, I did so with caution. I had come from staking my crypto, mostly Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance coin (BNB) over at Celsius and Crypto.com, so I considered myself familiar with the concept, except for the dizzily high returns. However, after 6 months with…

  • High yields/rewards, accountable and transparent, great community engagement and support
  • Security features is average

Revainrating 4 out of 5


I got to know about Midas Investments platform roughly 4 months ago through one of my cousins who had been on the platform for a while. Apparently, he had just won 5 Midas tokens in one of the competitions hosted by the platform. I made more research about the platform from my cousin and alsoDid My Own Research. The thing that fascinated me most was the strong value of the Midas token to USDT. Because the Midas platform is a relatively new platform that launched in 2018, I had my reservations…

  • There is an impressive return of APY on assets held on the platform
  • The platform is active on social media and responds fast to assist when you have problems
  • The Midas token has a good value against the USDT
  • The Midas token migration to the ETH ecosystem will ensure more visibility for the token and the platform
  • The recent partnership of Midas. Investments with GMX shows that the platform is ready to work with other platforms in order to become stronger
  • There is no mobile application for the platform
  • The Midas token is not available for trading on popular crypto exchanges
  • Migrating to ETH blockchain might cause huge transaction fees

Project focused on the investment of cryptocurrencies obtaining income by maintaining these for a specific period in Midas. It has an offer in line with the loan and pool market, so everything seems to be fine from that point since they offer rates in line with the current movement on other platforms, (DEFI or centralized.) The good thing, the rewards you get are distributed daily, that is, you do not have to claim anything or pay high fees in decentralized ecosystems. Now, the way they…

  • Uses decentralized protocols to execute investments.
  • The development team is public, although it is little known, they have a face to show to investors.
  • Problems related to the use of wallets or interacting directly with contracts are avoided.
  • It has a lot of assets.
  • More rewards can be had if you do it yourself in DEFi.
  • The assets are in the custody of third parties.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best crypto daily interest account

Midas Investments is a crypto interest account platform to earn accrue interest of selected cryptocurrencies that are supported by Midas platform. The list and minimum required balance for payout can be found here : Midas Investments Minimum Balance for Payout I was skeptical at first as other notable platforms such as Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi, Matrixport, Hodlnaut, YouHodler exists with lower interest rates up to 6% difference but they recently celebrated their 4th year anniversary. Sounds too…

  • Highest APY payout
  • Daily interest payouts
  • Responsive
  • Not insured

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review on Midas investment platform for Users

My review today will be all about midas investment. For those that don't know, Midas investment is simply a custodial crypto investment platform that provides passive income to all crypto traders and investors. Another point again is, Its strives so hard to make sire it gives financial freedom for its investors. The company is situated in Eswatini going by its total employees i would say it has about 18 employees across all region Midas investment can be seen to trade all the types of…

  • Its provides a passive income for investors
  • It gives financial freedom to investors
  • It trades all types of crypto
  • No insurance on the platform

Revainrating 5 out of 5

🚀🚀🚀🚀 Highest Yields In The Market 🚀🚀🚀🚀

I was browsing this platform from so i then joined and enjoyed highest profits during these years. So its all good just was concerned about the regulations but that is also resolved already so now am enjoying Happy Earnings 😊 And i love the new improvements like they introduced Swap that is very easy to use and fast with more increasing liquidity⚡ And also they charge no fees means only network fees 👍 One thing they need to add is usdt trc20 so the transactions for deposits and withdrawals

  • Highest Profits
  • None

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Midas investment is here for you!

Hello revainers Welcome to my review page. Let's talk about Midas investment. If there's anything that I know about Cryptocurrency, is that there are lots of opportunities. The world of Crypto is filled with opportunities, that is now left for the trader or investor to go for which one do favors them. My review today will be on Midas investment. The Midas investment as the name suggests, is an investment platform. This is a platform where can invest or put their assets into work and be sure of

  • The Midas investment platform is a secure platform for investment.
  • The returns at the end of the staking period on this platform are good.
  • With Midas investment, your invested tokens will always generate you interest.
  • No bad Experience with this platform.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easy to use platform for passive income

I wish that I had come across Midas earlier than I did. Midas provides some of the best APYs on cryptocurrencies when compared to its competitors. Using this platform is as simple as just depositing your coins and sitting down while your interest autocompounds. Also, earning rewards in the platform's native token generates additional interest which makes it even higher. Interest is paid out daily and promptly. There is also a swap feature that can be used to convert coins but the liquidity and…

  • High interest rates
  • Easy to use
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affliate program
  • Swap feature
  • Withdrawals for certain coins are very expensive, limited blockchain network
  • KYC needed
  • Limited coins available
  • Interest rates may be subject to change

Midas is an investment platform launched in 2018 by a team of experts in crypto and financial technology. Over the last 4 years of operation as a DeFi investment platform, it has been known to give one of the highest yields in APY/APR to users. By providing the best yield and being a reliable platform for investors they have attracted over 20,000 users to their platform and user's assets worth over $200 million are locked on their protocol. Thave been able to generate yields for investors…

  • They have provide Investors with exceptional service helping them generating true passive income
  • Their token has also given high returns to early Investors
  • They have been operating for 4 years with an amazing customer support and intuitive interface
  • They provide their users with the highest yield on major coins
  • It's an investment platform trusted by over 20,000 people
  • None

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ease of use and better interest than average

Have been using Midas investment for 2 months. Interest reward is above average and receiving it daily. Looking forward to new product and tokens support. Making good use of Midas Boost to get more interest for asset deposited. Sad that interest has been adjusted lower due to market conditions. Hope Midas can have more ways to generate revenue so that interest can hold above average as compared to other competitors. Tried using swap function and its easy and fast. Fast response from their…

  • Ease of use
  • Better interest
  • Security
  • More transparency and community presence

Midas investments is a Cryptocurrency investment Platform for proof of stake and masternode coins created in 2018 and based in Russia. It allow users to buy, sell, deposit assets and earn coin like Phore, Tritium, Pivx, Dash, Bitcoin, Divi, Blocknet, Smartcash, Rapids, Ethereum and Litcoin. It offer earning option for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly which gives users the opportunity to choose earning Option. It has a friendly interface that allow users to trade, mine, manage and monitor…

  • It help user to increase their portfolio by rewards their staking assets.
  • It allow trading, mining, storage and monitoring on the same Platform.
  • It has good reputation since operation time
  • It has multi-layer wallet security that protect users assets.
  • It allow buying, deposit, and storing for free.
  • It support many coin
  • Not popularly know

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Put your assets here and let professionals manage it

Hi all, What can I say I'm with them for more than two years and never better I mean you don't have to do anything, all the work on DeFi world is done by them to bring you the best oportunities, is like having your own investigation team. They work day and night to give you a very good return and keep your assets to safety, you can sleep. :-) Great support, once I had an issue and they solve it in no time and if this is not enough get into discord group and you will discover best…

  • security, returns, easy to understand platform
  • none

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best daily crypto interest account

Midas.Investments is an excellent service to park your crypto for exceptionally high yields. The first question on my mind when I first joined was "it was too good to be true". After doing my own research, I understood a bit better how they're achieving such yields. Their Discordcommunity is exceptionally alive, and I recommend everyone to join first to finalise their decision. Since joining, the earn rates for Bitcoin and Ethereum have been adjusted lower while earn rates for Avalanche…

  • Watching the daily interest payouts compound
  • Withdrawal fees

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Absolutely phenomenal site and team

I have been using Midas for roughly a month now. I found out about it when I was googling high interest rates for Crypto. When I found out about Midas offering interest rates of upto 23% on ETH or 17% on BTC, I was very skeptical. I thought that it was most likely a scam because all other platforms were giving interest rates much lower than that. I went into full on research about the company, looking at everything from their youtube channel, the discord servers, how they are generating these…

  • High passive income
  • Not that many selections of mainstream coins

Revainrating 5 out of 5

There is no better entry point to DeFi.

Midas.Investments is the, absolute, best entry in to DeFi investments. The two types of people who need to consider it are: Those who want to enter in to the DeFi space but are not investing a huge amount of capital at once and wish to continue to invest over time. Those who are familiar with the DeFi space, want to earn higher APY, but don't want to do the sheer amount of work that is required to fully invest in the DeFi realm. Personally, I fall in category 1. I love that I am able to buy in…

  • Best earnings potential compared to other custodial platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Great community behind the platform
  • Better asset tracking/graphs would be great for the YAP assets.