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About Midas.Investments

Midas.Investments is a custodial crypto-investment platform for staking core crypto assets and DeFi tokens. The platform aims to help people achieve financial freedom by generating sustainable passive income streams.

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Centralized investment ecosystem. (They do the work for you)

Project focused on the investment of cryptocurrencies obtaining income by maintaining these for a specific period in Midas. It has an offer in line with the loan and pool market, so everything seems to be fine from that point since they offer...See full review

Easy to use platform for passive income

I wish that I had come across Midas earlier than I did. Midas provides some of the best APYs on cryptocurrencies when compared to its competitors. Using this platform is as simple as just depositing your coins and sitting down while your interest...See full review

Midas Investment is creating a true source of passive income

Midas is an investment platform launched in 2018 by a team of experts in crypto and financial technology. Over the last 4 years of operation as a DeFi investment platform, it has been known to give one of the highest yields in APY/APR to users. By...See full review

Midas might be an excellent place to begin crypto investing.

Who is Midas, and what is their story? Midas is a cryptocurrency investing platform that allows users to stake main crypto assets as well as DeFi markets. Iakov "Trevor" Levin is the company's CEO. Midas was established in the year 2018. They see...See full review

The best crypto investment platform of 2022.

My opinion on Midas.Investments. Midas is a solid platform that has achieved significant progress by being conscientious in the crypto realm. Having said that, I am positive that Midas will provide me with excellent returns on my future investments…See full review

Ease of use and better interest than average

Have been using Midas investment for 2 months. Interest reward is above average and receiving it daily. Looking forward to new product and tokens support. Making good use of Midas Boost to get more interest for asset deposited. Sad that interest...See full review

Meet the liberated version of investment: Midas Investments

Midas.Investments is a system where you can manage your cryptocurrencies or fiat money by investing and generate income. Some companies you can invest in are: Apple, Tesla, Amazon.. My favorite feature of Midas.Investments is; It gives importance...See full review

A Trustworthy Crypto Depository Service with Pleasantly High Yields

I started using Midas.Investment’s brand of yield bearing services in December 2021, and like anyone who approaches a new protocol or service claiming to possess the highest returns on single-sided staking investments, I did so with caution. I had...See full review

Midas Investment Platform Allow Buying, Selling, Deposit of Assets And Earn Reward

Midas investments is a Cryptocurrency investment Platform for proof of stake and masternode coins created in 2018 and based in Russia. It allow users to buy, sell, deposit assets and earn coin like Phore, Tritium, Pivx, Dash, Bitcoin, Divi, Blocknet…See full review

Put your assets here and let professionals manage it

Hi all, What can I say I'm with them for more than two years and never better I mean you don't have to do anything, all the work on DeFi world is done by them to bring you the best oportunities, is like having your own investigation team…See full review

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