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Hello! Today there will be a story about the iPhone xs MAX. I want to share my impression. And dispel many myths. that surf the internet. After all, buying such a phone for such money, you need to clearly know what you will get for your money. In terms of camera and battery life, 11 Pro Max loses: no ultra-wide-angle camera, no QuickTake, DeepFusion (although it may be added later with firmware), improved night shooting. If the top camera was at the forefront, then I would choose 11 Pro Max, but I considered this phone a much more profitable purchase for myself. But, nevertheless, the camera is excellent, stabilization, as always, is on top. Everything works quickly and flawlessly. I am very satisfied with the phone in general. I replaced my old SE, dragged on for a long time, waiting for the new SE, but in the face of the new SE2020, I waited, in my opinion, for some nondescript "piece"... I did not like the fact that the included headphones without an additional adapter. I think thSee full review

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Greetings to all board game lovers on my review of the wonderful tabletop cooperative game - Eldritch Horror. Since childhood, I really loved to gather with friends and play a variety of games, and over time I began to collect them and try something new in such a diverse world of desktop masterpieces. I started my board game journey with more competitive and strategy games like Through the Ages, Civilization, 7 Wonders, etc. More recently, I decided to try the genre of cooperative games and I was lucky enough to stumble upon such an instance as the Eldritch Horror, which I will try to tell you about. What is the game about? Eldritch Horror is a tabletop co-op game where players (from 1 to 8) take on the role of detectives who are trying to save the world from an impending disaster. Those who read Lovecraft's books should definitely be interested, but for the rest I will explain - here the ancient gods want to destroy the world and all life, and you and your friends will resist them See full review

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Along with new networks, this version includes a slightly redesigned back cover, larger battery, more internal and RAM memory (256 and 6 GB), as well as the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor. In addition to hardware improvements, there are also software improvements, for example, mode for creating GIF animations using a stylus. One could say that this is a completely different phone if they were not so similar. There is exactly the same array of cameras (except for the new macro lens), the same screen and dimensions. The Moto G Stylus is still a big smartphone. Its 6.8-inch screen seems to be the largest possible among all mobile devices in principle. After such a diagonal, they should start moving in the opposite direction and become collapsible, because an even larger display simply won’t fit in your hand. Also, do not forget about the frames around, so in fact the G Stylus is even larger. The screen itself is a 1080p LCD panel. While it lacks the contrast and color depth that OSee full review

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Bityard is a young exchange for trading that has appeared on the market relatively recently. The project is at the stage of active development and is only gaining popularity among traders. The service adheres to its main position: "complex contracts - simple trading", which means that the platform provides a simplified trading experience for its users. Why Bityard? The bityard cryptocurrency exchange has been operating on the international financial market for a short time, but is already actively attracting new users. The company focuses specifically on an international audience, so the site is presented in several language versions. A feature of the platform is that it provides an opportunity even for beginners in trading without experience to start trading cryptocurrency almost instantly. The exchange provides an opportunity to trade popular trading pairs. The site itself has a simple and intuitive interface for any user. The exchange website is being updated, traders are offeredSee full review

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Choosing a smartphone, some have disappeared due to the hostility of the ecosystem, others due to glitches, and others due to the lack of Google services. Someone left the market. Who lacks a battery and a camera. It got to the point, almost such a sad situation, that there was nothing to buy. And here He, Great Google, comes to the rescue) The media giant produces excellent smartphones. Officially in our country, such devices are not sold, but you can buy, as it turned out, for very reasonable money. Inside the package was the smartphone itself, a fast charging power supply + cable, a paperclip (which I had already lost), and an adapter for transferring data from any old smartphone (yes, Google even took care of that). Unfortunately, the headset is not included in the package, so you have to use old headphones or any other, I'm glad that the headphone jack is standard here (mini-Jack). There is also a small guide. Tired of constantly having difficulty reaching the finger of one hSee full review

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JBL portable speakers are famous not only for their bass, but also for their unpleasant sensations. As well as an amazing color scheme, which is usually not limited to a couple of trivial options. The JBL Clip 4 speaker is not excluded. Thirty color options, the ability to hang it on a backpack, clothes or a simulator, an unsinkable design and a non-standard appearance, at least make you pay attention to this device. Once, while making a trip to nature, I wanted musical accompaniment, but the radio in the car was clearly not enough. Not that they had a worse time without music, and yet the thought of a receiver or something like that settled in my head. Knowing that compact wireless speakers have been around for a long time, I chose the JBL clip portable speaker. There is a warning in the instructions: the carbine is not intended for use in mountaineering. In general, it was planned that the portable speaker would be used occasionally, just for trips, to nature, to the country, I couSee full review

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Hi all! Today we will talk about such a device as JBL Tune 510BT. Headphone data purchased already like a year ago. Sound capture, quite clean. The Bluetooth connection can be used along with the app. Very fast battery charging compared to other wireless headphones. Fell many times and still fully alive. Headphone problems were only related to connecting to a computer using the Bluetooth module, but this is not an advantage. Also, the headphones put a little pressure on the ears, with prolonged wear, sweating is inevitable). By connecting the headphones to the phone (wireless headphones!) And turning on the song, I got a high-quality bass, great sound, good connection between the headphones and the phone, and 40 hours of autonomy! There was also a hidden microphone to talk on the phone (etc.). After checking, it turned out that the microphone itself was not very good, suitable only for talking with an interlocutor. But the headphones are great! They hold tightly, the sound is excelleSee full review

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Greetings to all readers! Today I want to share with you information about my recent acquisition - Samsung Galaxy S21. Comes with a protective film, a key for slots for a SIM card. Headphones were not included. The charger is not provided in the kit - again, unnecessarily, there is. The display is 6.2. It is comfortable to hold in the hand, I wanted a not very big phone so that I could control it with one hand. The phone has Corning Gorilla Glass Victus glass, which reliably protects against scratches and damage. This is the most durable glass ever made for a Samsung smartphone. This is what the manufacturer claims, but I did not dare to check and put a protective glass. After that, there was a problem with the fingerprint. Now it does not work the first time and with strong pressure. Although the glass is not the worst. Processor performance is excellent, everything opens in a moment, the Galaxy S21 is about 20% faster than my Galaxy S20+. Without additional installations, it has 8See full review

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Greetings to all lovers of Apple gadgets. Today I want to share with you information about the iPhone 12 model. In comparison with the previous version 11, the iPhone was notably upgraded. The price, as always, is high, but there's nothing to be done - if you want to be the owner of an apple, you have to pay. The design has also undergone changes, albeit minor ones. Probably the best iPhone from Apple. I say this as an avid "Yabloko" who closely follows updates and buys their equipment. Of the obvious advantages - support for 5G and an OLED matrix instead of IPS. The choice of colors has noticeably changed, blue and red colors have appeared. The black is now a slight purplish tint, the white is more of an ivory shade, and the green has become mint. The case has become stronger, the processor is very powerful, the cameras have remained almost the same, but with one nuance. Photos without any differences, but the quality of the video is now noticeably improved. Any youtubers and tiktokSee full review

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Greetings to all professional gamers and lovers of dificult and complex games. Today we will talk about the masterpiece of game development, and at the same time about the pain of all players - Dark Souls. For those not in the know, Dark Souls is a game where you have to move forward without a straight-forward story thanks to little hooks and plot clues, trying to defeat a large number of opponents along the way. Each completed task is given with difficulty, since you will not have any clues. The series of games appeared a long time ago and has acquired a huge fan base around the world, which makes the line recognizable everywhere and always. If you've never played this game - I'm surprised. At a minimum, you should definitely go in and try to defeat at least the first monster in the location. When I first played this game on PC, I uninstalled it 40 minutes after I couldn't get past the first boss. At that time I was 15 years old. A year later, I returned to this dark fantasy world aSee full review

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Hi all!! I want to share with you my impressions of the passage of this wonderful game - God of war for Playstation 4. I have been a fan of this gaming universe for a very long time, so the latest edition could not pass me by. First of all, as soon as the discs appeared on the shelves, I hurried to get myself one copy in order to appreciate it. Moreover, this game was at first exclusive for consoles, but I had it and waiting for the release on the PC (which, by the way, has already taken place) did not make sense to me. As for the game itself - great experience! The graphics are excellent, especially on the newer consoles. The quality of the picture, I would say, five plus. There were no stutters or slow rendering. Everything is clear and smooth with a cool quality of detail. The plot of the game is also great. A story that gives you goosebumps in places that makes you feel incredible emotions as you go through. I really enjoyed the whole story and even the little side quests that kSee full review

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Greetings to all! Today we will talk about such a project as StealthEX. In a nutshell, I can say about this project as a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger, which helps to exchange pairs at a favorable rate without unnecessary manipulations, which can be viewed directly on the project website. Personally, I also managed to try to exchange some bitcoins on this exchange. In general, I am satisfied with the work, everything was fast and reliable. Received funds within one minute. I recommend that everyone try it, maybe it will be more convenient for you to change currencies here. Commissions are within the average market value, so not bad.See full review

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Hi all! I would like to tell you a few words about such a project as GAGARIN Launchpad. This project positions itself as a platform for smart investment in finished projects. Here, anyone can buy their currency and use it to invest in one of the projects that is presented on the site. It is somewhat reminiscent of a kickstarter, only for the world of the crypt. Already now on the site you can find interesting projects. The list will be updated as the company's audience and customers grow. In general, I liked the idea, but time will tell how investors really need it. I think it's worth watching the development before taking on this business on your own. Perhaps, if the site proves itself to be a stable and cool investment project, then I will try to invest funds on my own through Gagarin. See full review

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I welcome all crypto-investors and lovers of the world of bitcoin and ether to my review of the WODO NETWORK. I advise you to read this to those who are not yet aware of this site, as there is something to tell. More details According to the developers, this is an open source platform that offers a wide range of solutions and APIs for using the possibilities of Blockchain, NFT and the metaverse. Those. these are tools for working with various parts of the world of crypto and alternative coins, which everyone can connect to their project and use ready-made and debugged solutions. What is really cool is the availability of solutions for implementation in game projects. For example, an in-game store in an online game can be represented by goods in the form of NFT. You also have the opportunity to join their gaming portal and, while enjoying games on the platform, also receive additional funds for yourself in the form of altcoins or nft. Already now on the platform you can find several oSee full review

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Greetings, dear crypto investors and connoisseurs of alternative currencies. Today my story will be about such a platform as ROOBEE. First of all, I will say that I have been using the platform quite recently and, perhaps, I will miss some trick or functionality that I have not yet encountered personally. The roobee project is an incredibly promising startup and there is no question of fraud. It is currently under development and development is moving according to the project roadmap, which can be viewed on the official website. Roobee, due to its unique algorithms, developments and approach, not only opens up a new market segment for ordinary people, but also allows any newcomer to become an investor. About the platform itself The platform is a web project in which anyone can register and invest their funds in one of the proposed cryptocurrencies in order to receive a stable percentage of investments. This approach is convenient for many, because. when investing on your own, therSee full review

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Greetings to all gamers and not only on my review, which is dedicated to a great game from a Polish game development studio CD Project Red - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I would like to say right away - the review will be too laudatory, because. To date, I have not found a better game than this one for myself. I went through it completely with all the additions 3 times, completed all the achievements and explored all the locations. So I can share the experience of the game better than many players. First impressions of the game When I launched the game for the first time, I was amazed - at that time, the graphics in the Witcher were head and shoulders above many projects at that time. The gameplay is also at the highest level, the whole gameplay from and to is pleasant and understandable. A huge number of story and additional quests, a ton of equipment and fighting styles - cool, no matter how you look at it. The storyline is worked out by the scriptwriters from and to, which makes thSee full review

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Good afternoon everyone! I want to share with you my experience of using headphones from the famous company HyperX - HyperX Cloud. For my birthday, it was decided to replace my old non-working headphones, which I purchased on Aliexpress for only 20 bucks. Their sound was not very good, there was no noise reduction, and in general they were so-so. Therefore, I decided to buy something more expensive and of high quality, so that it would serve me for several years, at least. I purchased them not via the Internet, but in a local store in my city, where the cost was about 120 US dollars. Bought on sale, so they cost me less than they usually cost. In the package, I was just waiting for the excellent quality of the material and everything else. Firstly, the headphones, along with wires and a headset in the form of a microphone, were in a special satin bag, which gave a solid look and a pleasant feeling from unpacking. The box itself is very durable, now all sorts of wires are stored in itSee full review

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Greetings to all music lovers! Today we will talk about such wonderful headphones as the Apple AirPods Pro. About 3 years ago I had the first version of this device, but after a while I decided to upgrade to the pro version and did not regret it. What's cool about them? I acquired them completely consciously, because. was very confident in the sound quality and wearing comfort. I turned out to be right. Firstly, the sound in them has become much better than in the previous version, from which the ears were very tired. Personally, I find it inconvenient to wear headphones that do not have rubber inserts. The earbuds rubbed the ears a lot and fell out, while these headphones lie like a glove. The sound is distinguished by very good volume and a large frequency range, as well as steep lows and juicy highs. Turning the volume up to full can take your hearing away for a while, like at a Metallica concert. So everything that concerns music specifically is done 100 out of 100. Recently, aSee full review

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Hi all! I want to share with you the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which I bought exactly half a year ago as a gift to my wife. In fact, at first I wanted to buy another option, because. connecting a watch from samsung to another phone model at first seemed difficult to me. As a result, I did not find a better option. As an alternative, I considered an apple watch, but they are definitely better to use with an iphone. (By the way, you can see my reviews of two Iphone models here and here) A little more about the clock. At the very beginning, it was decided to purchase this particular model, and in this particular color - I liked it the most. A little later, I bought additional belts on the marketplace in a metal version, so if you wish, there will be no problems with this. Replacing the belt is very simple, so any beginner can handle it. Of the comfortable and cool things of this model, it is difficult to single out one thing. Least: sleep tracking activity trackiSee full review

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How I first met the company Greetings to all investors and people interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain business. Today we will talk about how I met the Genius assets project and how I became an active participant in it. Since I'm an active user of the Revain platform (by the way, you can find my opinion about this platform here), it's over, I noticed an advertisement for an unknown project appeared on the site that caught my attention. First of all, I wanted to read more about the project and this is what I found out: Genius assets is a close-knit team of professionals who are ready to go to financial success in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies together, and are ready to help everyone else with their ideas and advice for investing your capital. Of course, it sounds fabulous, but in fact they did not lie in anything - indeed, joining the ranks of their large team received a large number of useful opinions and ideas for investment. More about the project To taSee full review

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