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Review on Wodo Network by Evgeniy Zaytsev

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The best gaming crypto project I've seen

I welcome all crypto-investors and lovers of the world of bitcoin and ether to my review of the WODO NETWORK. I advise you to read this to those who are not yet aware of this site, as there is something to tell.

More details

According to the developers, this is an open source platform that offers a wide range of solutions and APIs for using the possibilities of Blockchain, NFT and the metaverse. Those. these are tools for working with various parts of the world of crypto and alternative coins, which everyone can connect to their project and use ready-made and debugged solutions.

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What is really cool is the availability of solutions for implementation in game projects. For example, an in-game store in an online game can be represented by goods in the form of NFT. You also have the opportunity to join their gaming portal and, while enjoying games on the platform, also receive additional funds for yourself in the form of altcoins or nft.

Already now on the platform you can find several options for games with tournaments, etc. which will make you a little richer.

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Any developer from the gaming industry, thanks to the ready-made api, will be able to take and implement the purchase and sale of NFT directly in the game into their project! Personally, I am shocked at how convenient and interesting this technology is becoming - because it is really relevant and will become even more common.

The development team of this project is visible right on the main page, which gives an idea of a company that is not afraid to show its face.

Personally, as a programmer, I would like to try to organize a similar solution using their code, so as not to configure everything myself from scratch, and this is not very easy

The company already has many proven partners, such as GOTBIT, ALPHA CATALYST etc.

As the site itself states, their main task is to quickly accelerate the introduction of NFT technologies into the gaming process in order to accelerate the transition of gaming to a new era.

img 3 attached to Wodo Network review by Evgeniy Zaytsev

I want to believe that the project will last and be able to become successful, because. this is one of those innovations that I have long dreamed of seeing, but have not found or met anywhere. There were a couple of attempts by companies to introduce cryptocurrencies into online games, but I have not heard anything about successful attempts to this day.

I recommend it to all developers - the project is really top-end at the moment

  • new era project
  • cryptogaming become to us
  • need investitions

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