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Review on Wodo Network by Inioluwa Okedeji

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Wodo Network: Accelerating The Adoption Of NFTs, Metaverse and Blockchain Technology With Simple And Easy Solutions.

Wodo Network is one of the countless other projects in the cryptocurrency space with the aim of making blockchain adoption simple and easy.

Wodo Network is not a popular project so it's very likely that a lot of people don't know about it so I'll be doing justice to that, by shedding more light on the intricacies of the Wodo Network and the services it provides in the course of this review and sharing my honest subjective opinion on the project as a whole.

First and foremost, the aim of the project, which is to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology, the Metaverse, and NFTs for interested projects is fascinating although not all too unique because just like I mentioned earlier, there are other projects with similar aims.

Having taken a look at Wodo Network's website in order to know more about the project, I discovered that most of the core sections of the project are still under development, although there's a timer that indicates the time these sections will be start functioning. This just goes to show that the project is not all that ready to make impact in the crypto space even with its fascinating goals and utilities, Wodo Network needs to be fully developed before it can begin to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology and other proposed integrations, like its vision and mission states.

The platform's interface is simple and very much easy for users to navigate, not all that attractive, but the simplicity of the interface in terms of design is very nice, which makes it easy to notice necessary informations about the platform without hassle.

Below are some of sections and features of Wodo Network I believe makes this project fascinating, even though most are not fully functional.

1. The Wodo Platform: the platform itself is the main section of the essential pillars of the network. It serves as a Haven for other projects, products and services provided by Wodo Network. I discovered that the fact that the Wodo platform is built on a Cloud SaaS infrastructure is one of the factors that makes it easier for the project to accomplish its aim of easy blockchain adoption.

2. Next is Wodo Gaming: Just like it's been tagged, Wodo Gaming is a gaming section built on the Wodo Network, developed specifically for game developers. P2E [Play 2 Earn Games] is one of the latest trends in the crypto space, with Wodo Network, it will make it easier for NFTs and the Metaverse be integrated into any P2E Game.

3. Another important section is the Wodo Funding section: From what I've discovered, this section is mainly for any form of fundings, be it project fundings and seed fundings, it's the section that ensures that interested partners can easily provide support for Wodo Network.

4. We also have Wodo Labs: A section of in charge of the projects development and subsequent innovations. An essential pillar of the Wodo Network. I'm looking forward to more developments from this section when it becomes fully operational.

5. The Wodo Academy is one of the sections I find intriguing, because the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge cannot be overemphasized. The Academy section is all about teaching users the intricacies of the project, its products and services, and all about Blockchain technology, Metaverse and NFTs.

Having listed the above sections, I believe you can all agree with me that Wodo Network is more than just a project but an Ecosystem with so much potential.

Partnerships are essential to the development of any projects, and Wodo Network has not failed in that regards. Wodo is currently partnered with CoinsBit Exchange, Hawks Hunter, Lightening Network, Dama Dev. I believe more partnerships with stronger projects are bound to happen as Wodo Network develops.

In conclusion, Wodo Network and it's usecases are unique in its aim to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology Metaverse and NFTs.

Having gone through the platform, the Wodo Ecosystem has so much potential and its plans are much wider than primary aim of ensuring easy adoption. Currently, even with its high potential, this project is far from making a dent/impact in the crypto space, the developers still has a long way to go in ensuring that the utilities of this project are made into reality, and their proposed solutions a manifestation.

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  • Wodo network is an open source platform that offers a Multitenant SaaS Model that allows tenants to make a "pay as you go mode" of subscription.
  • The Unique infrastructure of Wodo network also provides the platform with high scalability, which allows the platform to handle operations and services smoothly.
  • Transparency is one of the core values of this project, and it is reflected to their community and their partners.
  • Wodo network has a vast Ecosystem, that includes Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, Funding, Wodo Labs and Wodo Academy.
  • Wodo network still has a long way to go in making its utilities, solutions a reality and accomplishing its aim, because most of the core sections of the ecosystem are still under development

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