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Review on Nintendo SW 45496421861 Souls Remastered by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Best game for professional gamers of the world.

Greetings to all professional gamers and lovers of dificult and complex games. Today we will talk about the masterpiece of game development, and at the same time about the pain of all players - Dark Souls.

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For those not in the know, Dark Souls is a game where you have to move forward without a straight-forward story thanks to little hooks and plot clues, trying to defeat a large number of opponents along the way. Each completed task is given with difficulty, since you will not have any clues.

The series of games appeared a long time ago and has acquired a huge fan base around the world, which makes the line recognizable everywhere and always. If you've never played this game - I'm surprised. At a minimum, you should definitely go in and try to defeat at least the first monster in the location.

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When I first played this game on PC, I uninstalled it 40 minutes after I couldn't get past the first boss. At that time I was 15 years old. A year later, I returned to this dark fantasy world again and was able to complete the game to the end. I spent over 100 hours of time and a lot of health on the passage, but it was worth it.

A little about the combat system

There are many fighting styles in this game: from ordinary swords to long-range bows, from huge axes to small daggers.

Any boss fight feels special thanks to the unique boss mechanics. If you want to get more interesting impressions from passing, then I advise you to use a joystick instead of a keyboard for a regular computer, since the control is not the most convenient. But maybe someone might like to play this game with mouse and keyboard.

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Any wrong move will almost always result in your character's defeat en route to the end of the story. The game is really difficult and challenges the most experienced players who do not admire modern games and it is really very difficult to get them interested. If you do not like difficulties, then you can forget about Dark Souls forever. She can really get on anyone's nerves.

Every self-respecting gamer should try to complete the game from start to finish.

For those who dare to install this game, I will give a little advice - do not look on the Internet for passing difficult places. When you cope with all the difficulties yourself, you will definitely experience unreal relief and high from what you have done.

I definitely recommend it, especially on consoles, because on a PC the controls are not very convenient.

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