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Hello dear readers, I want to say right away that we will talk about the world-famous AI ChatGPT and their creators OpenAI. When I first visited the site, I was a little surprised, it’s certainly a matter of taste, but as for me, the design is a little strange, even a little inappropriate, on the other hand, it gives uniqueness to the project and it’s not appreciated at all for the beauty of the pages, let’s be honest. You can sign up for the platform with your Google, Microsoft, and Apple account, or simply by regular mail, which many will find more reliable. Such a variety of variations is very similar to what has already been done, for example, on the platform, it's great that the guys are not standing still. I found the first interactions with AI very fun until I got used to working with it. Sometimes I got good answers, sometimes not so much. But then I realized that chatGPT is just T9 from the phone, but as if pumped on the best protein in the world, the engineers callSee full review

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Hello all my dear readers, today I will tell you about such a wonderful thing as a smart station from the company Yandex. The first distinguishing feature of this station is its unique and wonderful design, looking at which you want to start enjoying life again. The smart speaker has a built-in voice assistant named Alice, it works very well and on average does not let its user down, it answers all the questions posed. I would like to note that the speaker is very easy to activate, it finds the right network in the apartment, as well as activated through the application, it is also possible to link the work of all the other smart devices from Yandex or other companies with whom they cooperate. The speaker as well as the devices connected to it can be safely managed completely by voice, at night there is a whisper mode (if you start whispering to Alice, she will whisper you back). This speaker, for its portable size, has a very good sound, but I can not say that it is three-dimensionaSee full review

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Hello all dear Nintendo game lovers.Let's start with a preface, first of all I have this game on my Playstation and on Steam, I've played a total of about a thousand hours (with additions and mods) in this game and it never ceases to amaze, it's true. But what is the feeling when a person buys the game for the third time when the game was released in 2011. And yes, I bought it in 2022, that's by the way 11 years after its official release. On Nintendo, the game cost five thousand roubles at a discount, which is about a hundred dollars, which of course is a completely immoral price tag. At first launch I didn't find any difficulties, everything is relatively stable, there are performance issues, but they're minor, all the fun starts in large cities or with a large number of enemies, the game gradually turns into a slider, even on my not the most worn out console, the running time of the console becomes just nil. The interesting thing is that the game with the connection to the TV does nSee full review

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When you first go to the company page, you are slightly perplexed by how minimalist the design of the pages is. The first emotion is that you will be cheated, but we always have an opportunity to walk through the pages and see, even make sure that the service is not a cheat, but just the lightest version of exchanger for the most popular cryptocurrencies. Of course, of course, it is a guarantee of anonymity for the whole process of converting the desired currency. Of the minuses, perhaps I am not very attentive, but I did not see any commission and it would have been convenient to display the service's commission on the screen as well. I brought up the question about anonymity only because big exchanges, nowadays, very often require checking documents to withdraw funds, but that's not why we use cryptocurrency, right? Because I didn't quickly get my bearings on how the platform worked, I went to read and learn how it worked and what needed to be done. It turned out to be quite a pSee full review

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Expensive price, but very good quality, so what to choose?

Hello my dear friends! I bought my Apple watch from the hands for $ 100, at that time they gave it to me with an old charger wire, after a while the charger broke and I went to the store for a new one, officially a new charger for the watch costs $ 30, which is not small for some wire with a thing attached. I began to look deeper and looked at analogues which cost only $ 5, such a difference seemed to me simply catastrophic, but the understanding that the miser pays twice constantly reminded me of the need to overpay and not to spoil the battery in the clock and just charge them faster, using certified equipment, which will last at least a year. The cable length was 1m, the thing handy in the household or at hand if you do not have a ruler, in addition, I always liked the magnetic charging, it was at one time something revolutionary and this charm, still haunted me. Getting to the point, the new charger still works, the second year and has no problems at all, but it is important to notSee full review

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I wear these sneakers every day, ever since I bought them for the summer, very good, comfortable and convenient, in general, love for the brand New Balance arose with the 574 model, and here 997H, I have bought to test them, so to speak, to see and try live, I got the most pleasant impression, this brand sneakers have always been reliable as Swiss watches, once again confirmed by the model 997H. See full review

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Just recently bought myself this model of phone and the first use immediately causes a furor in the imagination (I switched to it from the Apple Iphone 10 XS MAX), everything literally flies, from switching pages to such basic little things like speed of switching and unlocking, at the moment, more good analogues simply is not anywhere in the world. From very important technical characteristics I want to note the camera, yes here there are 3 on 12 megapixel and in addition there is a scanner LiDAR. The word LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) literally means "detection and ranging by light". This technology is actively used in geodesy, cartography, where the emitter of light is a laser. In short-range systems, it is successfully replaced by LEDs. The principle of LiDAR is quite simple - the emitter emits light waves, and the receiver receives the reflected signal returned from the body, while taking into account the impact of the scattering medium. Based on the response time, the distaSee full review

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Greetings, dear readers! The GTA Trilogy will be released on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2021. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition contains three games from the Grand Theft Auto series: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Development of the trilogy remaster took two years and focused on preserving the look of the original trilogy; in particular, the physics were taken entirely from the original, and artificial intelligence was used to scale and improve texture quality. The development team studied the games carefully and consulted frequently with Rockstar North, the developers of the trilogy. Before release, the original three games were removed from digital stores, prompting a negative reaction from the gaming community. Another example of big companies trying to make money just by changing the graphics in a game and releasing it for a huge amouSee full review

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Hello all, dear readers! People fall into two categories, the one who got into the spirit of genocide demons at first sight, and those who did not understand how you can buy an eight-hour game for $ 30. For the computer the game has long been a classic, a world bestseller, like the entire series of games, but in this case, everything was elevated to the most ingenious degree of human evolution, namely the release of Doom on the Nintendo Switch.The first reaction was mixed, but I immediately knew I had to buy this game. I got myself an electronic version of the game from the Nintendo store came home, installed it, by the way it didn't come out on Nintendo until a year after its official release, which was November 10, 2017. On the game itself, everything is absolutely clear and accessible, here, to put it mildly, the classics of the genre, the gameplay is a first-person shooter. The game has the main values of the game series: powerful weapons, a lot of demons and dynamic movement arouSee full review

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To all of you reading my review, I extend a warm welcome! We could talk endlessly about a delightful game like Minecraft, but that all changed when the game came out on Nintendo Switch on 06/21/2018. The game weighed only 1gb when it came out and supported, so many languages such as: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese. In general Minecraft is a game for construction and adventure lovers, where you can play as a single, build or pokreativatit or play with friends, exploring mines and boasting their buildings.You can explore randomly generated worlds and build a variety of structures: from the simplest houses to grand castles and palaces. I personally often play in creative mode with unlimited resources, but my friends like to play in survival mode, making weapons and armor to defend against dangerous mobs. At the time of release, a cartridge of the game cost in the neighborhood of $20, which may seem very expensive to many, bSee full review

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Studying the documentation of the project, you come to the conclusion that for such a young project, a very high rate, the guys really want to believe, also, there is an option of a guaranteed passive income from investments through the project, it is very tempting, but before you carry the money somewhere, you want to be reliable in your new vault, which is extremely difficult to do with young projects. The first thing that is significantly gratifying when you visit the site is GDPR compliance. This indicates a certain level of legal literacy of the project participants.Next, I noticed the general list of partners, it is difficult to say for sure, whether they are really partners for each other, but I really want to believe it.The main project token is sold at a very cheap rate, with an average volume of 300,000 dollars a day, which can be quite recommended to buy, if you believe in this project. The rate is very stable, which at the moment will not allow you to short this token, proSee full review

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After the release of Diablo 3 I passed it six times and each time in the same breath, then the game got very bored and I gave up playing it. Everything changed with the release of add-on Reaper Souls, it's enough interesting and made in original dark colors, unlike the main series. Reaper Souls was released in Russia and CIS on April 15, 2014. At that time, I bought the add-on for $10, for that kind of money, I didn't regret even a little bit. However Reaper Souls add-on has one significant minus, it is very short, personally I passed it in two days on the main character and then the whole main story with the add-on in less than a week on a new character. New bosses were much stronger bosses from the main storyline Diablo 3, were made very originally, the main city in the addition, just stuffed with monsters in all places, where possible and impossible. Added a large number of hidden places in the location, I also found it very fun and even slightly intriguing. I would strongly recommeSee full review

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Hello everyone, dear readers! The best thing that could have happened in my life was the release of The Witcher 3 on Nintendo. My first question was, how did they even do that? After the game went on sale,the first thing I did was buy the electronic version without a discount for $50. I agree in advance that it's expensive, but that's the pricing policy for Nintendo games. It is also important to note that the game is not exclusive to any of the platforms, it is on the PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo. First of all, after purchase, I was unpleasantly surprised, the Nintendo Switch has only 32 GB of internal memory, with about 6.2 GB reserved for system needs, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt weighs about 32 GB, which kind of hints us to run to the store and buy a MicroSD. I'm not paranoid, but I'm more than sure this was done on purpose. Then I try to play on the console without connecting to the TV and I'm shocked, the console is not warm, everything loads quickly and the picture quality is See full review

nintendo sw 45496421861 souls remastered logo

Hello, everyone! Today we're not just talking about a review of a Souls like game, but a remastered Dark Souls released for the Nintendo Switch. As a fan of the series of games I bought it for $100 off. The first run of the game on the Nintendo portable version, performed well, the average performance combined with the same graphics were a pleasant surprise. I'll be honest, I expected worse. However, as the game progressed, the fact surfaced that it wasn't enough to play steadily and all the action transferred quickly. Which directly affects the response of actions in the game.As a result, the game on the console turns into a hard and painful experience, which gives a new, additional charm to the game. The interface is beautiful, even for a portable game console. As for trying to play Dark Souls with it connected to the TV, it's just complete hell, where the action response in the game increases even more, and the graphics turn into an excruciating mockery of the eyes. Getting past evSee full review

apple macbook display mpxq2ll refurbished logo

Perfect computer for perfect people

The most popular and perfect type of Apple MacBook, if you wanna by this for family or friends it's a absolutely good idea, if you need something for work or something like work, that's all you need in a one item. The thing that everyone should have, not just at home, but always with him in life. A good choice both for the office clerk and for the top management, the thing one can't do without in modern society, this applies to any Apple equipment.The very first time I took this technique in my hands and opened it, the setup took a maximum of 5 minutes, which is very convenient and beautiful. Now, I come with such a fancy laptop in any cafe or institution and catch the eyes of all the girls in the place. Everyone thinks I'm a millionaire or some kind of boss, but I took credit for it, which of course says a high price.See full review

logitech bluetooth ultrafast scrolling rechargeable logo

Used this mouse for a few months, very heavy, uncomfortable design, broke very quickly, perhaps I did something wrong, but this has never happened before, of course I want to note the extremely high price, which obviously does not match the quality, if you want to buy a mouse for yourself, much easier to get similar offers on the market, for much less cost. My choice after this mouse quickly fell on Bloody and now I don't regret anything. See full review

apple iphone xs max logo

Working faithfully, the phone does not let you down for years and works in all weathers. Like all Apple products, it is as reliable as a Swiss watch. One significant disadvantage is the weight of an anvil hammer. Even for a 2022, shows excellent performance and if you get the chance to take it for one or two years, at a small price, I definitely recommend you do it. At the time of purchase the price was in the neighborhood of $600 (I have the max memory version), now you can find it in great condition for $200 if you want. A significant plus, of course very subjective, but it is the size of the screen. Will not suit everyone, but personally I really like the high quality of the picture, which provides just the large size of the screen. Once dropped on concrete, at that time without a cover, chipped off a part of the screen, but even this does not interfere with his work. Perfectly connects with any modern Apple equipment (headphones, watches, etc.), without problems connects to any othSee full review

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Just recently at the invitation of a friend started using this platform and I already want to note the originality of the idea. On average, there is nothing difficult to go to the platform and write 1-2 reviews in an evening with a glass of beer and at the same time return its value. Sometimes there are bugs, it's true, I noticed them, but it is absolutely normal for projects of this scale, I really like that the company already has its own active community, very friendly and always ready to advise or help. I often come here and wonder why I can't write a review on the products and then, as if my wishes were heard, the company got the opportunity to write a review on the products. Very glad for this development, thank you all very much! See full review

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Definitely the best version of headphones if you're switching from wired to wireless. The big pluses are the battery life and the design. On the downside, for some people it can fall out of their ear. Then I immediately recommend trying the PRO version they are vacuum and fit better on the ear. The disadvantages, like all Apple products I want to mention the cost artificially created by the presence of the brand, in the market there are many alternatives, but if you're a fan of technology Apple, you should definitely look at this model. I also want to say in advance that it would be a big mistake to carry a charging case without an additional holder If anyone is interested, they are much larger than the 3 version and also lose in the reserve of energy for uninterrupted operation without recharging and sound quality, while the price difference is not more than two times (you should look at the region of purchase). I have the entire collection of headphones of all generations, itSee full review

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