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Review on Genius Assets by Alex Meshceryakov

A personal beginner's view of the Genius Assets project!

Studying the documentation of the project, you come to the conclusion that for such a young project, a very high rate, the guys really want to believe, also, there is an option of a guaranteed passive income from investments through the project, it is very tempting, but before you carry the money somewhere, you want to be reliable in your new vault, which is extremely difficult to do with young projects. The first thing that is significantly gratifying when you visit the site is GDPR compliance. This indicates a certain level of legal literacy of the project participants.Next, I noticed the general list of partners, it is difficult to say for sure, whether they are really partners for each other, but I really want to believe it.The main project token is sold at a very cheap rate, with an average volume of 300,000 dollars a day, which can be quite recommended to buy, if you believe in this project. The rate is very stable, which at the moment will not allow you to short this token, provided not high validity.There are many other investment platforms, none of them offers the same level of reliability, transparency and return on investment as Genius Assets. In addition, the token economy for GeniuX or $IUX was developed by a team of experts with a clear understanding of the market and with both Genius Assets and investors in mind. The basic security of the token is provided by a unique smart contract that was developed in conjunction with external experts, which is nothing short of gratifying. Overall, the team has a fairly transparent composition as well as their activities. The token is not very popular, but there is confidence that it will not disappear in the next year, which with its stability, makes it a good way to store money, for countries with unstable economies.They will also, for the first time, be able to get the rights to the real object and its part. In the future, we would like to see the possibility of opening venture capital funds with a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) management system on the site, with conditions for connecting individual participants to the project, but with a small fixed rate for placing it all on their platform.

Regarding past achievements, the team successfully moved from a "no name" platform to a platform of their own design with their own ideas and philosophy, which also includes automated processes. It is gratifying that they were able to place their first equity project on the platform without any problems. In conclusion, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who read my review, I hope the project team read it too!

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Next, I noticed, on the general list of partners, it's hard to know for sure if they are really partners for each other, but I really want to believe it.

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Pros & cons

  • There is a chance to make good money with this project
  • Too young a project that has not gained the respect it deserves
  • Quickly developing project, where absolutely any outcome is possible

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