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Review on Genius Assets by David Olayide

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Genius Assets' Versatile Investment Ecosystem


Check out the company's roadmap for th

So as a cryptocurrency and BLOCKCHAIN I am always on the lookout for exciting new and valuable projects that make use of the BLOCKCHAIN technology to proffer solution to the problems of centralization in this 21st century. I am glad to say that numerous projects have gone far in making decentralization become a globally accepted idea. For this reason and many others, Genius Assets caught my attention. Upon taking a closer look at Genius Assets I could determine that the project was built and designed to help cryptocurrency enthusiast invest in real estate. This is definitely a change from the conventional practice of investing in only crypto assets. Genius Assets allows you to make investments into the real estate sector, and also functions as an ecosystem on its own. This means that there are many projects to invest in from sports to NFTS, highway road constructions, and even air travel! This is really nice because it is largely different from other investment facilitators. Genius Assets provides more investment portfolio versatility. The ecosystem is run by the GeniusX token IUX which you can also invest in through an ICO. IUX is built on the Ethereum BLOCKCHAIN network and is an ERC20 token. The tokens are not available on crypto exchanges yet only on the website through an ICO. Now I like this particular feature. You can then proceed to invest in various projects like the fractional ownership project in real estate by buying the project’s tokens. The more the project grows, the more your investments into that project yields profits. I personally think that Genius Assets is a very good platform to consider when investing in alternative digital assets across multiple sectors and this makes investing in either digital or physical assets relatively easier. On the official website I took a look at the company’s roadmap. There seems to be no mobile app yet, until sometime in 2023. Overall, I think it’s a really good platform. I am hoping to see more decentralization though, because that is the main idea. I also think that Genius Assets is transparent. In fact you can find members of the team on their official website. This is a good feature as well, and they can certainly improve on their diversity. CHECK ot 👇

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  • Good tokenomics
  • Platform/company transparency
  • Investment versatility
  • Mobil app not yet available

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