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Review on Doom Nintendo Switch by Alex Meshceryakov

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A massacre in the best and kindest sense of the word!

Hello all, dear readers! People fall into two categories, the one who got into the spirit of genocide demons at first sight, and those who did not understand how you can buy an eight-hour game for $ 30. For the computer the game has long been a classic, a world bestseller, like the entire series of games, but in this case, everything was elevated to the most ingenious degree of human evolution, namely the release of Doom on the Nintendo Switch.The first reaction was mixed, but I immediately knew I had to buy this game. I got myself an electronic version of the game from the Nintendo store came home, installed it, by the way it didn't come out on Nintendo until a year after its official release, which was November 10, 2017. On the game itself, everything is absolutely clear and accessible, here, to put it mildly, the classics of the genre, the gameplay is a first-person shooter. The game has the main values of the game series: powerful weapons, a lot of demons and dynamic movement around the location (not on the map, it's not a fast travelell). The player is able to move around the entire level: the game has not only corridors, but also open areas. The main task is to destroy the masses of enemies with weapons. "Health" and other bonuses fall from the corpses of enemies, motivating the player to bloody "close combat". As in previous games of the series, the player can carry a whole arsenal behind him, without affecting his movement speed. Enemies can be destroyed with small arms, a chainsaw (my favorite weapon in the game) and even hand-to-hand (the game includes animated finishing of weakened enemies). The enemies themselves have a different arsenal, as well as crushing the player's numbers. In addition to shooting, the player will have to perform simple tasks. Let's be honest, there are no logic puzzles in the game, but that's not what we expect from the Doom series. I played it on a Nintendo console and brought it to the TV, through the main module of the console, it has the same problems as for all Nintendo games, by modern standards, it is almost impossible to play on TV, and sometimes it is just painful, playing on the console itself was fun, although the screaming man in the subway, who once again got killed on maximum difficulty, is fun, I will not lie (I mean me). Very cool to play on the road or just at home, when you need to relieve stress and you want to kill a couple of demons in the most sophisticated way, of course the most wonderful game on Nintendo is still The Witcher 3 (you can read my review on it), but this game is still totally worth the money spent on it, I really enjoyed it. Thank you all for reading my review!

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  • A dynamic and relaxing classic, now with the ability to play anywhere!
  • Very expensive for an 8 hour game