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Review on Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable by Alex Meshceryakov

Expensive price, but very good quality, so what to choose?

Hello my dear friends! I bought my Apple watch from the hands for $ 100, at that time they gave it to me with an old charger wire, after a while the charger broke and I went to the store for a new one, officially a new charger for the watch costs $ 30, which is not small for some wire with a thing attached. I began to look deeper and looked at analogues which cost only $ 5, such a difference seemed to me simply catastrophic, but the understanding that the miser pays twice constantly reminded me of the need to overpay and not to spoil the battery in the clock and just charge them faster, using certified equipment, which will last at least a year. The cable length was 1m, the thing handy in the household or at hand if you do not have a ruler, in addition, I always liked the magnetic charging, it was at one time something revolutionary and this charm, still haunted me. Getting to the point, the new charger still works, the second year and has no problems at all, but it is important to note that in contrast to the phone charger, I do not carry it outside or to work, not carrying it around in a backpack, but only at home, in any case, it is one wire which has proved itself very well. The standard problem with the wire is the appearing gap between the magnetic charger and the wire itself (yes, like on the iPhone), I do not understand why it happens all the time, but yes, it does not matter. Looking ahead, this review is needed because modern versions of the watch are sold without charger, and it must be bought, which of course raises a lot of questions, in any case, I want to recommend everyone to buy the original charger, not to kill your phone, watch, speaker, etc., I do not know how my advice helps you, but it is sure to help keep the battery in working order much longer. If you want to save money, start doing it when your phone is more than three years old and the battery is holding only 80% of its capacity, then you really don't care and you can use whatever charger you want. And let's be honest, the difference between Chinese products and Chinese products with a certificate is not so great, and the total difference is 6 times, think about it sometimes. Thank you all for reading my review, I hope it makes you think in the first place!

P.S. there is a huge difference between saving and greed, do not forget that these are different concepts and sometimes you may think that you are very economical, but really just very greedy, I hope you do well and you can find your 30 dollars for a charger, hugs all!Attached a picture of the Chinese equivalent for $2

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Pros & cons

  • good quality
  • Cool design
  • Expensive price

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