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HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch For Men Women
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Supported ApplicationFitness Tracker, Phone, Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
Human Interface InputTouchscreen
Screen Size1.47 Inches
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About HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch For Men Women

❗ Spo2 Monitoring Throughout the Day:Huawei band 6 has a built-in spo2 detection system that monitors your blood oxygen saturation 24/7. If it falls too low the band will vibrate, so you can take time to breathe and regain your balance.(Note:This product is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ❗ All Day Heart Rate Monitoring: HUAWEI Fitness Tracker TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology uses an optical lens and data-based data processing to accurately monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day. Be instantly alerted when your heart rate…

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The quality is so-so, the price does not match the quality.

Silicone strap, like normal, but the hand sometimes sweats. After ating the firmware, it became easier to turn on the screen with a wave, but there were more erroneous inclusions. There is a function to reject a call or answer via SMS. And if you…

Average purchase, there is something to complain about.

In general, incomprehensible impressions. The technique is super. The software is not very good. It is inconvenient to use after Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Sometimes you want to break. I only have a watch for a week. But the screen is beautiful until it…

Second-rate goods, I won't buy any more.

In general, I am completely disappointed with the purchase. A little pleased that 1500r of the cost were bonuses Craft raw and stupid level of Chinese. I do not recommend if you do not take it as a watch What I expected but didn't get:…

I like everything, the price and the quality are both ok.

About everything and in order. Design - simple, strict. Someone comes in, someone sees a special style in it. Me not; neither good nor bad. Smooth. For my taste, it would be more beautiful if the strap remained the same width as the watch itself. A…

I am one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this product to everyone.

Many free and paid screensavers have a demo mode for paid ones, some screensavers are active when you click it, it falls into the menu or something changes But I think in terms of price-quality ratio (I took 2600), the display is informative and…

Not advised to buy this, does not meet the advertised standard.

I took this bracelet because of the smart alarm clock! I used to use Xiaomi bracelets: Mi Band 1, 1S, 2, 4. Even on Mi Band 1, with the next ate, they cut out a smart alarm clock that helped me wake up. There were no analogues to Xiaomi bracelets…

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

So, I spent a year and a half with Honor Band 5, and I will compare it with it. 1) The battery was overhauled. If the 5th was enough for me for 6 days, then the 6th gang works much longer. On Saturday I bought a bracelet, turned on 66%, now it's…

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Before that, there were apple watches, steel, the child dropped and broke the sapphire glass. This bracelet is practically not inferior in functionality to a watch from an apple, but somewhere it wins. A definite plus is the battery. I put the apple on charge every night, it takes a long time to charge. Sleeping in them is uncomfortable, heavy. Yes, of course, status apples, but I honestly don’t care anymore, I’ve grown out of age to show off in front of others. Apple slowed down sometimes in a terrible way. Apple's plus is that you can install applications, but most of them have such poor functionality that they are of no use. In general, I am the person who switched from Apple and never regretted it. It’s really a pity for 20-30 thousand for watches, when there are analogues no less worthy. I bought it for 2500, at a price of 3500, 1000 were presented as bonuses. In general, take it, you will not regret it.

A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

Huawei Band 6 smart bracelet, wonderful watch, sits comfortably on the arm, holds a charge for up to 2 weeks, beautiful colorful and large display, a lot of additional functions, good connection with a smartphone, charges very quickly, you can swim in the pool, I’m already buying the second the watch of this company, technical support works fine, they respond very quickly, they help their customers, in general I am very satisfied with the watch, I advise you to buy it, you will not regret that you bought Huawei Band 6.

Pros & cons

  • Huawei Band 6, hold a charge for a long time.
  • I did not find any shortcomings.

I do not advise buying this, it does not meet the stated standards.

I posted a photo, look, the sticker on the watch should be so transparent and the original box is glued crookedly, look at what it is and it’s completely Chinese on the original everything is written clearly and the watch is Russified But these things that came to me are generally some kind of horror don’t ever buy from this seller

Pros & cons

  • There is not
  • The fitness bracelet came from China in general, the boxes are different, the sticker on the watch itself is also different, in general, some kind of horror

The worst product for your money, I do not recommend it to anyone.

After two days of wearing the newly purchased smart HUAWEI Band 6, supplied by the manufacturer along with the strap, on the strap (with short breaks for taking a shower and washing hands), a brown mark from the strap appeared on the skin of the wrist, small swellings appeared, as well as skin soreness from touch. This mark from the strap (but not from the watch case) is visible in the first two photos taken on September 25th. The HUAWEI Band 6 watch was no longer worn. On the eighth day after these photos were taken, three other photos were taken (October 3). They show that the brown trace from the strap has decreased, but the skin has burst, began to peel off intensively. The dermatologist says that this is a typical chemical burn, caused either by the release of biologically active chemicals from the material of the strap, or a chemically active substance that causes skin burns has been applied to the inner surface of the strap adjacent to the wrist. In any case, such a strap…

A completely ordinary product, nothing remarkable.

Would be a great swim tracker if you could free your data. Its pros: I bought only for swimming in the pool, so I evaluate from this point of view: 1. Knows how to measure the pulse in the water, and does it quite accurately for an optical heart rate monitor; 2. Can calculate distance, time, speed, strokes and SWOLF. Sometimes wrong, but generally ok; 3. Able to determine styles (crawl/breaststroke/back), the only problem is that all these statistics are locked in the application (see shortcomings); 4. Thought out work in the water: after the start of the workout, the touchscreen is blocked, so there are no false positives, and the end / pause / start occurs by pressing the hard button; 5. Price. Has cons: The main drawback that outweighs all the pluses is that the training data is synchronized with Huawei Health, from which there is no export either to Strava or even just to a file. That is, there is no way to rummage through your achievements in your favorite sports social network…

I'm satisfied, the product is exactly as described.

Bought on October 25, charged up to 100% at 19:00. Worked in the mode of constant monitoring: SLEEP, STRESS, PULSE, OXYGEN - 24 hours. The distance matches the machine's speedometer +, - 50 meters per kilometer. It's 14:40 on October 31st - 14% left. That's it for now. Well, it's already June. Charged June 5 at 16.40 to 100%. Today he died . Around 18.00. June 10th. IN GENERAL 5-6 DAYS AND ALL. Charges but fast

Pros & cons

  • With constant monitoring and daily recording of classes for about an hour, with medium brightness and low vibration, only 7 days without charging. True, it charges quickly - it seems like two hours or one and a half

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

About the fact that someone does not always receive notifications. Open the Huawei Health app and do not close it. Let it just hang in your memory. Doesn't drain the battery. It just hangs in running applications. Then everything works.

A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

Fell in love with him at first sight. Before him, I used honor band 5 for 1.5 years, which completely suited me with functionality, but the appearance was frankly sporty. It also has all the necessary functions in a beautiful external design, because the same honor 6 is only in a black case.

Pros & cons

  • Beautiful, golden case will look great with a Milanese bracelet. The strap included is excellent, velvety to the touch and does not cling to anything, it is securely fixed. Convenient large high-quality display. Informative dials. More information has become available in the bracelet.

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

I took this device purely because of the appearance. The watch looks great on the hand. The display is excellent - large and clear. The main functions for me are a message about calls and notifications, music control, and, well, the watch itself. Everything works well, no failures were noticed. The strap is soft and comfortable, fixed securely on the hand. Batteries last for a week and a half. The only annoying thing is the constant requirement to provide access to geodata to ate the weather. For the rest, I like everything.

Pros & cons

  • Appearance is chic
  • Some features insist on turning on GPS.

I³'m satisfied with the product, it³'s well made and the price is also satisfying.

Before buying an electronic watch, it will be useful to drag this bracelet. Try it on and understand what you want from such devices.

Pros & cons

  • 1. Amazing autonomy for such a device 2. Convenient screen, but I would like more 3.
  • 1. There is no way to answer the call. Only reject or reply with a short message. 2. The screen is scratched. 3. There is no way to replace the strap. (I did not find it) 4. The screen is not wide enough (it would be 5-7 mm wide. 5. No NFC

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

Convenient Small, Readable device. What I needed. A smart watch is redundant for me, a bracelet with a small screen is not convenient, you have to look at the messages, everything is perfect here

Pros & cons

  • Beautiful, Small, Functional, Comfortable. Bought as a replacement for Honor band 5. Band 6 Better directly strongly. Everything became well readable. The screen is Mega Comfortable. Sensors feel more accurate. A complex measurement of Stress has been added, there is a Constant Oxygen Measurement (mega cool). On the hand is also not noticeable as the previous one. The strap is comfortable. I don’t regret buying two for myself and my wife at once and I recommend it;)
  • Hard cable with magnetic charging - it was possible to make a normal soft silicone charging shell. There is no swap/tap activation (sometimes it was convenient to do a nose tap on the previous one - it doesn’t work on this one :)

Unsuccessful purchase, I am disappointed.

I took amazfit gts to replace it. There are more features, they are lighter, they live a little less, they look more interesting. But the fact that they keep the connection worse than hours is just a shock. Especially given the connections between Huawei and Huawei (p40 pro). The same amazfit holds and there are no problems with it at all . But the huawei catches any spam from the mail, and refuses to catch important calls. I took a huawei in the salon, I was upset . 4pda gives funny advice that does not work. Went back to the clock.

Pros & cons

  • Nice OS, no lag, nice display
  • Loses connection, loses connection, loses connection again, if not this bracelet (with a Huawei smartphone)

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

The seller promised that the charge would last more than two weeks, about two weeks I don’t know my mother has this watch for three weeks only once. Today I really like them, a huge selection of wallpapers, it's very easy to figure out how to connect to the phone. In general, I advise everyone. The price is appropriate

Pros & cons

  • Very beautiful, you can adjust the brightness, adjust the vibration during the arrival of SMS. Easy to set up!
  • There aren't any. The only thing I want is to put my own wallpaper. That is, select a photo from the gallery, set up what the screen will be .