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xiaomi wireless car charger 20w black wireless charger holder logo

Its pros: Everything holds up well, it is convenient to install and remove the phone. Charging is stable. Its cons: It is very strange that the microphone does not work very well on the iphone 8 when charging, if you pull the charging wire out of the cigarette lighter, the volume becomes normal.See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

I am very glad that I ated the first mini to this one. The sound became clearer and deeper. Adjusting the volume is more convenient. The last mini-station had a volume control with gesture control. At night, my cat actively used it and me only volume of his belly. It was infuriating. Now everything is cool. Works clearly. The cat is a little sad, but I did not buy for him either.See full review

enhance your outdoor audio experience with edifier r2850db black acoustic system logo

There is something to compare, therefore, such shortcomings, but for this money this is the top acoustics for a computer.See full review

🌐 world vision 4g connect micro router - dual band wireless wifi with sim card, 2.4ghz logo

I took it for a summer residence to watch video surveillance remotely. I haven’t tried it yet, my hands haven’t reached it yet, but the Internet works smartly, the receiver is good, and it’s not on the window, but behind the wall and it works faster and faster than from the phone. I wanted to put an external antenna, but I think I can do without it. ate 4 months later. Works great, stable firmware, never hung. I put the same external antenna on the wall of the house, the communication indicatorSee full review

yeelight led vision desk lamp v1 pro (yltd13yl), 12 w, white fixture with black shade logo

Some pros: Excellent lamp, temperature control, timer, luminous flux adjustment Has some cons Small angles of adjustment on height and a small course of a head of a lamp. Expensive pleasure will turn out if there are no discountsSee full review

sony cmt-sbt100 music center logo

It just plays well, the power is enough for a 15-meter room. It looks nice, not pretentious, does not leave the impression of a "music center" from the 90s. Excellent microsystem for every day, I can only recommend. His money, in my opinion, works out completely. Pros: Very smart BT, almost instantly connects to a paired device, control even Windows Media Player from the remote via BT, albeit clumsily. With the player NWZ-A15 plays generally charming! Very pleasant sound, acoustics require 10-1See full review

silicone strap for smart watch amazfit bip/ bib lite/ bip s/ bip u/ gtr 42mm/ gts/gts2 (width 20 mm) black clasp, dark green logo

Has pros: High-quality and good material, comfortable to wear, no irritation on the skin. With its cons. There is a cat at home and in connection with this I found out that the material of the bracelet contributes to the sticking of wool on the bracelet itself.See full review

huawei freebuds pro 2 wireless headphones, mother of pearl blue logo

I’ve been using it for a little over a month, what I can say is that the headphones are excellent, although it’s not that there is much to compare with, only with state employees from xiaomi, from what immediately impresses - noise reduction, a really cool thing, in the subway or near the road, sound, good, clean. But the battery upset, if you turn on the best sound quality, and even noise reduction, the charge flies right before your eyes. Still, I'm not disappointed with the purchase.See full review

65" tv lg oled65cxr 2020 hdr, oled, black logo

The picture quality is great, but 1 minus kills all the pros. During operation, the TV makes loud clicks, as if the plastic is cracking from heat. Every 30-60 seconds. This makes it difficult to watch TV, but even more infuriates that for an hour after turning it off, it continues to make clicks. Because of this, you don’t want to watch TV, and before going to bed it’s not possible at all. then you won't sleep. I called the official service, unscrewed the back panel, looked, did not find any proSee full review

samsung galaxy a01 core smartphone 1/16 gb, black logo

I use the third day, already the impression is not very good. If I somehow coped with the replication of contacts, then on the first day the device began to reboot itself. To be honest, due to the fact that I had an ultra-tariff, I took it only for distributing the Internet. I use it only for calls, sometimes I read the news in . Today I went to the salon where I bought it, they could not identify the cause. I will write to Samsung, as well as Megafon where I purchased it. Has anyone else had thSee full review

xiaomi mijia 360° home camera ptz version 2k (mjsxj09cm) cn white logo

A very good alternative to video baby monitors. Much cheaper and much more features. It reacts to the crying of the child, transmits the sound. But it requires the Internet, but 99% of the time the child is still at home, where the Internet is. Got pros: Really good picture quality. The motor really helps to look where you want. Simple connection The kit includes a power supply and a long cable, as well as a mount. You can turn off the diode so that it is not visible in the dark. Quiet switchingSee full review

smartphone xiaomi redmi note 10 pro 8/128 gb global, gray onyx logo

Pros below: Excellent phone, not nearly the course of Samsung, fast, powerful, excellent picture quality, powerful sound Has cons: The flashlight turns on by pressing the lock button, until you find how to turn it offSee full review

motorola moto g9 plus 4/128 gb smartphone, golden logo

I bought the phone to replace the BlackBerry and to use in addition to the iPhone. Since the Blackberry is no longer as popular as it once was, and since I didn't want to take a phone made in China out of principle, I decided to look at the once-legendary Motorola brand instead. The phone has met all of my expectations, and I couldn't be happier. I have not been able to identify any drawbacks to my situation as of now. Before that, I was interested in purchasing the G8, but I waited for this modSee full review

wireless headphones honor am66 sport pro, shimmering red logo

With its pros: Great headphones for listening to music. Very comfortable, do not press on the ears like a vacuum and good sound. Got cons: Weak microphone. When I talk through them on the phone, I can't be heard very well.See full review

smart lamp aqara led light bulb, e27, 9w, 6500k logo

A very strange fact. Previously, I bought the same light bulb from the Akara website along with the gateway, the light bulb works but the firmware version is not ated, from which the application constantly hammers with a notification and the light bulb falls off. I ordered from the market and everything is as it should. Everything connected and ated works perfectly without delay even through Alice. Happy with everythingSee full review

👓 samsung hmd odyssey vr headset for windows mixed reality logo

Despite the fact that I have nothing to compare with, I think the rating of 3.9 is unreasonably low. Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2060 Has some pros In short, a good helmet. Take it. Bought for Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, HL Alyx. Not only meets but exceeds expectations. The first hours in Skyrim are generally something. Also Google Earth VR is a cool thing. Very good sound in headphones. Tracking is fine. The picture in the distance is blurred, in the near everything is clear - this is the technology. I've beSee full review

oral-b eb 20-3 electric brush accessory set, white, 3 pieces logo

Suitable for daily cleaning with normal enamel and non-sensitive gums, or for use 1-2 times a week with sensitivity, alternating between sensitive or ultra thin soft tips.See full review

sennheiser wireless headphones cx 6.00bt, black logo

After much internal conflict, I made the decision to go with option (b). I did so as soon as I emerged from the store, out on the sidewalk, and was taken aback by the terrible experience. It felt as though there was no low frequency content whatsoever, and the higher frequencies "clicked" in the same way that this discussion does. As soon as I got home, I put on some enormous ear pads and gave everything a careful look over. Because I am not a music enthusiast but rather a plain musician, my homSee full review

portable acoustics creative muvo play, 10 w, black logo

Got pros: For 2 great column. The sound is excellent, nothing wheezes. Got cons: Not very bassy, ​​although what to expect for such a price.See full review

oral-b pro 570 crossaction, white-blue logo

My husband had one. She put her nozzle on and tried to brush her teeth. So, it seems normal, but he charged it very often, the battery is weak. But it is also well worth it. What can not be said about interchangeable nozzles. There is only one mode, there is a pressure sensor. That's all. Two nozzles in a set. But this is not a problem - you can buy any, they are all compatible with it. #pgbonusSee full review

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