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electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

Normal quality, you can use it.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Everything seems to be quite good, but some problems and imperfections greatly spoil the impression, which is very disappointing. Yes, almost 5 atm was pumped into the wheels, as far as I remember from other scooters, 4 is needed there?See full review

multitool morakniv companion mg (carbon steel) black/khaki logo

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I already use stainless steel Morakniv Companion. Now I took carbon to her company, I’ll pickle with phosphoric acid so as not to bathe with rust on the blade. I buy all the knives as a tool to work with them, and not to hang on the carpet .See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

In principle, the vacuum cleaner is normal. The dust is well vacuumed, not all the garbage. But sometimes you can go through several times and still . When you turn it off, it’s better to do it over the trash can, sometimes the unabsorbed garbage falls back. Vacuums 4 rooms on one charge for 3 days without recharging. The red signal warns about the discharge and on it you have time to vacuum the room. Doesn't charge for long. All the same, for such a price, I wanted more powerful, since after thSee full review

grain-free farmina natural and delicious chicken and pomegranate formula dry cat food - 3.3 lb bag logo

On the face of the fraud of the buyer. Judging by the reviews, this is not an isolated case. Wrote a claim In I'm waiting for what they decide. I do not recommend this seller. See full review

elliptical trainer proxima enima ii ipro, gray logo

It seems to be working so far, but it has not lived up to our hopes. Has some advantages, such as the way it looks, the fact that it operates its mechanisms normally, the fact that its efforts are sufficient, and the high quality of its components. Although it is possible to connect to the head through bluetooth, a separate transmitter will need to be purchased in order to do so. Having this drawback: There were a few little creaks here and there, but they have been rectified. Handles that are aSee full review

trimmer philips bt5502 series 5000, black logo

Definitely not suitable for those who have a thick, dense beard. I let go a length of about 2 cm, I usually wear 1 cm, in 1 pass the machine is not able to cut 1 cm of hair, the motor does not cope noticeably, the knife gets stuck, I had to remove 2-3 mm, with a narrow knife it took a long time, a small nozzle is bad raises hairs, you have to go through one place 5-6 times, and still leaves a lot of separately sticking out, as a result, I had to shave off without a nozzle on the eye at all. As aSee full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I tried a lot of lenses before I came up with this one. There were 30 days and two weeks. Now I use only one day. Used more than 6 brands of lenses. Now for me there are only these lenses. In terms of wearing comfort, these are the best lenses. I recommend Pros: By far the best wearing comfort lenses in the industry. The eyes practically do not get tired and do not feel them right in the room. On the street, you periodically forget about their existence. Has some cons: Indoors, the sensitiviSee full review

absorbent litter cat step arctic blue, 15.2l logo

We take it almost constantly at discounts, large, almost does not dust, the smell absorbs with a bang. What can I say, high-quality silica gel, one of my favorite brands. Definitely recommend with good discounts.See full review

pump station aquario auto ajc-101 b (h) (1000 w) logo

The station came with a marriage. The hole is clearly visible in the photo. Perhaps that is why the seller has such a discount on the goods . Unfortunately, I noticed this already at the dacha, and water was needed here and now. I had to repair it myself, barely tore off the factory red sealant. When the station was nevertheless ready for operation, more nuances were revealed: firstly, I expected a much quieter operation of the station; secondly, a problem got out in the "brains of the station",See full review

smartphone apple iphone 11 pro 256 gb, nano sim+esim, gold logo

Got pros: The phone is super, the camera especially, there is nothing to add Different cons: There is no way to install a program to record a telephone conversation, but this is the trouble of all iPhonesSee full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

Bought this humidifier when my baby was born. I am completely satisfied with the humidifier. The child is already 7 years old, all this time the humidifier worked non-stop, with breaks for the summer holidays, because in the summer, with humidity, everything is ok. On average, he drinks 10 liters in 1-2 days, depending on the humidity. On night mode, it works super quietly (quieter than the neighbors behave). In general - I recommend.See full review

chambor silver shadow compact powder with rr1 ivoire refill logo

Of course, the original is not available online at such a low cost. The previous powder (which is more worn out) and the new powder are shown in the photo, however they made an effort to improve the quality. By March 8th, I had taken it for gifts.See full review

electric bike xiaomi himo c20 gray (requires final assembly) logo

Mileage is about 40 km per day on a full charge. Traction only. Pedals to pick up when starting and rewind for a quick set of speeds. Some pros: In general, 50 km mileage and speed kept up to 21 km per hour and the last 2 km the speed began to fall and the last cube began to flash. so 50 km at maximum mode is good. In general, 52 km is the resource of my electric bike from 20. With its cons: The saddle is too hard for me. Removed the squeaker. disconnecting the connector. Now the throttle is scrSee full review

7" e-book amazon kindle oasis 2019 1448x1072, e-ink, 8 gb, graphite logo

Over the years of using e-books, I have probably tried all Kindle models starting with Kindle 2. I use them because I have accumulated a fairly large library of books in my account. I had to ate because in the previous oasis the battery was irretrievably broken and even the replacement did not save. Let's see how this one behaves, but so far no problems have been noticed. Of the minuses - as I wrote above, a slippery back cover. It is solved quite easily by buying the cover of the cover.See full review

dry food for cats monge bwild feed the instinct for large breeds, grain-free, with buffalo, with potatoes, with lentils 10 kg logo

Despite the recent negative reviews about the quality of the food, I decided to take it. I took a bag of 10 kg. And from my own experience I was convinced of the correctness of the reviews. I thought my cat was an omnivore, but this is the first food he refuses to eat. The granules are small and flat, not the same as before. Apparently the quality has really gone down. Judging by the reviews, the trend is typical for large packages. I was seduced by a good price, but now I understand that the prSee full review

smart watch mibro watch x1, black logo

This is a normal smart watch. Touch screen. The charger is magnetic. You can’t talk on them, you can’t call either. There is no GPS. There is a standard set for this price range: heart rate and step measurement, alarm clock, call alerts, sms. Water protection is, but did not test. I took them as a cheap analogue of amazfit tirex. The charge lasts two weeks. Who needs just an electronic watch with a vibrating alarm clock, in a stylish case - your option. Who needs training, conversations, playersSee full review

mesh inhaler (nebulizer) xiaomi andon vp-m3a, white logo

With its pros: it is difficult to say, there is still no certainty in the correct use due to the lack of instructions. Has some cons: There are no instructions in English or 2022. Only in Chinese.See full review

night light xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led, 9 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: global logo

When I pick up the lamp, a few little items that hang about the body ruin the impression. never gave up. I'll post a fix if it breaks here. After a month of use, there have been no issues.See full review

opti-men tabs, 150 pcs, 1 pack logo

This multivitamin/mineral supplement is superb. Even if you don't train often, it seems to me that this supplement would still be beneficial because of the fact that you can use the incorrect dosage (3 tablets per day) that is supplied for athletes for whom it is intended by the manufacturer. This jar of 240 tablets would last for 8 months under these conditions.See full review

gainer optimum nutrition serious mass, 2720 g, chocolate logo

The reviews will remain at one star until the questionable sediment—which not only crunches on the teeth but also does not simply wash out of the shaker from the bottom—is addressed. Anyone else see the solid fine sand that represents insoluble impurities?See full review

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