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Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S, up to 100 kg, white, CN Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S, up to 100 kg, white, CN

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S Black is an electric scooter with an ergonomic design. The engine with a maximum power of 500 W allows you to reach speeds of up to 25 km / h in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the 7800 mAh battery, you can drive up to 30 kilometers on a single battery charge. For the safest ride, the device supports 3 speed modes. All the necessary information about the battery charge, the current speed and the selected mode of operation is displayed on the LED display. The folding frame design will allow you to transport the scooter in public transport, as well as convenientl...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

It is difficult to say 12 kg is a plus or minus. Among his peers, this is a normal weight. If you take a scooter for public transport, then it is not suitable for girls (as, perhaps, the rest). 12 kg. it will be necessary to carry it up the stairs, open the doors with one hand and carry it through the turnstiles (you can, of course, through the luggage doors, but there is usually a queue there). For a man, ideal if you work in the city. My route was: car (3 km) - subway - work, due to traffic…

  • Excellent value for money. Pneumatic wheels save on bumps. 25 km / h at my 100 kg in sport mode. Really easy to unfold and fold. The handbrake allows you to brake quite intensively. True, it must be periodically tightened. 250 watts - it does not fall under the category of "moped", and therefore, you will not be caught on the sidewalk or on the road if you do not have a license. There is an application in which you can block the engine and the scooter will interfere with movement (brake the motor-wheel) and squeak rather weakly. Rigid tyres. Even if you have a flat tire, you can easily drive even on them. runflat effect =)
  • A tight eccentric handle on the folding mechanism - it will be difficult for a girl to pick it up. It's not even about the effort, but about the fact that there's nothing to grab onto. The scooter in the folded state is not very convenient to roll - there is nothing to grab onto, except for the handles on the steering wheel, and they are behind the center of gravity, so the scooter strives to fall on its side. However, with sufficient dexterity, it rolls quite tolerably when folded: in the position on the "or on the side. When folded, the scooter rolls on the front motor-wheel, which cannot be locked (the brake is on the rear), so the scooter cannot simply be hold in a vertical position. An untrustworthy cover for the charging connector (surcharge rubber with a magnet) - it will protect against splashes for sure, but no more.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

Has pros: The first time I ordered market. What can I say - everything is clear. The scooter is by far the best. (price, brand, quality). I can also say for sure that I have not regretted a single spent. By the way, my friends took a ride and also appreciated the quality of the scooter, they all said that it looks very good and the build quality is great. I liked it so much that a friend immediately asked him to order the same)) and ordered it here. I am very pleased that all the shortcomings…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Excellent, maneuverable scooter! Due to its lightness (12.5 kg) it is suitable for women. Quickly picks up good speed (with my weight of 50 kg).

  • Good price. Maneuverability. Beautiful design. Picks up speed quickly. Lightweight, suitable for women.
  • Before the first use, you must complete the quest to install the application and detect the device via bluetooth.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A high-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

In general, I am satisfied with the scooter, for this price you can buy only used 365m from us Different pros: The scooter is of good quality, it came in a cardboard box and cellophane, the scooter itself was not damaged, although the box was wrinkled. Different cons: Chinese version, connected to the application only after changing the region to China. There is no spare wheel like the global version. Packed poorly, the box was damaged.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Normal quality, you can use it.

Everything seems to be quite good, but some problems and imperfections greatly spoil the impression, which is very disappointing. Yes, almost 5 atm was pumped into the wheels, as far as I remember from other scooters, 4 is needed there?

  • Sturdy construction. Wheel diameter is larger than many classmates. A clear display with the desired modes. Optimal weight. Doesn't shake much on bumps. Disc rear brake.
  • The latch that secures the vertical stand! I don't know if everyone is like this? You can snap it in, but to snap it off, you need to apply the strength of the thumbs of both hands. Women definitely will not be able to do this without an auxiliary tool. Why it was impossible to lengthen the lever of this handle even at least 1 cm, it is not clear! The steering screws really need to be tightened. Flimsy magnetic flap design for charging. And the connector itself is located in the most suitable place for dirt to get in! When folded, this scooter takes up more space than some competitors, and on one wheel (when folded) it is not very convenient to carry. You have to wear it horizontally, which is problematic when transporting it in public transport. Strange activation with Chinese troubles, for Chinese variants. And like a cherry on the cake . It seems that I examined everything upon purchase, but two days later I discovered that the brake pipe began to touch the rear tire and even its red frill was worn out because of this! It completely ruined my shopping experience. Which is why I took away two stars. Here are the pics. I had to use a plastic clamp. The warranty probably doesn't cover that.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice price, good quality.

there would be a difference between this and the pro version, at least 5-7t. R would take a plug, where the battery goes much longer, and for walking in the parks or going to the store, that's it, I have enough about speed, there is no more sense on footpaths fly.

  • this is xiaomi, appearance, light, reliable in terms of maintenance, speed is enough.
  • not enough batteries, with a weight of 73kg it is enough on flat terrain in S mode to drive somewhere 15-18 km

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

In general, I am satisfied with the scooter, now I am waiting for spring, now the weather is not quite suitable for riding a scooter.

  • To want to say. First of all, the scooter is very reliable. The folding mount is so tight that I can't handle it on my own. She broke all her nails. But I consider it a virtue. It also goes quite fast, and the lantern perfectly illuminates the street.
  • As such, I did not notice any shortcomings. However, it seemed that he was discharged faster than expected. The distance from home to work is 7 km, respectively, there and back ≈14 km. And I began to worry that I would not have enough charge to get home. Well, there were still not enough instructions in 2022 to activate the scooter. He squeaked, and I did not understand what to do with him. And here's something else. There was no adapter for a euro socket, but then support quickly helped me and on Monday the adapter was brought to me by a courier.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

So-so quality, price doesn't match quality.

There won't be repeat orders! Evaluate the quality of the order from the photo and draw conclusions. Thanks, but no more!

  • We buy a second scooter. There are no claims to the manufacturer!
  • Item arrived with chipped paint! And obviously the sender or carrier saw this because the place of impact in the box was glued from the inside. Also, the throttle lever is also cracked. The dialogue with NM and the Supplier and the transfer of the problem from one to the other strained, and there is no time to deal with the return of the scooter and expect a new one. Therefore, they began to use it in the form in which it came. But the response of the NM supplier after the call simply struck us: "The client refused to return. And he is satisfied. " What are you happy with? Those who sent a scooter with a scratch and a cracked throttle handle ? Because you didn't do anything? Offered return conditions? I will answer completely and immediately! We are not happy! Absolutely! There is no desire to order something again !

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Scooter fire. It drags norms uphill, even in a protracted one. Again, my weight is 58 kg. Plus a backpack with clothes somewhere around 65. I also recommend buying a xiaomi pump to regulate tire pressure. Well, in general, the purchase is happy as an elephant. Instead of forty minutes on foot, now ten minutes and I'm at work

  • Great scooter. With my weight of 58 kg, 25-27 kilometers are enough. Haven't tested it on a full charge yet. It takes three hours to charge. speed of 25 km in sport mode is more than enough. The scooter was purchased for a trip to work. 4.6 km. In principle, you can not charge for two days. I got a nasty squeak out of the box, you need to activate it through the me home application, and people don’t be stupid to activate it, you need to watch the security video to the end and only then it will be activated. You also need to change the region in the application to China. There is no need to change anything in the smartphone itself.
  • The charging socket is not very convenient. But for me this is only a plus, since I charge on the balcony, because the charging wire is short. Too heavy. It will not be comfortable for girls and children to carry it, you can go into the freight elevator. For the price, of course, a little expensive, given that people bought it for 25k a year ago. Basically, everything is flawed.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

Different pros: - Riding an electric scooter is a pure thrill. Already done 200km. - 1S fixed some of the m365 jambs, while the price is the same with it. Here is a good overview: ? v=ErkQbDHJ7nk - Folds up nicely. Relativelycompact and not heavy, can be carried with one hand. - There are 3 modes like the Pro version, not 2 like the m365 - It turned out to be verycomnvenient to go to the grocery store, hanging the bag on the steering wheel. Some cons: there is no support for the rear wing, but…

There are sticky traces of industrial stickers. With its pros: Lightweight, nothing more, for a quiet movement around the city is good for its category. The color is white but easy to clean. The packaging is good, it arrived intact. Some cons: Poor uphill pulls, not enough power. I have been pairing with the application for a long time, it was not easy to do it. The package is modest.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The right product for me, there were no problems.

In order not to lose capacity, the battery goes to sleep when 10% remains and the scooter through the application shows a power reserve of another 4 km. That is, out of 30 declared, you can drive 26, further with legs.

  • Normal scooter, very maintainable. From China, you can order any spare part, even a new motor, even a battery, even bolts. There is also a bunch of tuning for every taste. The issue with stiffness is solved by replacing the rubber with 10 "and installing a suspension, longer handles can also be ordered from China. You can achieve comfort for quite inexpensively as models are much more expensive. Recuperation allows you to rarely use the brake, which is a little more convenient before traffic lights and curbs, and saves the pads and disc. But even it can be turned off and the scooter can be flashed up to 30 mph. Pulls well uphill. With a weight of 65kg in D mode, you can drive 25km if there are no serious slides. There is no waterproofing - in the motor wheel, as well as in the deck, there is a thin layer of sealant around the edges
  • A bad brake, who, like me, is used to always keeping a finger on the brake handle, because of the short handles, the "lever" does not work and the finger gets into the middle of the handle, to press it is necessary to apply force, but again it is solved by lengthening the handles (my version) or buying a hydraulic caliper . After 50-60% of the spent battery, it travels 25 km / h only from a small hill, in a straight line it will be 20 km / h Strongly eats battery on S - 32% balance for a trip of 13 km with slides Recuperation is rather a useless function for long distances, you can coast much more (and it is absent even from a hill with minimal recuperation). Its only plus is described above - this is braking after releasing the gas.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Second-rate goods, I wont buy any more.

After buying on Player. Ru, where the reviews are only good, I was very surprised when assembling that the scooter squeaks, or rather makes a cyclic sound, very unpleasant ! And the speed of movement, up to 15 km per hour! It is especially pleasant to ride like a squeaky thorn! It picks up speed with varying success, sometimes quickly, and sometimes you want to help with your foot, it does not depend on the driving modes, while the SPEECH . well, this is something . All this is present before…

  • Not a bad build
  • See comments!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

You have to bring it home, keep an eye on the battery life, and leave it or secure it somewhere after each trip before you even know for sure if you need it. If the renting option is taken into account, then the foregoing poses no complications. I can't guarantee that I'll save enough money on this item to justify waiting a year.

  • Fantastic scooter, although it could use some tweaks in my opinion. With new tires (10 inches) and a shock absorber (front), the scooter is now quite forgiving, both on tiles and over small holes/bumps.
  • not having accurately estimated the purchase, I don't ride often enough to justify buying my own, and renting is both cheaper and more convenient. ranks

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not perfect quality, some small defect.

You expect to deliver at a higher level, faster, and with greater competence than, for example, from Ali, and as a consequence, I will summarize as follows: more expensive, nerves frayed, defective items, and the only thing three days faster. Has some pros: Strong construction throughout. We are relieved to see that an adaptor has been provided for our outlet. With these drawbacks: Instead, the question should be directed on the courier service; I highly doubt that the sellers were the ones who

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

I would have known that it would come in helpful since I go to work and the river, and a couple of years ago, I would have sat on an electric scooter because I would have known that it would come in handy. Got pros: Straight out of the box, you can start using it because there is no need to screw anything in. Check the tire pressure, and then add air as necessary. The extension for inflating the front wheel is full of junk, it does not have a and it is not suitable for use. Until you remove it,

Operation 2 months have passed, and everyone is content. Enhanced to the utmost degree, just like the cast! never let up. Despite the fact that I ran into some obstacles Make your own adjustments to the brakes; the recovery mode (which may be adjusted via the program) will be of assistance. I was thrown from the identical Kuga, and the terrible landing was caused by the harsh brakes.

  • In theory, everything should work out extremely well. STYLISH! My weight is 95, and I can easily maintain a speed of 23 kilometers per hour. The design is solid, dependable, and folding, despite the fact that it has fallen multiple times (in the dark, due to foolishness), but nothing has happened. I loaded suitcases that were each 15 kilograms, and then I drove it! Powerful and reliable scooter.
  • The only significant change would be an increase in the size of the battery. Despite the fact that the price difference is not particularly noteworthy.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

Superbly nimble scooter; highly recommended. Women can use it because of how light it is (12.5 kg). Gains a respectable amount of speed rapidly (even carrying my 50 kg).

  • Nice deal. Maneuverability. Stunning aesthetics. Accelerates rapidly. Feminine-friendly light weight construction.
  • Installing the app and finding the device through bluetooth is a quest that must be completed before the device can be used for the first time.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed at how well the product is made, just magically!

Such scooters are common in the city, which is unsurprising given that they are practical, affordable, quick, and equipped with conventional brakes, making them perfect for quick trips. likewise over greater distances. After rushing over more than 100 kilometers, I started riding it even for small purchases to a store that was only 100 meters away.

  • It is light and comfortable, and I have no trouble using it to go to stores and restaurants. The wheels are sufficient to get over 90% of the curbs in Hong Kong. The foot platform is comfy, and the handlebars are at the perfect height for me.
  • - the requirement to activate by switching to the Chinese region on the phone; especially, my device occasionally needs to tighten the steering wheel nuts because shaking causes them to become loose and tap.

Purchased as a replacement for the recessed m365. It has the same look and feel, but now there is a display (which is nice). They claim that it addresses the problems that were caused by the m365. My opinion is that there is no competition at this price point! If you have any reservations about it, go for it! Features positive aspects: This scooter is awesome! I love xiaomi products. Consistently high in quality, and a joy to put to use. You may make the ride more entertaining by using the…