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single-phase voltage stabilizer sven vr-l1500 500 w logo

Photographed and added. ======== I ordered three months ago for an intercom from a client. Delivery, packaging, etc. - nothing special. After opening, I heard that some part inside had broken off and was rattling. Didn't pay attention to it even when I heard the smell of low-quality plastic. During a short operation, the contact group of sockets failed. Seeing this, I decided to disassemble and fix them "from the henchmen", as they say, since the crumbling insides of the case would hardly be recSee full review

magnetic holder walker cx-012 black logo

Its pros: 1. It sticks to glass! It really lasts in winter and summer. Extended to full length. 2. Conveniently adjustable due to the length. Cons below: it's not even a flaw - just a statement. The first one broke in about 1.5 years - the design of the suction cup fastener to the plastic broke. But 1.5 years of impeccable service - I think it's cool.See full review

michelin x-ice north 4 185/65 r15 95t winter logo

The quietest among studded tires. Excellent grip. Ice under the wheels, temperature -30° do not cause difficulties while drivingSee full review

roland td-1k electronic drum kit logo

Its pros: - Ability to play on a double pedal -Sound - Ability to connect to a computer for recording parts Cons below: -During the operation, the cymbals began to work poorly (there is either sound on impact or it is not), all because of the jacks, in which pits appeared from hitting the cymbals.See full review

nexen roadian htx rh5 235/65 r17 104h summer logo

I chose a tire for a rear-wheel drive minibus so that it would be suitable for both the track and the primer. The final choice fell on this one. While met my expectations, the road keeps well on the road, both dry and wet. Noisier than the previous Kumho highway, but not much. On the primer, it’s generally excellent, dry soil clings clearly, the car goes uphill without slipping, I haven’t had a chance to check it on wet yet.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

Please note that you will need an adapter to play with headphones. With its pros: In principle, there is everything that can be expected from a budget digital piano. The keys are very pleasant, there are no questions about the sound quality. Changing settings is very easy Has cons: The pedal does not allow half pedaling. This is possible on all acoustic instruments, and on some more expensive models, which sometimes makes it difficult to smoothly transition between two harmonies. The metronome See full review

travel adapter #1 logo

The adapter stopped working and literally fell apart after 4 days. When I bought it, it looked decent and worked, but not for long . .See full review

hub type-c to vga, usb 3.0, type-c for macbook pro, air, imac with charging capability logo

I was very afraid that it would not work, because I did not find any reviews, and with poppies it is sometimes very problematic in terms of cables. But he has no problemSee full review

michelin x-ice north 4 205/60 r15 95t winter logo

Sharing my honest assessment.Some pros: Good tires. Rescued in this snowy winter more than once. Different cons: a large number of spikes makes itself felt. noisySee full review


Pros: Quickly connects to the hub, in my case - the Max station with zigbi. Small, works fast. Some cons: Didn't find it for a long time. Had one of these before, bought more.See full review


I put one for the service. The order just didn't arrive. apparently doesn't care about its obligations, it wants to bring orders, it doesn't want to, it doesn't.See full review


Its pros: Does his job. Easy to set up, easy to connect to Alice. Breathing in the apartment has become much better. When the water runs out, it turns itself off. Has cons: In complete silence, it gurgles a little, but you get used to it and don't notice it.See full review


DVR at a bargain price and with excellent performance, so I chose this particular model. The video is of high quality, it shoots well, the sound is excellent, it connects via wi-fi, it is convenient. I am also completely satisfied that there is support for a Micro SD memory card up to 128 GB, there is plenty of memory for me. Mounted on a magnet, fixed no problems, firmly held. I'm pleased with the purchase!See full review

universal electric ignition unit for 4 candles multi-spark (electric ignition) for gas stoves c00143410, c00039640, wac-4a, ign-7446, cok601un, wc012 logo

for those who change themselves and do not really understand: after connecting the wires and not installing the burners, the spark strikes only on one, I thought it was faulty. I wanted to be upset, but I decided all the same, to collect everything and try again, and lo and behold, everything works. follow the safety rules! !! !! !! ! the weissgauff is ideal for cooking - it looks exactly the same in size and appearance.See full review

dobe charging station for 2 controllers ps4 / ps4 slim / ps4 pro with indicators, tp4-19005 logo

The quality is excellent, the price tag is also cool for such a thing. I can’t get enough of it, the gamepads are always charged and always in their place.See full review


Pros: Balanced out great. They hold both dry and wet roads. Handling is good. Has some cons: Still, there is noise. More noisy than the Continental that stood before.See full review


I pierced the wheel before the season, but it turned out that they were removed from production, I was very lucky to buy here, and for only 5tr with a penny (almost for nothing)See full review


It looks like they put in the effort and made a good product. I tested only 1 evening, if I find something else interesting, I will add a review. Got pros: Delight! compared to the first version, just space! Audio tracks can finally be changed! Finally 4k in Kinopoisk! On Sony Playstation ps4 pro, it doesn't look like 4k was in the app apparently due to unsupported ps4 codecs. You can install applications separately! Okko, ivi, VLC. VLC perfectly picks up content via dlna on the local network, aSee full review


Regarding mineralization: I am not an expert to judge the norms, but the ionizer of one well-known company could not ionize this water at all, I thought that it was empty. On the other hand, it characterizes the degree of purification. Took off a star for the "disposability" of the system. If you make a replaceable (and transparent) tank and keep it compact, it will be perfect. But still, even in this situation, for me this is the best filter on the market.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

An excellent mouse (would be it), if not for the constant problems with the double click, then with the sensor. Has some pros: An excellent mouse, especially when used with a Logitech charging carpet. It fits comfortably in the hand, adjustable weight, in general, I also liked the software in terms of configuration and synchronization with other devices (I also have a keyboard, headphones and a charging mat from this manufacturer). Has cons: After 4 months of use, a double click appeared. The moSee full review

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