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electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

So-so quality, price doesn't match quality.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

There won't be repeat orders! Evaluate the quality of the order from the photo and draw conclusions. Thanks, but no more!See full review

pampers diapers new baby dry 2, 4-8 kg, 94 pcs., white logo

Not perfect quality, there is a small defect.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I took it for the first time in the children's world, I think it was kind of like advertising, probably good ones. I put it on the baby and after a couple of hours I decided to check . Wow, already filled with lumps + ocks are wet. . I haven't seen this yet. . . Upset of course, the pack is big. . . You'll have to use hard if there are no irritations. . .See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700, white logo

I chose between r2d2 and a standing vacuum cleaner. I took this one. Came whole, not cracked. It pulls perfectly, the wool , but the carpet is its weak point, it cannot cope without a brush head. I put a nylon sock on the filter, for protection and durability, as everyone recommended. The container is enough for one. I read about the fall of the wire holder, but so far it's holding on, if there's glue and that's it 👌See full review

🧹 dyson dc19 vacuum cleaner: powerful and efficient cleaning solution logo

Since 2.5 years have ped, and the vacuum cleaner is still working, I decided to change the review. The smell went away after a month. We no longer pay attention to heaviness, firstly we are used to it, and secondly we don’t carry it on our hands anymore, we drag it by the hose, when it gets stuck we push it with our feet, it’s like a drum for him. They vacuumed them both in the country house and at home and dust and sand , and everything that came to hand. I think that the device paid off compleSee full review

casio g-shock ga-700-1b quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, shockproof, display backlight, black logo

I took the watch as daily. To work and to the gym. On the purchase did not wish not once. Easy to set up and functional, I was pleased with a separate backlight button and the fact that it is not yellow like 100, but light purple. I am satisfied with the purchase (I took it for 6150) Its pros: Lightweight, soft strap, does not rub. The watch is larger than the previously released GA 100, so it immediately catches the eye. Cons below: Black background. In the dark, it is hard to see the numbers oSee full review

trimmer philips bt5502 series 5000, black logo

Some pros: Comfortable to hold while shaving. The hair length range is from 0.4 to 20 mm, although according to personal feelings, somewhere around 0.5 is the lower limit. I go through my beard every 2-3 days, so I charge about once a month. My hair is coarse, but thin, the device does a great job. It is not suitable for a mustache, the blade is too wide; Got cons: The length adjustment nozzles are somehow flimsy: I wanted to shake off the hair while shaving, the nozzle fell out of the grooves See full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

Got pros: The coffee maker is great: easy to operate, elegant, and the extra 5 bar of pressure (compared to our old one) makes the coffee taste better! They took it because of its versatility in terms of coffee preparation methods - and did not regret it! And I was very pleased with the function of remembering your favorite amount of coffee. Thanks to the manufacturer! Has cons: There are two drawbacks, but I don’t take off a star, because they are insignificant compared to the pluses. 1. AfterSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat ch-201nx for children, upholstery: textile, color: hearts-pk logo

Has pros: price. size. Ideal size for elementary school students. I was looking for a chair that was not wide on a colossal base colors Has some cons: 7 year old child under his own weight does not lower the fabric will feel easy to puff, it is not so dense.See full review

kristall minerals matte mineral blush, b107 peach logo

With its pros: Fits very well, good quality box. The color is not Barbie, it's a dusty rose, but it doesn't age. Perfect for a pale blonde. I have enough volume, enough until the end of the expiration date and will remain) Cons: I give a deuce with a minus, why is this sticker on a paper box? Not suitable for a gift.See full review

realme buds t100 wireless headphones, black logo

I had a client who is quite into music order this, and he was very impressed. I had planned on purchasing Jbl, but after seeing the ratings for these options, I'm reconsidering. The cost, of course. I paid 2700, but now they're only $1700. It's unfortunate, but it's fine. They look like nothing will ever fall out of the casing, and they keep their charge for an exceptionally long time without ever falling out of your ears thanks to powerful magnets.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter f40a, up to 120 kg, dark gray logo

My weight is 76kg + backpack 1-2kg, the scooter pulls perfectly even in a serious hill. But the mileage situation leaves much to be desired. In reality, on a single charge in Drive mode, I refuse 20-23 km.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

Over the summer, 750 kilometers every day to work round trip 10 km. Solid 4. If everything is lubricated and cleaned and before operation, grease the necessary places with sealant and dielectric . everything will work. There is no depreciation, but it's not scary. You will twist the nuts in any mechanical scooter - buy a thread lock. Follow everything and you will be happy. :)See full review

cordiant winter drive 195/55 r15 85t logo

I really liked the tire. I traveled in slush, and on fresh snow and on rolled ice - the car behaves predictably, you enter turns confidently, even slightly provokes "fooling around". The rubber is soft, that's true. I changed my shoes somewhere at +1 and did not notice any problems. I have a large, one and a half ton sedan. They write here that the car "floats", "scours" at speed, but I have never had such problems - the car steers for pleasure. Perhaps someone had the sides of a non-symmetricaSee full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

Wonderful modern stroller Has some pros: 1. It has a unique function for strollers - folding backrest from 100 to 170 degrees. 2. The hood (hood) does not fade, not easily soiled, dense, deep, with an additional section and a viewing window. Color - Ocean Blue. 3. Internal belts 5-point, adjustable in height, with soft shoulder pads. 4. The frame material is ultralight high strength aircraft aluminum. 5. Single polyurethane wheels that do not wear out, as in cheap analogues. The front ones are fSee full review

smartphone xiaomi poco m5 4/128 gb ru, dual nano sim, green logo

Its pros: Everything is fine, a large comfortable, moderately fast phone. With its cons: The camera is rather weak, but this did not play a major role in the choice.See full review

dry food for adult dogs of all breeds go! carnivore grain-free, chicken, turkey, duck, salmon 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 9.98 kg logo

The food is excellent, but I ordered it on the market (I take it) on February 17, 2022, they were supposed to deliver it on February 19, they sent SMS every day that they would bring it the next day, as a result they brought it on February 23, I don’t recommend ordering on the take, and if you order, then so at whose house someone can constantly be on duty!See full review

aquael fan filter mikro plus logo

It suits me, this is the second filter in my small volume, but it allows me not to strain and pay less attention to cleaning!See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

The vacuum cleaner is just great! For a very long time I chose between an expensive vacuum cleaner and this option, I was afraid that this model would have low power. I have been using it for less than a month and so far everything suits me: powerful, light, maneuverable. For cleaning an apartment without carpets, it is just perfect! I was also pleased with the pleasant design and convenient base for charging and storage.See full review

bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

Some pros: Relatively soft, handling is acceptable, smooths out bumps well, soft With its cons: Wear resistance is not very good (3 seasons, very far to ER300), does not like rutting, noisy, 1-2 punctures per season are easySee full review

dry food for adult cats farmina n&d quinoa, grain-free, for healthy skin and coat shine, with quail, with quinoa, with coconut, with turmeric 1.5 kg logo

Has some pros: This is the only option for Bengal cats that contains absolutely everything you need. Different cons: Difficult to open without damaging the Velcro zip. If it is damaged, the food will wind out.See full review

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