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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Stroller Valco Baby Snap 4, cool gray

Valco Baby Snap 4 is a universal stroller that is designed for children up to 3-4 years old weighing up to 20 kg. You will be pleasantly surprised by the weight of the stroller - only 6.9 kg! The hood with a large depth is easily adjustable, made of waterproof fabric that protects the baby from ultraviolet radiation. It can be expanded as there is an additional section under the zipper. The width of the walking block will allow you to place the baby comfortably even in a winter envelope, and a comfortable footrest will create all the conditions for a comfortable walk on the street. The swivel bumper will not create problems when getting in and out of the baby and will not interfere. The back of the cap can be removed and you get a summer version of the stroller with an awning from the sun. The stroller is manoeuvrable thanks to the front swivel wheels. If you are driving on uneven surfaces, you can fix them. The handle of the stroller is comfortably shaped and has a strap for constant control. When folded, the stroller takes up very little space and can fit in the smallest trunk of a car; for greater convenience, all wheels can be removed by pressing one button.


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In general, I would have returned this stroller in the first days, but I was ashamed in front of my husband. I read positive reviews and persuaded him to buy this particular stroller, and after a month of operation there is no point in trying to return it. In general, this stroller is not worth attention for this money.

  • Wide seat, deep hood
  • The photo is not visible, but the quality of the assembly and tailoring is strange (China, China). The material is cheap, tent. No depreciation, bounces out of the blue. It crunches, creaks and generally lives its own life. In the first month, the hinges of the cargo basket came off. The soft part of the control knob burst, no equipment, nothing at all.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, best quality.

Recommend for use The child is happy and I'm glad all the toys fit and I can hardly find a store I control with one hand and the stability of the course is maintained Easy to fold into car

  • Maneuverability light weight Sustainability patency seat Excellent deep cap (after yoyo it’s a miracle) Lying position Bumper baby loves it The material is easy to clean Possibility to buy inflatable wheels The trunk is roomy (nothing falls out with the child after a year, you need to take half the apartment with you) The child sits relaxed in the stroller and leans on the back in a standing position I easily get on the ramps (I had a stock yoyo and a Camarelo there is something to compare with) Baby seems to be comfortable Easy to assemble and disassemble Removable wheels for easy cleaning Excellent comfortable seat belts A wide seat and can withstand weight up to 22 well, well, it’s super relevant for us
  • I would like higher depreciation, I hope it will be softer with inflatable wheels) to whom this request is fundamental, the stroller will not work But still, the absorption is better there than on the stock and on the yoyo definitely! Softer depreciation is only for bugaboo and camarello (there is a budget option for the same money as this stroller, but there the weight is 12 kg for the stroller, and here it’s 6.6 - after yoyo it was fundamentally light for me and I maneuver. ) and so the prices there are at least 2 times more expensive. For the money this is a treasure and I do not consider it a disadvantage

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

The child likes it very much, a comfortable bed. Great stroller, comfortable basket. The biggest plus is the weight! The wheels are large and passable. Maneuverable. The handle is a little high, but you get used to it.

  • Lightweight, high quality, easy to assemble.
  • No

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Pros below: Overall, I'm happy with the stroller. It folds with one hand, the basket is excellent, the seat belts are what you need. Different cons: They brought the wrong color of the stroller (I ordered a darker color. It's a pity that they put what they want.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Its pros: Very light and all season. This was the main criterion for choosing a stroller) you don’t need to buy several: for a car, for travel, for winter. One for all occasions. Cons: There are no accessories and capes on the legs in the kit, it comes out a little expensive if you buy in addition a raincoat, a mosquito, and an original cup holder.

The first stroller was a peg perego pliko switch, which I was delighted with, but this one exceeded all my expectations. Price, quality, look and feel - everything matches! Its pros: Lightweight, only 6 kg! I was looking for a stroller for winter, and for summer, and for travel. Valco baby is perfect. Easily folds and unfolds like a book. There is a carrying strap on the shoulder, it helps a lot when lifting the stroller in houses without an elevator. Large rubber wheels, do not hang in the…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

I was worried that it would be difficult without shock absorbers, but no, everything is fine, there is no point in buying even softer wheels. Got pros: It folds easily, unfolds easily, weighs little, does not take up much space. Convenient handles, pockets, etc. Got cons: Slightly stupid latch for unfolding, you need to press the stroller to allow it to unfold, but this is a trifle.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product, more pros than cons.

A very beautiful stroller, I bribed with its long hood and a wide seat for the child, there are pluses and minuses, even after two months of use I would not buy any other stroller, although a lot in the stroller can be changed for the better! Pros below: Beautiful design, large hood, maneuverable, light, narrow wheelbase, wide room for the child Its cons: "Parquet" stroller: it's very hard to walk in the snow, all the bumps are felt by the baby, all the spring-autumn dirt sticks strongly to the

I didn’t have a chance to fully ride it, but I can definitely say that for this price there are strollers of much better quality and durability. Pros below: It does not look bad for its price, a good hood, more sleeping space, light weight, nothing anywhere plays or creaks. Cons below: - The smell is very strong, just creepy, the stroller was at home for 2 days, they thought it would disappear, but no ((I didn’t dare to put the child in it. - Wheels made of sooooo soft material, even new wheels

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, best quality.

Its pros: A comfortable stroller for the summer, a convenient folding mechanism, light enough, but strong at the same time. Operated with one hand. Got cons: So far, only fixing belts are not pleasant - when sleeping, the child is not very comfortable, because. felt under the back. The brake switch mechanism is heavy. But these are trifles.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

Excellent stroller, at first I spat and doubted, but in the end I went with a bang! 👍🏻 I was very afraid that the wheels would knock, but everything is fine! The stroller is very strong and high quality! Yes, there is no soft cushioning, but it rides super!

  • ➕Spacious seat ➕Excellent sleeping position ➕High back ➕Comfortable backrest adjustment ➕Large cap and a window in it ➕Step adjustment ➕Swivel casters with lockable ➕There are pockets for small things ➕Spacious basket ➕Flip-up bumper ➕Strong frame without any backlash The footrest for an older child is also comfortable. And with the help of it, the baby himself climbs into the stroller ➕ Five-point belts, but to fasten, you need to connect the shoulder and waist.
  • The foam rubber handle is awful. Hands from it stink of rubber and with the time of use from such pens, dirty hands are constantly peeled, dust and dirt apparently get clogged into it. But I solved this problem and ordered original leather pads! The second negative is the quality of the wheels. After a week of use, the wheels are all in micro-dents and punctures from small stones. But this does not cause discomfort, rather a more aesthetic disadvantage. For me, these disadvantages are not significant and I am satisfied with the stroller!

We bought a stroller for a 2 year old. The main criteria were weight, seat comfort and a comfortable chassis (to maneuver, quietly and climb onto the ramps). The stroller turned out to be much better than I thought! Very light and easy to handle, takes up almost no space when folded! The seat is really wide and the straps are easy to adjust. The fabric, by the way, even though it looks sliding, but the child does not slip anywhere even in a winter overalls (although she slipped in other…

  • - Light - Super maneuverable and at the same time with good maneuverability - Very compact when folded, can stand without support - Comfortable and spacious seat (rigid back, set at a right angle and unfolds almost horizontally) - Large hood with additional zip section - Chassis width is optimal for many ramps - Enters small elevators - Large and durable shopping basket - Convenient carrying handles - Wheels on bumps do not rattle - The bumper can be easily unfastened from any side - Practical upholstery material (reminiscent of a thick raincoat fabric), which is easy to clean - Convenient brake lock - shoes will not get dirty - . and just a beauty!
  • I’ll say right away that for me they are generally insignificant, but if you get to the bottom, then let them be like this (if it’s suddenly critical for someone): - Non-adjustable footrest (but you can buy a cape that will fix it. The cape is on sale and not very expensive, but it is designed for very young children, whose legs only reach the end of the seat, in real life its length can be 25-30 centimeters. It goes, as it were, along the base of the seat itself) - No depreciation - A completely indistinct pocket for small items, which can only be used humanly in the "lying" position - It will not be possible to fasten a universal envelope with fur or a mattress with ties on the reverse side, because the hood is fastened with a zipper on the back and you can no longer put yourself in there with ties (we fixed it only on the seat belts - it seems to hold on and does not move out, because soft pads hold ) - Included is only a stroller and no more joys such as a raincoat or capes. - Well, and, perhaps, a small selection of colors - whoever loves bright and colorful is likely to be upset, because so far only black and silver are available)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Do not hesitate to buy, the quality is amazing for the price.

I have been using the stroller for 2 years (from 1.5 years old, now the child is 3.5 years old) and I don’t plan to get rid of it yet. We’ll spend another summer at sea - then I’ll give it to my relatives))), it’s a pity to sell . I had 3 strollers before her from birth to 1.5 years (plus the first child had two) and I really regret that I didn’t get it before . All negative reviews are obvious orders from compeors who didn’t really use it for a long time. Yes, there are no accessories in the

  • 1. EASY! In terms of m, it is comparable only to canes, and in terms of convenience for re, it significantly surpes them. 2. Compact - I enter any transport with it and with the child. 3. Reliable - I exploit mercilessly, the design is all right. 4. Wide - suitable for re in warm overalls. 5. Deep - the does not slide anywhere. 6. One-piece handle - it is much more convenient than two-horn handles to operate with one hand. 7. Fits tall parents in height - I'm 175, my husband is 185, we don't stumble. 8. It is convenient to carry - there is a special handle. 9. Very fast unfolding with one hand. 10. Adjustable footrest - comfortable for sleeping. 11. Back wall with a grid - it is convenient in a heat for airing. 12. There is a pocket for small things at the back. 13. Removable bumper included. 14. A window for mom in a hood + a fairly large depth. 15. Many options for improvements on the Internet for needlewomen. 16. The rear brake is simple + there is a fixation of the front wheels, it helps in snowfall.
  • - If you find fault: 1. Low basket - the fabric has broken through over time. 2. For the winter, I sew up the back wall with simple running sches so that it doesn’t blow (it takes 5 minutes) 3. Wheels creaked from time to time - silicone grease helps quickly, used 2-3 times in 2 years.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is really good, Im glad I bought it.

In general, I liked everything. Bought for active driving. Including winter. We will use the stroller mercilessly and she must pass all the tests for this money. The price category is average, everything in the product corresponds to the price by 90%. We bought a raincoat, it is of good quality. On the website of the Chinese, I did not find such a quality. And I bought an overlay for a handle, a bumper, a carabiner for bags, an insert in the seat, a bottle holder on a well-known Chinese…

  • Maneuverable, capacious, sympathetic, light enough The child is satisfied. The color chosen is purple, very unusual. I liked the brown too. I was given a choice of 2 strollers. Bought for a child 2 years old, 13 kg. The hood is comfortable. Wheels inspire confidence. There are winter wheels, by the way! But I think the standard ones will not pass through the snow when fixing the front ones. The weight of the older 4.5 year old child was also supported by the stroller. 18 kg. Large shopping basket. Our mini lift is included! Due to the elevator, we can not buy another model. And also, I considered: X- Lander, baby jogger, jetem orion 4, Aprica are different. The stroller looks solid, reliable in appearance.
  • Dear sellers! 1. Do not mislead people, the weight of the stroller is 7.2 kg. This is no longer a super easy book. Accordingly, the most important condition is not met. 2. I don’t have enough for the handle to be adjustable. She is tall for a parent height of 160cm. 3. There is no jumper between the legs. Only belts. But, our son will climb in and out of the stroller by himself. We rarely use belts, for trips to the ramp and stairs. 4. The pocket for small things is awkward. 5. Handle and bumper made of foam rubber, will quickly lose sight. Need pads. But, this is if, really, to find fault. As you know, there are no perfect strollers))))

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I am satisfied, the purchase is quite successful.

In general, the stroller is good, I am satisfied with the purchase, the main thing is that my son sleeps comfortably, the handling is excellent. Bumper cover ordered in tailoring. Different pros: Handling, rides silently, curbs and small bumps with a bang, a wide and spacious bed, the child’s legs do not hang down during sleep, a large cap, quality materials, the bumper leans back easily, a roomy shopping bag, there is an angle of almost 90 degrees, when unfolded ~ 170 degrees Has some cons: 1.

We suffered with the previous stroller with a cane, and my wife insisted on buying this miracle. As always, no one listened to me, but in vain . Along the way, the wife bought into the scribbling of mothers squeaking with delight on the net. I don't understand what they are excited about. Cant - the handle is not adjustable in height, as a result, only the wife can roll the stroller. I'm out of business. But these are trifles. I think that these are women's duties. The fabric is disgusting…

  • A large shopping basket (but not convenient to get into it), a wide bed
  • the price is shamelessly overpriced, the footrest is not adjustable, no accessories are included!

Pros: Lightweight, mobile. Compact. Excellent build quality. Large hood. Big wheels - good flotation. Cons below: No depreciation. It is not always convenient to ride on the roads of 2022. On smooth asphalt it goes great, on our roads it shakes a little.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

If you remove all the wheels, then the stroller is placed in the passenger compartment behind the seat. Well, or just folded in the trunk. Most importantly, it is lightweight yet durable. This stroller will be ideal if you live in a place with good roads and sidewalks (that is, not in 2022), and buy a breathable mattress for it for the summer. Has pros: An almost perfect stroller. Lightweight, durable, comfortable. Comfortable for both child and parents. Large hood. Good maneuverability, easy…