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now vitamin d3 caps, 10,000 iu, 240 caps logo

Great value for money, one of the best offers.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It's good that the opportunity to buy vitamins, which were previously ordered through I-Herb, has not disappeared at all. And thanks to the seller for offering a quality drug at a slightly lower price than on other Internet sites. Not to mention the prices in pharmacies! And in our band, you have to take vitamins D-3 constantly, regardless of the time of year.See full review

vitamin d3 caps, 5000 iu, 360 pcs. logo

Maintaining your health is always important. It's great that the market has a good selection of supplements and vitamins, albeit at different prices.See full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Pros below: Overall, I'm happy with the stroller. It folds with one hand, the basket is excellent, the seat belts are what you need. Different cons: They brought the wrong color of the stroller (I ordered a darker color. It's a pity that they put what they want.See full review

rechargeable screwdriver oa-3,6f (433.0.2.00), 3.6 v, 1.3 ah li-ion, blister logo

In general, I am satisfied, I took it without a case. A screwdriver is not a drill or a screwdriver, it’s not worth waiting for miracles before buying, you see what you take. suitable for assembling furniture and equipment. I'm satisfied with everything, I put 5.See full review

dry closet thetford porta potti 165 luxe, 21 l logo

Below are some advantages: Just what those with mobility issues have been looking for! It is small, it doesn't smell at all, and it stands within the house. A well-designed toilet with a plastic finish that is easy to clean and flush. It is possible to empty the contents of the lower tank into a composter. When this is done, a liquid that is uniform in consistency and odorless, resembling the aroma of a restroom on a moving train, is released. Having these drawbacks: They created a stand that waSee full review

sharp lc-40le830 led 40-inch tv logo

The device is fully consistent with the current trend, when the manufacturer advertises many useful additional functions, but none of them is really brought to mind, and even the main function of the TV - to show the correct picture does not work for Sharp. 1. As I said, it is basically impossible to set up the correct color rendition on a TV, since the frequency response of the video amplifier does not correspond to the norm. 2. It is impossible, with the same network settings, to go online aSee full review

🧹 dyson dc19 vacuum cleaner: powerful and efficient cleaning solution logo

Dyson - they lie brazenly in the eyes! If I had not been deceived, I would not have bought this vacuum cleaner. What attracted me in advertising is “NO consumables” (no need to change filters). Two years later, two filters were covered: foam - crumbled; hepa - clogged (WITHOUT loss of suction power)! Not only were they deceived at two points in the adver, but these filters are not sold in stores (like garbage bags for vacuum cleaners). And without these filters, half of the dust pes through and See full review

sewing machine janome mx 77, white logo

The master came from the store, examined it, said that it was only to be completely disassembled and left. The unixmart. Ru store at first ignored the return, but then they still took the machine. aliexpress did not resolve the issue, they only promised that they would contact and find out everything. As a result, she decided everything with the store itself, and the Market did absolutely nothing!See full review

motherboard gigabyte z590 ud ac logo

It's been running for 3 months now with no problems. Bought for a child to play tanks, wartander and other crap at maximum speed. Instead of a cruel one, they shoved a half-tarabayte ssdishka. Everything flies, the child is happy))) I put 4 stars for the factory marriage, but it could have been 5😅 Its pros: Normal motherboard for your money. The computer works great. Different cons: I came with a marriage, after a couple of hours everything hung on the diagnostic screen. The bridge between the See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

Different pros: The lenses are very thin, the eye does not feel them. Good handy packaging Has cons: It is because of the thinness of the lenses that it is sometimes difficult to remove them!See full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

I am satisfied. I used it before (the same version, only from Saeco), so I knew what I was buying and how it works Has pros: - an average machine for making coffee at home (if you feel the difference between coffee in a Coffeeshop and McDuck, then it will suit you). - allows you to do whatever you need - compact - water is stored in a compartment inside (convenient) - everything is practical and easy to clean - pan is not leaking - 15bar - that's it With its cons: - all by hand (if you want to mSee full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

Dimension 195/65/15, Mercedes car 124.2.0l carb (the easiest one without abs, etc.). The first rear-wheel drive car I drive in winter. I thought it would be hard, but the rubber helps a lot. Ice on the track, car travels at a speed of 100 km / h easily, confident overtaking, directional stability, cornering, braking, everything is ok. I live in the periphery of the snow rarely cleaned, still nowhere stuck. It was only the quality of the spikes that upset me. On previous machines there was a NokiSee full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, pink logo

Previously there was a miband4, honor 5 turned out to be more accurate when swimming in the pool. Purely by feeling, it shows more steps than Xiaomi4.See full review

microsoft xbox series robot white bundle logo

For a long time I used cheap fakes of Xbox gamepads and older original versions (for example, from Xbox 360) erroneously, as it turned out later, believing that the differences between gamepads are like differences between mice, very, very conditional and for the most part a matter of habit and convenience, and not any specific factors (because I only use PC and have never been particularly interested in consoles). However, I realized my mistake only when I bought this gamepad, taking it in my hSee full review

dry food for kittens pro plan original with chicken 3 kg logo

Our Brit is 12 weeks old, the boy eats with pleasure. We've been giving for 3 weeks now. Grows like a mushroom after rain - not big for his age. Energy - more than enough - plays like clockwork! There is no unpleasant smell of breath, as after cheap whiskeys and kittecats. There is also almost no smell from the tray. Would recommend to anyone who cares about the health and well-being of their pet.See full review

🏻 pampers pure protection disposable diapers size 4 (3 count) - hypoallergenic & unscented for effective baby protection logo

There are benefits to it: I really appreciated how gentle these Pampers diapers were. How flimsy they are. It's as if I'd used a cloud instead of a diaper on the infant. #honestlyOpampers Negatives are listed below: There are no flaws in them. Perhaps the cost alone will deter potential buyers. But it's money well spent. #honestlyOpampersSee full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

Different benefits include an attractive appearance, a low weight that is barely noticeable, an invisible dial, and simple controls. Some drawbacks Only calculates energy expended when walking; ignores all other activities.See full review

computer chair zombie runner gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/blue logo

In general, I recommend this chair to anyone looking to save money. features advantages: The A4TECH FM10 mouse was a wonderful bonus, and the chair is lovely, comfy, and fast to construct. The seat and back are made entirely of leatherette (like I requested). Cons: I didn't find in the kit ornamental plugs for the screws that attach to the chair handles, but other than that, the box was complete and there were no major problems.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

Well worth the cost. The only issue was that the phone wasn't eager to see the bracelet right away. In the Mi Fitness app, I changed the region to China, and that did the trick. That he can plot a course while practicing has pleasantly pleased me.See full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, black logo

Some pros: makes coffee and milk, she washes herself after turning on, and before turning off Its cons: a small water tank, a small drain tank, you still have to fiddle with the foam a little, you need to rinse the cappuccinator hose every timeSee full review

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