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viatti brina v-521 175/65 r14 82t winter logo

The rubber is good, I like it, especially since you can’t find new rubber for such a price. It rows perfectly, holds well, rode somewhere around 1000 on various road conditions, it suits me perfectly.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

Pros: One of the cheapest Ateshki for fields. For summer, it will go on primers Cons: One of the cheapest Ateshki for fields. For summer, it will go on primersSee full review

kiwi design upgraded oculus link cable for oculus quest 2 / pico 4 logo

The cable was delivered in a box. The thickness of the failure is not large, not small, the golden mean. Thanks for the product Got pros: The cable was delivered in a box. Cord complies with the specified 5m Does not fall out of the socket of the VR glasses With its cons: Every 5-7 minutes the ophthalmologist riff flies out and you need to go in againSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Kitfort bought on the advice of a cook friend. I liked the large panel, the grill is not flimsy. The handle is comfortable. The main power is to heat up quickly. It is important that you can regulate the temperature! It's good that you can open the lid and just fry. In general, I am very satisfied) Now we will experiment with dishes with our son)) thanks)See full review

digital electronic thermometer from -50°c to +110°c, with 1 meter waterproof flexible probe logo

Insights from my usage of the item.Got pros: Accuracy and speed of temperature measurement. With its cons: There is no backlight. You can't see anything in the dark.See full review

adapter baseus usb type-c - usb type-c / mini jack 3.5 mm (l41), black logo

Authentic assessment of its value.Not work with samsung galaxy s20. Judging by the reviews, it does not work with other Samsungs either.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Equipment: TV, remote control, 2 batteries, user manual, 4 bolts for stands, 2 stands WiFi connection is working Autosearch found all digital channels via cable, in 3-4 minutes When switching channels in TV mode (cable), it says that the channel is not available, and then after 15-30 seconds it shows the same channel properly, that is, you need to wait a bit. Yes, the channel guide is very, very rustic, stripped down. The sound was immediately set to voluminous In YouTube, the video plays in norSee full review

supboard hiper turtle, 81, blue/brown logo

Delivery was fast. The material of the sap is pleasant, durable, glued neatly. After the first use, the smell is almost gone. It is convenient that there is a bag, it is easy to pack after execution, there is enough space in the case in excess. On the shelves of the store it costs 33k, I took it for 17k, which is very nice. Addition after more active use: For 2 weeks, the glanders were actively tortured in the Hong Kong region on the Akhtuba River. The river goes perfectly both with the flow anSee full review

stroller valco baby snap 4 ultra trend, cappuccino logo

With its pros: Excellent functionality, about which everyone writes laudatory reviews (I join) Different cons: A terrible backlash of the handle is in this most expensive model. The plastic is terrible Chinese.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

In general, the tires are not very good, you need to keep a decent distance to the one in front. On snow and ice slows badly. To be honest, I have nothing to compare with, because this is my first winter tire, (I've been on it for 4 years) maybe other manufacturers have the same tires, hz. But despite the fact that it doesn’t slow down very much, it keeps the road normally, it never drifted or drifted anywhere. On a completely snowy road during a snowfall, I drove and it was normal, in the rightSee full review

nokian tires nordman rs2 175/65 r14 86r winter logo

Sharing my unbiased observations.Has some pros: Velcro, soft and not expensive, holds the road well Got cons: The sides are too soft, you need to drive carefullySee full review

air washer with aroma function electrolux ehw-620, white logo

02/23/2023 I purchased an Electrolux EHW-620 from the Amazon store. Upon arrival home, I plugged this device into a socket, poured water and seemed to be happy like a happy elephant, because the fan was spinning, the cooled air passed through the sides. At the same time, a week later, I began to notice that the washing drum itself was constantly dry and yellow on the sides (the question arose why it was unevenly yellow, but only on the sides). In the future, I decided to see if the drum (filter)See full review

usb cable for iphone 3g/3gs/4/4s, ipad 1/2/3/4, ipod with 30 pin connector logo

It was purchased to replace the lost original cable for charging an old iPhone 4. Charging works, I didn’t even check the data transfer, because it’s no longer relevant for this deviceSee full review

cable usb-c - micro usb 3.0 type b for portable external drives, 0.5 m, ks-is logo

I don’t know much about speeds, but I thought that with this connection instead of usb3 I would increase the speed of hdd 2.5; ) but it didn’t work out) the speed was about 130 mb / s maximum, apparently this is the ceiling for the disk 🤷‍♂️See full review


The stylus is beautiful, fully corresponds to the declared characteristics. It works for 5+. Not even something to complain aboutSee full review


It would be nice to have a lan port, it would work faster. Previously, I used ps4 as a media center, I took this module as a replacement, I am completely satisfied with the purchase Some pros: Turns an ordinary TV into a smart TV. Compact, hides behind the TV. The remote control communicates via bluetooth, which means that you do not need to point the remote control at the TV. With its cons: Sometimes slows down when switching applications frequently. There are many applications, but the assortmSee full review


It was necessary to replace the steam one with a compressor one, everything works fine, for its cost it is simply gorgeous. Slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes.See full review


Feelings are awesome. The car has become more sporty. Sharp. Prior to that, there were bridgestone dueller. The difference is huge.See full review


I use Shine Systems foam and K Parts foam. The one they sell in Christopher's stores. The foam lasts for 2 minutes and then drains off. But this time is quite enough to take away all the dirt. After use, unscrew the bottle and rinse the tablet. It is necessary. If you suddenly forgot, then the tablet will have to be replaced. The expense is great. For a passenger car of a full cylinder for 2 times, along with rugs. This is naturally already diluted means a full bottle. In general, everything suiSee full review


An ordinary counter at a price of about 500. They were like this before. This year, the replacement period has come - I bought it, installed it without any problems instead of the last one. Standard seat size 110mmSee full review

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