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Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S, up to 100 kg, black, CN Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S, up to 100 kg, black, CN

Not fake or copy, 100% original product! Powerful MotorExperience the driving pleasure of Xiaomi Electric Scooter 1S. The high-performance DC motor will drive the device in an instant. 3 steps You can adjust the power of Xiaomi Electric Scooter 1S according to your needs. Use the energy-saving Eco, regular D and sporty S modes. Double-click the mode switch button to select sequentially. Reliable BatteryThe high quality lithium battery of Xiaomi Electric Scooter 1S is a powerful source of power and acceleration. Thanks to the increased battery efficiency, the electric scooter is able to travel ...


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

An interesting thing, you can take to drive around the Center and Academic, where there are normal roads. Some pros: Famous brand Quality build Accelerates to the declared 25 km / h Some cons: Activation through the China region On a single charge, travels 15-16 km with a weight of 90 kg You can fly face into the asphalt by running into any hole or stone

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

I arrived with a factory battery charge of 77%, I dashed over 16 km to full discharge, including long climbs of about 4 km (weight 80 kg).

  • Good quality, good quality. Three driving modes with a speed limit of 10, 20, 25km. For an adult, a speed of 25 km / h, of course, is not enough. For children, the most that is necessary. Good brakes (front electric recuperation, rear disc).
  • To start, you need to push off with your foot and gain speed of at least 5 km / h. (For some it will be an advantage) Requires Bluetooth pairing with phone. Without this, it squeaks disgustingly and does not go at normal speed. The function is buggy, you have to restart the bluetooth (I tried it on two smartphones). The region in the settings, you must select China and on honor 6x periodically change the name of the smartphone in the bluetooth settings. Otherwise it loses connection. The delivery included a power cord with a plug to the Chinese mains (flat contacts). I had to get another cord. The power cord from audio equipment came up (either use an adapter, or change the plug on the cord)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

I see a lot of such scooters in the city and it is understandable - convenient, inexpensive, fast and with normal brakes, which is ideal for short trips. as well as over longer distances. I have already dashed off more than 100 km, I began to ride it even for simple purchases to a store that is 100 meters from me.

  • - light and comfortable, I go to shops and restaurants with it without any problems - wheels are enough to overcome 90% of curbs in Hong Kong - comfortable foot platform, optimal handlebar height for me - any manipulations with the unit are intuitively clear
  • - the need to activate by transferring the phone to the Chinese region - specifically, my device has to tighten the bolts in the steering wheel from time to time - from shaking they quickly become loose and the steering wheel taps

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Got pros: Cool scooter. It looks good, the weight is quite small, you can take it in your hand without any problems. The speed for riding on bike paths, sidewalks is quite enough, especially if you add firmware)). Bright flashlight. I think for the price / quality - one of the best offers. As I understand it, based on the rated engine power (250 W), it still refers to scooters, and not mopeds based on traffic rules, which I think is an important factor. Different cons: Initially, it does not…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A nice option for the money, one of the best deals.

Think 5 times if you need it, you need to carry it to the house and monitor the charge yourself, and after the trip leave / fasten it somewhere. If we consider the rental option, then there are no problems at all with all of the above. I am not sure that my purchase will beat off at prices for one year.

  • Great scooter, but in my opinion it needs some improvement. I put 10 inch tires on it and a new shock absorber on the front wheel, the scooter became much softer, it became comfortable to ride on tiles and overcome small holes / bumps.
  • not quite correctly assessed the purchase, I don’t ride so often to have my own, cheaper and more convenient to rent. ranks

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

In general, I am satisfied with the scooter, for this price you can buy only used 365m from us Pros: The scooter is of good quality, it came in a cardboard box and cellophane, the scooter itself was not damaged, although the box was wrinkled. Different cons: Chinese version, connected to the application only after changing the region to China. There is no spare wheel like the global version. Packed poorly, the box was damaged.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

The maximum speed will increase from 25 to 34 kilometers per hour if you upgrade the firmware to a custom version; nevertheless, the amount of fuel consumed during travel will drop if you do this. This is still another significant advantage. Some pros: The price of the great scooter that I bought for 18 was a gift! Made with great quality, with quality comparable to that of the Ninebot KickScooter, right down to the design similarities. After kugoo, this scooter is a fairy story, how to…

Has some pros: An wonderful companion for trips of between three and seven kilometers, when walking would take too long but you don't want to wait for the bus. We accompany the child on trips to school and to a variety of activities offered in the neighborhood. Having these drawbacks: - very heavy for someone who is just 11 years old - it gives you a noticeable beat in the leg when you hoist it up the curb (you have to get used to it) - carrying 90 kilograms uphill is really difficult, and you…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

This is the third scooter I've had, and by far the most comfortable of the three is this one. There was also the pes 0810 and the ninebot es1. Karka store. The box was shattered, but the scooter was unharmed in the accident. Has some pros: Lightweight, good looks, huge wheels, and a large number of customizable options and spare components. Some cons: In contrast to the Segway-Ninebot, the mi home application for iOS is extremely awkward and not nearly as developed as the latter. The magnetic…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

In general, the device is a gun, I advise you to buy! Has some pros: Fast charging, easy to use, fast acceleration and very good brakes. Its cons: The real mileage on a single charge is somewhere around ≈22km, of course I would like to be able to drive 30 km / h, and drive 30 km / h, but this will not work for that kind of money)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

I recommend not expensive and very practical Pros: Stylish Fast The flashlight is very bright On one charge, I drove 15 kilometers and I had one more division flashing 13% remained Has a blocking mode I advise Cons: Heavy To activate, you need to arrange dances with a tambourine Brake squeaks a little when braking

Thanks to the online store for the quality service, they helped to choose a scooter that would meet our needs and capabilities. The build quality is super. I recommend this store, order with confidence. We were also recommended by friends.

  • Service consultants, advice, which is better.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The product is usable, I expected a bit more.

You expect to deliver a higher level, faster and more competent than, for example, from Ali, and as a result, I summarize: more expensive, nerves frayed, defective goods, the only thing 3 days faster . With its pros: Good build quality. Pleased with the presence of an adapter for our outlet. Has some cons: Rather, the question is for the courier service, I doubt that the sellers originally sent such goods. It means this: on the day of the scheduled delivery, after notification that the courier…