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electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

An interesting thing, you can take to drive around the Center and Academic, where there are normal roads. Some pros: Famous brand Quality build Accelerates to the declared 25 km / h Some cons: Activation through the China region On a single charge, travels 15-16 km with a weight of 90 kg You can fly face into the asphalt by running into any hole or stoneSee full review

computer chair ch-330m office bureaucrat, upholstery: artificial leather, color: grey-blue logo

When accepting the goods, it is imperative that you double examine both their quality and whether or not they are complete. In my situation, the inspection was not carried out with the level of attention to detail that was required, and as a consequence, I discovered a ripped rear lining while assembling the product, despite the fact that the packing had not been damaged when it was first inspected. What can we do? It's his own responsibility; he had compassion for the delivery person, even thouSee full review

low shoes salomon, demi-season, high logo

Overall, these are quite nice boots. However, for such a low price, you get a service life of one and a half seasons for boots manufactured by a well-known brand. Below are some advantages: Very easy to carry about and comfortable. Avoid getting the leg wet because it breathes. Having this drawback: They perform very poorly on ice terrain, similar to very inexpensive sneakers. At the point where it folded over the sole, the rubber band developed a crack.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v10 pro global, white logo

For a small apartment or as an auxiliary option for express cleaning in a large apartment, this is a great purchase. Pleasant, high-quality, beautiful, functional thing for a reasonable price. As stated, in turbo mode it drains the battery in about 10 minutes, but it with good power and cleans quickly. Pros below: Corresponds to the description and specifications by 100%. Beautiful design, thoughtful construction, a good set of nozzles, easy to change, quite good suction power, commensurate witSee full review

bed for a dog bed for a cat bed for dogs bed for cats 90x70x20 cm removable cover easy to wash quality furniture logo

Overall, a good bed. Well sewn, good quality. The material is dense. But the dog was a little offended that they did not put a pillow-bone.See full review

samsung galaxy buds live: true wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling & wireless charging case - mystic bronze (us version) logo

BT headset user for the past ten years, followed by a variety of cheap headsets, Plantronics Voyger, and Jabra (Supreme - 3 pieces, Evolve 65 - 2 pieces, Style, Elite 65t) I decided against earplugs and instead set up a long tap on the right ear while turning up the loudness. In agreement with the reviewers' concerns about false clicks, the headphones have a separate volume scale that is located directly in the center of the upper bulge of the "bean" (adding sound to the headphones does not chanSee full review

dry dog ​​food monge daily line, chicken 1 pack. x 2 pcs. x 3 kg (for medium breeds) logo

In search of the right food for the French Bulldog, we tried Brit premium, ProPlan with lamb, and this food. After him we feed Monge with trout and rice, it has become much better. However, the gastrointestinal tract is still observed.See full review

dry dog ​​food pro plan opti balance for medium breeds with chicken 3 kg logo

Different pros: The dog eats happily. But my picky eats one taste for a long time. Got cons: Prices are rising, but there are no complaints about the quality of the feed.See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

I don’t like the breakdown of the delivery of goods, I think if there is one paid order, it must be brought with the full composition of the ordered products, why the customer has to waste time and wait a day or two days to receive ordersSee full review

de "longhi magnifica ecam 22.360 coffee machine, black logo

We have been using it for a little over 2 years, there are three coffee lovers in the family. After the purchase of this device, instant coffee was practically abandoned (I only drink at work). We almost never buy expensive varieties of coffee, sometimes - to experiment. Basically - paulig, for us it is optimal in terms of price / quality ratio (categorically did not like jacobs - some kind of burner). We use only grain, with ground there is more trouble, the degree of grinding set by default waSee full review

clumping litter cat's best original, 40l logo

Has pros: This is the best wood filler, it perfectly keeps the smell even from a large number of cats, it is economical, it clumps well, it is perfectly utilized. With its cons: It spreads strongly on the paws, it is solved with a rug with a mesh under the trays. In the last batches it is a little dusty, there was a lot of very small fraction.See full review

rechargeable battery delta battery dt 12032 12v 3.3 ah logo

So far, everything is ok, the main thing is that it has come up, let's see if the declared 5 years will work, the last battery lasted 8-9 years Pros below: I ordered to replace the BB battery in the WOW-700 U UPS, it came up, turned on, the first few days the flight was normal. Paying with bonuses is convenient Some cons: As such, there was no box for him, everything was wrapped in cardboard, cellophane and packaging, but, in principle, it arrived wholeSee full review

michelin x-ice north 4 suv 255/50 r20 109t winter logo

My IMHO - in the era of globalization, all goods in the same price group have approximately the same level of consumer properties. Marketing difference. Therefore, reviews like "The best winter tires I have ever ridden" and "The worst tires" are brushed aside at the start. 235/60/R18. The rubber is clear, worth the money, but this is as of November-December 2022 in Hong Kong. The real winter will come - I will write separately. 01/10/2022: Well, winter has come. On New Year's Eve, the first goSee full review

computer chair chairman kids 110 for children, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/orange logo

Got pros: Quite a good chair. The shape of the plastic armrests is somewhat carelessly poured, but not critical. With its cons: And yes, indeed, the zipper sliders seem to be broken. Or so intendedSee full review

🛴 micro kickboard - sprite: foldable 2-wheeled micro scooter for smooth-gliding fun - ideal for kids ages 8 to adult logo

Has pros: Super scooter, cool illuminated wheels and very comfortable footrests Different cons: It is inconvenient to carry in the hands (to lower the stairs) the iron case hits the legs hard.See full review

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj01xw/mjxsj03xw, pink logo

Unfortunately, the one given to Mom for the New Year has already broken. Mom's thrilled because I brought it back with incentives totaling virtually the amount of the top (without the soap) and promptly purchased a replacement.See full review

computer chair zombie thunder 1 gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: black-carbon logo

With its positives being: The chair is cozy, does not cost a lot of money, and has an appealing appearance. Cons: after assembly, the back is not adjustable; I'm not sure if this is due to a production defect or a hand-job, as I haven't attempted to figure out the cause of the issue just yet.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v8 motorhead (sv10), iron/nickel/taos taupe logo

If you have something like this, a corded vacuum cleaner is entirely unneeded. I am very happy with the purchase, since the charge is always sufficient for cleaning, and if you put it back up on the wall after you use it, it will recharge.See full review

mijia electric flusher wireless irrigator logo

After the second time of using it, I removed it from the cabinet so that I could use it again, and when I opened the tank on the side for pouring, it worked. As I begin to look around, I notice a crack running all the way across the body. It is unclear how it came to be there; you did not drop it, nor did you strike it. Because it was left closed, did the pressure cause it to tear, or was it just an illusion?See full review

xiaomi mijia bluetooth hygrothermograph 2, white logo

Below are some advantages: Temperature and humidity readings, as well as historical data, may be accessed and read via bluetooth on this handy, tiny sensor. despite its advantages. It is not possible to read indications remotely, even if there is a gateway; you must be physically present in order to do so.See full review

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