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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

My husband gave me an electric grill on March 8th. From the gift was just delighted. The electric grill can cook fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and more. It is very convenient that you can cook in double-sided, single-sided mode and with the lid ajar. Chicken fillet cooked in just 10 minutes)See full review

led headlights vaz niva lada uaz gaz mercedes-benz zil 2pcs. / 60 w, 12-24v / fog lamp angel eyes 2 pieces, with lens, with drl logo

If you put it purely like headlights, then no alterations, if you connect running lights and turn signals, then still drag the wires through the headlight housingSee full review

car compressor airline ca-035-20v 35 l/min 6 atm grey/black logo

Although the current does not beat, as written in some reviews. There are no complaints about the store, I made a return, the money was returned. Pros below: The only advantage is that it works from the network, or rather tries to work. Cons below: The compressor suffocates as soon as it reaches 1.5 atmospheres, at 1.8 it turns off completely, it seems that they can only inflate a balloon.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

Girls, if you want power over your man, buy him this set. I assure you, just out of interest, he will want to fix something in the house or car. And if he dreamed about him, then you can immediately ask for a fur coat as a return gift and be sure - he will buy it for you!See full review

video recorder digma freedrive 303 mirror dual, 2 cameras, black logo

I bought a recorder as a gift. The shooting quality is not the best, but still everything is visible and easy to make out. The case seems to be strong, it supports a flash drive.See full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

The adapter itself is excellent, they took it for a kettle. We've been using it for 2 months and it's good. Of the minuses, the bottle was broken during delivery and filled it, I had to order a new oneSee full review

air conditioner (split system) hisense neo premium classic a as-10hw4sydtg5 logo

I took a more powerful model for a power reserve, but 7k would be enough, and the work would be quieter. They don’t lie about 31dB, in 7ke 26See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

I've been using it for half a year, no problems, the mouse fits both a laptop and a computer, both for games and for work. The only thing is that there is no Bluetooth for some Macs, you have to connect it through adapters. I heard about double clicks and problems with buttons, I don’t have anything like that, maybe I’m lucky, or maybe it will come out later, or maybe it’s fixed, but somewhere I saw a question about it and as I understood the manufacturer didn’t do anything . in general, I have See full review

hub (set) front marshall m8133569 for audi a1, seat ibiza, skoda fabia, skoda rapid, volkswagen polo // cross-number skf vkba3569 logo

Basically, everything is fine, let's see how long these last, before that I took another brand cheaper, 20 thousand passed in total, relatives passed 187 thousandSee full review

3d sleep mask/night mask/blindfold/sleep glasses/face mask/sleep ear plugs/grey logo

Sharing a genuine perspective.Some pros: It is convenient to see the darkness with open eyes Has cons: The elastic band is wide as for me but does not interfereSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

sneakers new balance nb 327 11 men logo

Pros: Excellent sneakers, light, well cushioned. Looks like fire ! Has some cons: The box arrived torn and wrinkled. But the sneakers are ideal. The price is high.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

I bought a tonometer for my grandmother, instead of the old one. I was looking for one that she could easily understand and quickly adapt to. Therefore, I took this one, it seemed to me simple and understandable to use. It's been running for two years now with no issues.See full review


To create comfortable conditions in a street cafe, I purchased such a heater. Heating occurs evenly and quickly, thanks to the combination of infrared and convective heat transfer. Safety during operation is achieved through a multi-level protection system - a protective thermocouple is installed; there is an emergency shutdown in case of overturning or excess of carbon dioxide.See full review


I ordered a dishwasher - I was very pleased! Delivered the next day! Everything corresponds to the description, works properly, very convenient and easy to use! Satisfied with the work of the store - everything is convenient, fast and clear! Excellent shop! I will order more!See full review


Has some pros: Lightweight, powerful, 3 bases included for various purposes, soft start. Cons below: Not very successful fastening of the dust extraction pipe, although convenientSee full review


Some pros: Ordered three times, never delivered, canceled the last time for no reason, which it does not explain ! ! Different cons: does not comply with the terms of delivery, offers some kind of bonuses for unsuccessful delivery of goods.See full review


I am completely satisfied with the tablet, an excellent bright screen, a good powerful processor, the very thing for games, as well as excellent sound, I would like to separately note the sound, the charge holds well, it also has good multitasking, it can be used as a mini computer, all the necessary applications are installed and it works Everything is fine, I am satisfied with the quality of this tablet.See full review


The first two tires were purchased 2 years ago. They stood on the rear axle of the service Priora. One lasted 22, the second 25 thousand. Both became a propeller, but the tread was like new. . I didn’t carry loads, I didn’t get into the pits, the driving style is retired. Front was SAVA ADAPTO, with 80 thousand mileage. In the spring, 4 more KAMAs were discharged, one was balanced with a load of 250 gr. Replaced. Let's see how long it lasts.See full review


Examining the item's pros and cons.Pros: Wide mouth, spoon included, keeps heat for a long time Different cons: Well, if there was a cover for it, even if for some moneySee full review

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