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bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

Tires for the city (highway) and off-road conquest are not intended. But on dry ground it goes confidently. Wet grass and light dirt do not cause much difficulty either, but nothing more). Driving style is moderate.See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

A super necessary thing in the 21st century, if only the infrastructure would be Has some pros: 14kg for a man Easy to carry, nimble, maintainable, easy to improve Cons: There are Chinese and European versions, so choose carefully.See full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: sand logo

Thank you, it seems like this is a domestic brand, so doubly like it, because at least somewhere you are not ashamed of our production, thank you!See full review

dry food for sterilized cats gina chicken, with rice 3 kg logo

I ordered this food for the first time, but my bald man, just smelling it, immediately started eating)) and so he is very selective in choosing food - if he doesn’t like it, he will starve but will not touch.See full review

runner logo

The chair arrived with a delay of almost a week. The inconvenience was compensated by amazon with a good discount on the promo code for the next purchase.See full review

pirelli ice zero fr 255/45 r20 105h winter logo

I can't say for sure if she's broken or not. But such a.... I have my first encounter with rubber. This has never occurred to me before, and this is my third vehicle. Today I purchased this item, installed it, and left. It's +7 degrees outside today. Dry. At first, I was annoyed by their incessant chatter. When summer was quiet, I listened. Things started looking up down below. Then, she fled the city in a hurry (you give gas to 80, you hear a rumble that's almost vibratory; it's either true or See full review

philips ep3246/70 series 3200 lattego coffee machine, black/silver logo

The coffee machine is easy to operate, everything is intuitive. You can customize the preparation of coffee according to your preferences: strength, type, temperature and volume. I love latte and cappuccino very much, with an automatic cappuccino maker it is very easy to get and the foam is very tasty. The device works quietly and quickly, it can be easily disassembled and can be washed even in a dishwasher, which makes life extremely easy for me 🙂 I am very glad that I bought this coffee machiSee full review

absorbent litter cat step arctic blue, 15.2l logo

The best silica gel for cats. Enough for a long time, the smell lasts up to two weeks, the cat does not spread around the house. Economic consumption. Highly recommend !See full review

sectional radiator royal thermo pianoforte 500, number of sections: 10, 11.7 m2, 1170 w, 800 mm. logo

On August 5, 2022, after reading a lot of positive reviews (apparently custom-made) about this radiator, I purchased 4 pieces (2 of 4 sections and 2 of 6 sections). On the official website, the manufacturer claims that the radiators are insured for 1 million dollars and have a 10-year company warranty, are very reliable, etc. On August 18, I decided to install radiators and called plumbers. And . the first radiator dripped. Drip right away! Turned out to be a manufacturing defect. As a matterSee full review

sewing machine leader black diamond, white/black logo

Sewing machine Leader Black Diamond is a great find for me! The machine is perfect for both beginner seamstresses and professionals in their field. The machine is not difficult to understand, the work is easy and unpretentious. She sews quietly, which I like, since the main sewing work falls on me in the evening. It copes with different fabrics (chiffon, knitwear, etc.). I like the alphabet-function modern, with the help of it, I get beautiful T-shirts with inscriptions. I'm glad I bought this cSee full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

Different pros: It is very convenient that it has interchangeable blocks for different types of capsules, and you can also brew regular coffee Different cons: After I adjust the volume of cups, everything flies and it pours according to the factory settings.See full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb soflens daily disposable, 90 pcs., r 8.6, d -7 logo

Terribly easy to roll up when put on. For the first time I use such soft lenses, before that there were coopervision even there. Well, sometimes there is a slight dryness in the eyes after a day of wearing, I don’t feel it on my eye. I did not notice a difference in wearing with the previous shorter lenses, the price is more pleasant, but because of the softness, it has to be put on in a completely different way and more difficult and longer. But it’s easier to shoot than anything else, you justSee full review

front brake hose line for shimano mt200 bicycle brake black logo

It will go for a quiet ride, do not rush to scribble a negative review, after purchase they usually slow down badly, somewhere after 10-20 km after the start, everything will brake perfectly.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

It is not clear where to serve it, but you will have to serve it along the way. Its pros: Impressions from a trip around Hong Kong are wonderful even in winter (only my hands get cold), even without an additional battery and in winter the range is 10 km., I still have enough speed (up to 22 km. H). In general, the purchase is satisfied. Has cons: It is not very convenient to move along the ramps of pedestrian crossings due to the center of gravity placed in the steering wheel, the lower platformSee full review

tactical belt logo

Pros below: snaps on quickly, generally fits many types of pants/shorts Some cons: travels around and at every convenient and uncomfortable situation, you constantly have to tightenSee full review

watch casio a-168wem-1 logo

At the age of 18, I found a watch similar to this one in Montana and decided I had to have it. I only brought it on vacation because I believe such watches are out-of-date and ruin the entire look. This is significant for people who dress professionally.See full review

computer chair bureaucrat kd-4-f for children, upholstery: textile, color: blue logo

Pros below: Great chair, comfortable. The child likes it very much, sits with a flat back on it. It is convenient that there is a footrest, the legs do not dangle. Cons: Wheel lock is not very convenient. When the child has sat down, it is impossible to move up to the table.See full review

mad wave pro snorkel snorkel, pink/silver logo

Got pros: Lightweight, does not create resistance when swimming, the diameter is enough for relatively large lungs. Cons: There is a little lack of perfect adjustment to the shape of the head and there is only one muff.See full review

semi-synthetic engine oil idemitsu zepro euro spec 5w-40, 4 l, 3.84 kg, 1 pc. logo

I own a BMW 2022 The oil began to burn like hell. I decided to change, a friend advised me Idemitsu Zepro Euro. He said that by all standards it fits BMW and European cars in general. The result made me happy. Oil almost stopped eating, fuel consumption dropped slightly and the engine began to run noticeably quieter. It became much more pleasant both in the cabin and in the soul. If things continue like this, I won't tear up with him.See full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

The tires are of very high quality, and the handling is a perfect ten out of ten in terms of its clarity. When traveling at a high pace, there are no additional noises. The speed of the car's deceleration may be accurately predicted. In the past, when it was raining, I would try to avoid driving on the main road as much as possible. However, since the rubber is so good at draining water, I no longer have any concerns about driving on the highway in rainy weather. This is something I can get usedSee full review

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