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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Razor 13013240 Scooter Maximum Weight

Aircraft ,grade aluminium t ,tube and deck. Patented rear fender brake. Patented folding system. Adjustable height handlebars. Age: 8+, Max Rider Weight: 100 kg.


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This is my first scooter. Bought last fall. He rides great, fast, but he accidentally stumbled, jumped off the scooter, and got a sharp edge on his leg, he howled. It was good in winter boots made of thick leather. All winter I thought about selling a dangerous scooter, but I never did. Yesterday I went for a ride, drove about 30 km on it and what can I say . On a smooth smooth road it goes very quickly and very smoothly, it is a pleasure to ride. When the tile starts, it feels like you are…

  • Compact, light and fast scooter.
  • Too small for people taller than 170, I would like the steering wheel a little higher. A small platform for legs both in width and length, apparently this is still a teenage scooter, although the site claims up to 190 cm in height. The name Razor (Razor) is very suitable for this scooter, for the sharp edges of the foot platform When transferred behind the wheel in the unfolded state, it is not fixed, spins and hits the legs, everyone around

I have been hearing positive reviews about Razor for a long time. The quality of these scooters wins in all respects.)) To be honest, I am not an active user, for the reason that I simply do not have this bomb toy yet. But all friends unanimously advise taking it. They say speedy, hardy and reliable friend. What else does a girl need? Would be cute around, right! It develops, suitable for any age, and this is an important criterion when you are already 23 . I took to test, from a friend, and

  • Reliable, durable, fast folding, durable, high speed, easy to operate
  • Not a very significant drawback for such a quality product. The scooter is heavy. But I'm a girl - not a strong man. Therefore, everything suited itself perfectly.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Yearly scooter. I like it. But I had to improve: 1. I use a rope loop to fix the steering wheel. I thread it through the "spokes" of the rear wheel and put it on the steering wheel. Then I pull the steering wheel as far as the loop allows. I unfasten the handle on the opposite side. Now the scooter can be rolled behind you like a trolley and boldly climb into a crowded subway 2. I riveted a piece of a plastic bicycle fender to the native fender (there was no way to make the fender 3 cm longer…

  • Great lightweight scooter. Convenient in transport if you figure out how to fix the steering wheel. Trips along the route home-scooter-metro-scooter-work are five minutes less than by car (15 km). Tried to go all the way on a scooter. It took about an hour and a half, I was very tired out of habit. I don't do that anymore
  • No steering wheel lock. Short rear fender. In the rain, the pants are dirty (whole) In wet weather, the folding mechanism jams Very slippery in snow. Don't ride in the snow

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

I began to think about buying a scooter when I tried to be next to my daughter, who cuts through the area on a scooter - you can’t keep up with her on foot, and I didn’t want to mess around with roller skates (to carry with me, change shoes) - I can ride a scooter next to her. After numerous forum views, I chose the razor a5 lux scooter, as the owners of this model wrote - this is the best price / quality / reliability ratio. With a height of 183 cm, the handlebar height is very comfortable…

  • 1. Light weight 2. Takes up little space when folded 3. Easy assembly / disassembly 4. Low deck that allows you to push off without bending the leg on which you stand 5. Stylish black color 6. 200 mm wheels that make it easier to overcome uneven asphalt 7. Wide handlebar 8. The presence of a footrest 9. Easy rolling 10. Lack of depreciation (the design is simplified, and the simpler the design, the less chance that anything will break)
  • 1. Clatter of the folding mechanism 2. The color of the steering wheel clamp looks a little strange - pink

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

If there are at least a few puddles on the pavement - all the pants and part of the back will be splashed - there is no mudguard on the rear wheel. But this is probably the case with all scooters. With its pros: Looks great, feels solid, holds up well with me (80kg). Nice big wheels, folding mechanism. Cons below: When folded, the steering wheel is not fixed, so when you carry it in your hand, it can turn and touch other people with the rear wheel.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Just a terrible product, very upset.

I had a Roadweller urban scooter that I used for a good three years (1 time I changed the bearings, that's all). When the folding mechanism broke, I decided to buy a new scooter and decided right away that I would buy better (I ordered from Ozone). I thought about my options carefully and decided on this one. When it's dry out and the pavement is good, it performs admirably. However, when it's wet out and the sidewalk is covered in water, the brakes hardly ever work at all, and you have to step

  • 1) Design; 2) lightness 3) Stable rolling
  • 1) Rumbles loudly 2) Negative stability 3) Materials of poor quality (more on this below) 4) A poor brake in bad weather and a terrible phrase "completely" in the rain.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product, not disappointed.

Just good for someone 179 cm tall. Trampled ground is practically as smooth for riding as asphalt, but sand should be avoided even at low levels (about 1 centimeter is enough to become snarled). I don't have any issues with the joint at the steering wheel, where you can additionally tighten it and firmly fix it. They claimed that this scooter has no bag, however now there is:

  • 1. Accurate bearings. The world is truly spinning. 2. I scheduled a stress test for the scooter on the first day, and I believe it to be quite dependable. 3. Large wheels allow you to easily ride on the same Sobyanin tiles and paving stones (that are not shattered). 4. It folds up fairly easily. 5. I loved how it slowed down; you could do it very gradually or fairly abruptly, depending on your preference.
  • 1. Jeans occasionally have a slight cling to the back. Although it has never resulted in anything negative, it is occasionally bothersome. 2. Riding on asphalt with pebbles scattered is really unpleasant; the vehicle rattles and seems like some sort of vibration massager (shock absorbers are obviously insufficient). Thankfully, this type of asphalt is not very prevalent. 3. The scooter frequently bumps into my legs when I grasp the wheel; this is a matter of habit (proper grip), but it may be restricted. 4. It might have been more enjoyable to pick up a redder hue.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

My model is blue (Anodized Blue), however this one has a footboard because I saw in the reviews that the footboard on my model was missing. I'm simply a tester; I'm not the scooter's owner. The men from RipStik In Ua asked him to "kill" him for a few months before to transportation to Ukraine. I'm happy with the quality overall; killing wasn't entirely achievable, but upkeep was needed after few agressive jumps. On the other hand, the model is better suited for strolling rather than jumping…

  • Lightweight, attractive, quickly foldable, small, footrest
  • a little handlebar wiggle, no bag

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Does not meet my expectations, it was not worth buying.

I deliberated for a considerable amount of time, read reviews, and was aware of splashes, but I did not anticipate the extent. Even if you aren't paying much attention to the road and the car has only recently sprayed water on it, your jeans are still in the garbage. When I am at a good speed over the tiles, I have the feeling that I want to die, and I have a premonition that this piece of garbage is going to come apart from under me, sending me flying face down. Took for seven or eight dollars

  • Performs exceptionally well on dry, level surfaces. A fairly good brake that folds up quickly and is simple to transport when it's in its folded state.
  • Because it is slightly damp outside, you may forget about wearing clean pants and protecting yourself from splashes. Ceramic tiles or weathered asphalt? Put your hands out of your mind. There is absolutely no decrease in value associated with the word. And this is in spite of the fact that my weight is 80 kopecks (reduced weight means a greater return on bumps).

The previous summer, I invested on a scooter. I use it while I am walking with a youngster as well as when I am riding around the city by myself in the dark. Superb roll in addition to a fast speed. A sturdy metal frame that does not mind being jumped from low curbs due to its durability. A handle that is both comfortable and high (my height is 190 cm). Light weight. Two points come to me when I think about the drawbacks. 1: By the conclusion of the season, the mechanism for folding has…

  • Big wheels made of polyurethane with a low ground clearance Comfortable handles High handlebar and light weight combined with excellent control.
  • backlash

I'm getting ready to release the second season. I drive in an aggressive manner, including jumping curbs and making occasional trips to the Hong Kong region, which is known for its broken walkways. I was so close to giving up walking on foot altogether - at least when there were no snowdrifts or ice to contend with. The design of the scooter is quite thoughtful. The steering wheel is high, the deck is narrow enough to avoid being too heavy but already allows you to stand on it with both feet…

  • incredibly lightweight; effortlessly collapsible; equipped with a footrest; the mechanism for folding can be disabled in order to prevent children from playing with it
  • - chamfering on the back wheel

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Satisfactory product quality, good price.

A scooter that is constructed with a lot of care, and each component serves a purpose and is operational. Both the folding mechanism and the brakes are excellent. The following are the reasons why I did not give the best possible rating: - rattling because of backlash in the folding mechanism (we have talked about this - it may be solved by tightening the bolt, but then it will be more difficult, or even impossible, to fold); - the handles getting dirty on the rear wheel when it is in the fully

  • nothing else besides lightness, swiftness, and convenience
  • rattling over any bumps in the road

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Impressions from the purchase are good, buy.

I received thank-you bonuses from the SB in addition to a discount from one well-known chain store. It is acceptable for the price. At full price, I wouldn't purchase. There is no emergency braking, and tomosas are quite feeble. For public transportation, a cover is necessary. PU wheels are quite harsh; there is no shock absorption. It is preferable to use a bicycle because it is between one and a half and two times faster in urban mode and, most importantly, does not require as much work…

  • contemporary city scooter. It is possible to ride on paving stones with large wheels. folds in a single motion. Quite light. Nice roll.
  • A tomosis with a large stretch can be used to describe the steel rear wing. It is best to leap off if you need to stop fast; otherwise, the halt must be planned in advance. The folding system squeaks, but speed comes at a cost. You can only stand on one leg because the platform is small and just under one leg; switching legs while standing is quite difficult. Since the castor angle is so small, it is necessary to hold the steering wheel firmly, ideally with both hands; it will not be possible to use a phone while moving like you would on a bicycle.

In general, I enjoy riding the scooter, and I've logged over 300 kilometers on it so far. The typical speed in the city ranges from 12 to 14 kilometers per hour. When picking up speed, it can get up to 25 kilometers per hour. When the weather is nice, enhanced urban transportation can be achieved by using a scooter. But you'll need a good asphalt surface and to drive carefully. Falling can be an extremely unpleasant experience, especially if the surface has cracks or potholes in it. Driving…

  • Adults can use it despite its light weight and small footprint when folded.
  • Because there is no padding, any uneven asphalt is felt across the entire body. Rumble when traveling on asphalt that is not of extremely high quality. As was stated previously on this page, the creaking sound made by the back wheel while it was under pressure was an indication that the product's quality had declined and that the marriage was not a monogamous one.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

This scooter is a cool invention for both children and adults. The child skated on it for two seasons. Comfortable, lightweight and folds to a compact size. During the entire period of use, no breakdowns.

  • All in a review
  • No significant

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend it.

Since this is only my first scooter, I can't give it the best rating possible because I'm sure there are other models out there that are even more impressive. However, the scooter did not fail to live up to expectations because it enables movement in precisely the way that was anticipated. Here, a few people grumbled that it was impossible to ride on the tile; I don't know, but as long as I don't have to ride on it for an extremely extended period of time, I'm good. The structure would be…

  • Big wheels, strong bearings, so it goes swiftly. Very little weight. It only takes two seconds to fold and unfold. When folded, the object is compact.
  • Because the steering wheel may be turned even while the vehicle is folded up, this can be a highly frustrating feature. They changed the color for no reason; in my opinion, silver with red would make a more attractive combination, but I was forced to purchase blue instead. It generates a lot of noise when driving on a particularly uneven surface, but the situation is not life-threatening.

In addition to the subway, I believe that using this scooter is a fantastic way to zip around the city in a hurry and is an amazing alternative to using public transportation. I myself take advantage of it in this manner, so gaining an extra thirty minutes of free time each day. whenever there is a dry spell, regardless of the temperature. Because the steering wheel can be adjusted to different heights, jumping off of it is not recommended. My very first and very last encounter both came to an…

  • The initial space speed is possible on a perfect surface, such as in shopping centers or the subway (risk to life!). This is because the wheels are firm, and the bearings are good. On decent asphalt, even quite steep mountains can be climbed without too much difficulty. It is simple to fold, and once folded, it takes up very little space. In my experience, comparing a large number of scooters up to 10live, I've found that very few manufacturers can match the quality of the products produced by Razor, and my opinion is that this is the case. The deck has a comfortable width and height; when I stand on it regularly with my two size 42 feet, part of my foot hangs off of it; however, if you stand a little skateboarder or snowboarder, it is pleasant and solid. I consider this to be an advantage, in extreme instances - a valuable function, but purchasing and hanging a bell on the steering wheel is not for me. The folding mechanism creates a sound while you are driving, thereby informing pedestrians in front of the need to disperse. I consider this to be an advantage.
  • The hard wheels cause the vehicle to shake when it is driven on tiles or poor asphalt. When I was studying the topic of "Labor protection," I came across some anecdotes about road workers who, in excess of the permitted norms, worked with jackhammers, causing their muscles to separate from the bones in their hands.

I take it on my commute to work. During the course of a week spent biking. It comes out to 12 kilometers in a single day. I came into one challenge, which is not related to the scooter at all. Because I am quite well-fed (100 kg), then when moving against the wind, quite tangible problems appear :))))). The entire effect is really stunning, taking everything into consideration. The legs are a good fit. Various advantages: The ability to roll forward is excellent; it's simple to fold up; and the