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razor 13013240 scooter maximum weight logo

I received thank-you bonuses from the SB in addition to a discount from one well-known chain store. It is acceptable for the price. At full price, I wouldn't purchase. There is no emergency braking, and tomosas are quite feeble. For public transportation, a cover is necessary. PU wheels are quite harsh; there is no shock absorption. It is preferable to use a bicycle because it is between one and a half and two times faster in urban mode and, most importantly, does not require as much work. WithoSee full review

🍋 pasabahce glass lemon keeper: enhancing storage for lemons logo

I love. I use it for a lemon or half an avocado. Probably suitable for any interior. Does not weigh down, does not create visual noise. Heavy, not quite fragile. She is very satisfied. Packed in a box. Which was in a larger box from YaMarket See full review

convector hiper heater g2, white logo

Pros: It heats up rapidly and efficiently. At 20 square meters per hour and 20 degrees below zero, the space quickly heats up. Cons: it uses up a lot of power. He was with us for a total of 30 days, 2 weeks, and 8 hours a day. The total cost was $9,500! Powering ElectronicsSee full review

globber flow lights 472 102 2 black logo

Child of four years old, beaming with joy! After the tricycle, I had no trouble riding this one. He steps in wherever help is required. Easily maneuverable and emits a stunning glow in the evening. The parents are ecstatic as well.See full review

tangle teezer massage brush the ultimate, 20 cm logo

This is the best hair brush I've ever had. Recommended by my hairdresser after airtouch coloring. Perfectly detangles hair, does not tear, does not break, does not pull out, but simply really smoothes it out. With all hands and feet for the fact that she is worth her money. If anything happens to her, I'll buy more. Highly recommend, especially for girls with curly and/or dyed hair.See full review

aquarium set 6.8 l (filter, cover, lighting) tetra cascade globe black logo

Pros below: Comfortable, beautiful, filter, light, everything comes in the kit, I thought it would be less, I think it’s great for a cockerel, not noisy. Has cons: A bit thin glass of the aquarium itself, I would like it to be thicker.See full review

pro plan veterinary diets ur wet food for cats with chicken 850 g logo

A month ago, the veterinarian diagnosed our two-year-old cat with early-stage urolithiasis. Passed urine tests - sediment in moderation + crystals of tripelphosphates (struvites) + mad level of protein. The first two weeks they drank antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, then they transferred to "herbal medicine" (Cyston + Canephron) and put on the Pro Plan Urinary diet. They passed the tests after a month of treatment - the protein level decreased several times, the concentration of crystalsSee full review

sectional radiator royal thermo pianoforte 500, number of sections: 10, 11.7 m2, 1170 w, 800 mm. logo

Comprehensively began to make repairs, primarily with heating. I chose radiators taking into account their durability and reliability, so as not to change after 5-10 years. As a result, I chose this model for 8, 10 and 10 sections. A steel core is installed in the radiator, through which the coolant passes and the outer part of the radiator (aluminum) does not come into contact with the coolant. This increases the reliability and durability of the radiator.See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase. The dishwasher, as I need it, is very compact, it includes a sufficient amount of dishes, the dishes after washing are always clean, without streaks. At first, I didn’t like the basket for cutlery, it seemed to take up a lot of space . I used lattices, and then it turned out that bowls fit well on these lattices and the basket turned out to be very handy. Equally well washes pots and pans on any program (intensive, normal, eco, 90). Of the shortcominSee full review

dishwasher beko dvs050w01w, white logo

They gave a dishwasher for an anniversary, after reading the instructions, I started using it. The machine is narrow, does not take up much space. It is not difficult to use, I immediately figured out the electronic control. Holds 10 sets, 5 washing modes. There is also leakage protection, which is very convenient because you can go away and not follow the dishwasher.See full review

umbrella cane ikea, black logo

Got pros: An excellent comfortable umbrella, the material is dense, gives the impression of a quality workmanship. With its cons: That such a cost (took for 440) they simply do not existSee full review

marshall major iv wireless headphones, brown logo

Has some pros: Sound is great Convenient volume control and track switching Different cons: I wear glasses, when worn for a long time, it presses on my templesSee full review

marshall minor iii wireless headphones, black logo

Pros: One of the main advantages for me is compactness. Good sound. Good microphone, you can hear it well on the street. Cons below: Before buying it is better to measure, not the fact that they are suitable for your ears. Doesn't work with the official app.See full review

dreametech cordless powerful reduction handheld: unleash the ultimate cleaning experience! logo

With its pros: Excellent power, there are 3 modes of operation, an excellent set of nozzles Has cons: There is not enough nozzle for linoleum, with a standard nozzle it sometimes sticks to linoleum, especially at maximum power.See full review

kettle smeg klf03, cream logo

The difference is evident when compared to earlier teapots. doesn't spill over. heats up. There were no false impressions about how quickly it boiled or how loud it was (all kettles make noise and boil). However, the teapot is a firm favorite due to its appearance and high-quality construction.See full review

gaming chair zone 51 gravity, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

With all of its perks. The mechanism works well, the fabric is of high quality, and the armrests have a comfortable padding (yeah, I didn't understand what it was at first either, but it's something like dense foam). The wheels do not roll very smoothly on the carpet; I had to replace them with wheels from an old chair; and it makes a creaking sound if you lean on it heavily.See full review

armchair bradex home egg chair, 87 x 76.5 cm, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

When I made the purchase, there were no reviews of the chair available on the internet; so, I was forced to take a gamble, which is something that I deeply regret doing now. The chair, in general, provides the very unsettling impression that you have purchased a low-cost imitation made in China that is of very poor quality. The chair's overall design conveys the message that its purchaser is frugal and has purchased low-quality goods made in China. The seams are absolutely unsightly, and in someSee full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Took with his wife on the advice of friends. We really liked the vacuum cleaner. Great for general cleaning. Thanks to this wonderful device, cleaning has become easy and comfortable. The set includes 2 additional nozzles that can be used for furniture. For this price, the product corresponds to the quality, we advise you to purchase this vacuum cleaner model)See full review

computer chair zombie runner gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/green logo

Value-wise, it's a nice chair. When I finally decided to buy a gaming chair instead of a regular chair, my back thanked me profusely. Product met expectations; it was well packed.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Bought a humidifier before the baby was born. While testing for ourselves. Humidifier saves in the heat and stuffiness. The room becomes cool and fresh. Therefore, this model copes with its task. The comments complain about the noise of the work. It seems to me that, on the contrary, quiet. At least it doesn't interfere with my sleep at all. At maximum power, the humidifier is quietly enough for the night. When the water runs out, it automatically turns off.See full review

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