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filter aquael unifilter 500 uv logo

I bought my first aquarium, I concluded for myself that it is better to add a little and take an external filter, it is many times more efficient and the aqua is free. In the photo 3, 2, and 1 additional container in the normal positionSee full review

michelin x-ice north 4 215/65 r17 103t winter logo

Not a bad product, but you can do better.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The tire tread width is the same as for tires with size 185/55 R15 155mm. and what's the point of taking 195/60 R15 if the width is the same. 155mm.See full review

shower/toilet cover totem privat (v2), green logo

Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Some pros: I liked the price compared to other stores. I also liked the presence of a floor in this awning. Has cons: Difficult to pack after use. Could make the cover a little bigger, or with a zipper, like in the photo (this is a tent)See full review

chandelier led dimmable with remote control ritter monza 56w 2700k/k4200k/6400k 4500lm, white logo

Bought for the kitchen in a country house. At first it seemed that it did not shine very brightly, then we found this bright mode. Very pleased )See full review

xiaomi wowstick 1f+ cordless screwdriver black logo

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An excellent screwdriver, it turns well, all the bits are in place, it came from a new batch with a new box, the box is honestly full of rubbish, there are no magnets or any other holders, this is so if you just put it on the table and put everything inside. Not suitable for carrying, otherwise everything is fine, the main thing is a new charge type-sSee full review

led chandelier ritter malta 52019 1, 108 w, number of lamps: 1 pc. color: white logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great chandelier for a teenager's room. With remote control, change modes! They installed it quickly, it shines brightly (as in an operating room - what you need! )))) You can turn down and adjust the light (warm / cold)See full review

baseus rock-solid electric holder wireless charger black logo

at first nothing worked, I thought the product was defective, I tried it with my wire - it worked. the complete wire rang - short circuit. it’s good that I have a smart adapter in the cigarette lighter and it stops supplying power at a short circuit, otherwise be careful, first check somewhere, otherwise you’ll have to climb to change the fuseSee full review

kormoran snow 215/55 r18 99 winter logo

Conclusion: at what price did I take it 4k in my dimension, at the time of writing the review it was already almost 8k - super! Moreover, I use it almost like an all-weather, because. I go in winter from minus 20 to plus 20, and for this it is just right. Now maybe China offers something interesting, you can search. And if you can't find it, you can take this one.See full review

hankook tire kinergy 4s2 h750 215/60 r16 99v all season logo

Nice price, good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I took kontiki 5 instead of the regular tires, on a logan step. I drove 300 km along m4 temperature +8, gouging . at the junctions, while upset! is it soft ! ? rubber when it's soft! ? In the summer heat, chtoli, all-weather, anyone should be more comfortable than summer tires, in the Autumn ! . I reduced the pressure in the front from 2.2 to 2 atm, until I drove it. . so I also took 60 dia instead of 55 and anyway . there is no comfort. What am I doing wrong . Soft and comfortable on good AsphaSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, black logo

It took me a long time to decide on this purchase. It's really worth it) Twice a day I now have clean floors without worries and hle). It works for me through Mi Home, since the Roborock application left the iPhone. A normal application, otherwise I was worried that it would be difficult to install, as some wrote in the reviews. It cleans not bad, it doesn’t the curtains in me, it doesn’t get lost on the dark floor, (also from the reviews) it’s dark all over my apartment. The only thing is thatSee full review

rivertoys electric tolocar mercedes-benz a010aa-h, white logo

Mediocre goods, most likely I will not use.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

We got it for 6200, not much more expensive than cars without an engine from this manufacturer, so we decided to take it. I read the reviews so I understood all the pros and cons. The quality is so-so, in addition the child was frightened of the electric pedal and did not approach the car at all. I wanted to return it, but, honestly, I was too lazy to take it back, not so much money, especially since its functionality is "for growth" for country rides. The purchase was disappointing, but the chiSee full review

razor 13013240 scooter maximum weight logo

The previous summer, I invested on a scooter. I use it while I am walking with a youngster as well as when I am riding around the city by myself in the dark. Superb roll in addition to a fast speed. A sturdy metal frame that does not mind being jumped from low curbs due to its durability. A handle that is both comfortable and high (my height is 190 cm). Light weight. Two points come to me when I think about the drawbacks. 1: By the conclusion of the season, the mechanism for folding has develoSee full review

💾 transcend storejet 1tb portable usb 3.0 hard disk (ts1tsj25h3p) - fast and reliable external storage solution logo

Reliable external hard drive (HDD). The first was nabbed beside a 500 GB coworker that has been operational for the past decade (through extremes of heat and cold, and a fall from a height greater than a human's). Then, two more were purchased; stacking them like books on a bookshelf makes it easy to organize your files. No issues after 2 years of use.See full review

🎧 sony wi-c310 wireless in-ear headphones, blue (wic310/l) with protective hard shell earphone case bundle logo

Has some pros: Outstanding headphones. Strong acoustics. The fact that it does not, unlike standard wireless earphones, become misplaced is the greatest advantage. One of its drawbacks is that the noise cancellation on the microphone is not particularly effective. You are able to hear everything in the area.See full review

📱 black xiaomi redmi note 5 global smartphone - 6/128 gb logo

Since my dying Apple 6+ prompted me to look into cheaper alternatives, I did just that. It caught 4G where I work and at home, so I got it for 12k including shipping even though the Chinese version doesn't support one of the 4g frequencies. It would be an understatement to say that we are pleased with how effortlessly and rapidly miu10 has been running thus far. Droid phones have finally caught up, and it's inexplicable to shell out extra cash for an iPhone when they're just as good. In terms ofSee full review

logitech k380 multi-device wireless keyboard white, english logo

Excellent portable keyboard for use while camping or lounging on the sofa. I was able to teach myself how to print on it while lying down by using two hands to hold it and two fingers to type on it. Below are some advantages: Memory for up to three devices sized island-style keys MAC+PC. Windows markup Does not consume batteries in any significant way (for 2 years -1 division). The buttons are circular, which can be annoying, but I've gotten so used to them that it's difficult for me to type on See full review

15.6" laptop hp 15s-fq016ur 1920x1080, intel pentium gold 7505 2 ghz, ram 8 gb, ssd 512 gb, intel uhd graphics, windows 10 home, 2x1s3ea, grille grey logo

I opted for the HP 15-fq2022ur model of notebook. Installing Windows is described in great length in the comments above. Make a Windows installation USB drive bootable, then add the unzipped Intel Rapid Storage driver from HP's site to the same disc. Windows installed without a hitch, but there were complications while trying to install official drivers. Wi-Fi may not function after installing Windows owing to a missing driver; in this case, you can use your smartphone as a modem by connecting iSee full review

zyxel nas326: personal cloud storage [2-bay] with remote access & media streaming – disks not included logo

Place two screws on the desktop, one each from Hitachi and Seagate. Even if the screws are secured with rubber bushings, the rumbling that can be heard when everything is quiet is unfathomable. After exchanging the Hitachi for a more quiet WD Purple, the situation became somewhat more intriguing; nonetheless, a hum can still be heard, which appears to be coming from the Seagate. The NAS is an excellent concept, and the implementation is really simple. I'm delighted so far. Make sure you rememberSee full review

💙 get the powerful oneplus 8 pro ultramarine blue: 5g unlocked android smartphone with 12gb ram, 256gb storage, 120hz fluid display, quad camera, wireless charging, and alexa built-in logo

I tended to upgrade my phone very regularly due to the low upfront cost, the novelty of having the latest and greatest technology, and the ease with which it could be resold. Because of the recent upheaval in my life, I need a reliable app like XS Max, which hasn't been updated in over a year and a half. The upgrade to Windows 8 Pro was telling. It's not the phone itself but the operating system that's broken. Android is available to everyone who is serious about learning it. Using an iPhone or See full review

🎧 sony premium lightweight wireless bluetooth extra bass noise-isolating stereo headphones: uncompromising sound experience logo

Has advantages such as a reasonable price and a long battery life (from the time I bought them, I've used them every day, and I've never had to charge them). - the clearest sound possible - an easy-to-use interface - a very low weight that does not put any strain on the ears Having this drawback: The microphone has a lot of room for improvement. Poor soundproofing, although this does not bother me personally in the least.See full review

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