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Review on Razor 13013240 Scooter Maximum Weight by Michal Wojcik ᠌

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I expected more from the purchase, but not the worst option.

This is my first scooter. Bought last fall. He rides great, fast, but he accidentally stumbled, jumped off the scooter, and got a sharp edge on his leg, he howled. It was good in winter boots made of thick leather. All winter I thought about selling a dangerous scooter, but I never did. Yesterday I went for a ride, drove about 30 km on it and what can I say . On a smooth smooth road it goes very quickly and very smoothly, it is a pleasure to ride. When the tile starts, it feels like you are riding a jackhammer, there is a strong vibration and a wild noise in your arms and legs. I thought that from such shaking it might loosen up and fall apart. I stopped, decided to check the steering column, and noticed a backlash in it, that's why I thought so loudly . I decided that I needed to tighten the upper bearing, I didn’t have a tool with me, but it turned out that the nut and the upper bearing ring are one part, and you can tighten it by grabbing the ring with your hand. I tightened this ring and my bearing jammed, the steering wheel stopped rotating. At first I thought that this was such a system for fixing the steering wheel when carrying it, so that it wouldn’t hit my legs, but then I realized that it was just a marriage. On the manufacturer’s website in the spare parts section, this part is not available, I don’t know where to buy it, I’ll probably ride this one until it falls apart, then I’ll buy some other scooter. The photo shows the upper ring of the bearing with the nut.

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  • Compact, light and fast scooter.
  • Too small for people taller than 170, I would like the steering wheel a little higher. A small platform for legs both in width and length, apparently this is still a teenage scooter, although the site claims up to 190 cm in height. The name Razor (Razor) is very suitable for this scooter, for the sharp edges of the foot platform When transferred behind the wheel in the unfolded state, it is not fixed, spins and hits the legs, everyone around

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July 04, 2023
Has pros: Rolls very well, light, durable Cons: No steering lock when folded
May 30, 2023
Pros below: Appearance, build quality. Cons below: It does not ride on small paving slabs, as well as on flat ground.
May 30, 2023
Has some pros: stylish assembly at a high level foldable rolls perfectly Cons below: there are no shortcomings
May 30, 2023
Has pros: good scooter, strong enough and rolls very well. Some cons: you need to regularly stretch all the screws and bolts
May 30, 2023
Has pros: Easy to ride, light in itself, soft handles Has some cons: It spins around the axis, if lifted up, it hurts the legs))