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absorbent filler catsan hygiene plus, 10l logo

I have tried many cat litters and my choice is CATSAN. It crumples perfectly when touched, which is very convenient for cleaning the tray, there is no smell and most importantly, that the filler does not stick to the paws))))See full review

accumulative electric water heater thermex ceramik 50 v, white logo

Yes, thanks, the order came by courier delivered to the apartment, examined the appearance, found scratches on the front side, not significantly, of course, the dent is not big on the side, not big closer to the back, in general, I highly recommend taking it.See full review

mountain bike (mtb) welt peak 2.0 hd 27 (2022) matt black 20" (requires final assembly) logo

Not bad, I bought a couple of pieces for 24 thousand. It seems childish, but this is after 23 frames on 29 wheels 2.40 wide. But I wanted something small for the city, I even took the frame 18, not 20, since everything is regulated individually. Steering wheel, stem, pedals, replacement seat for limitless comfort, I can even replace the wheels for the cassette. I am satisfied with the purchase. Assembly took 20 minutes. There were some misunderstandings with the steering wheel, I had to remove tSee full review

dry closet thetford porta potti 165 luxe, 21 l logo

This review is more about the amazon itself than the seller, although the seller is also well done. They sent the wrong model. Smaller and cheaper The bottom line is that if you were not sent something to return the goods, you will go through all the circles of hell. You must send the goods back by mail, pay for the delivery, and then will think again whether to return the money for the goods and delivery. Or offers to compensate for the difference in price, BUT not with money, but with a coupSee full review

ultimate fitness tracker: xiaomi mi smart 🏋️ band 6 - 1.56'' offers unmatched features and performance logo

After the loss of the last bracelet, the choice fell on this version, and did not lose. Received quickly, charged, connected. Everything is fine! Thank you)) See full review

case logic lodo satchel lodb 115gra logo

Has some pros: Sewn qualitatively, good color, roomy, side pockets with magnets. It looks compact, but even a 17" laptop fits in Got cons: Is the right handle of the bag 5 cm higher than the left? How is it, Carl? Did the designer not get enough sleep or did I get a unique copy? See full review

vacuum cleaner miele sbad3 classic, lotus white logo

It can be considered as a compromise. Paid 18000. I hope at least the reliability of Miele has remained at the same level. Now for the most budgetary this model you need to pay from 24,000. and more, but this is already too much, when in less than a month the price has lowered by more than a third! Other more advanced models have completely redneck prices from 47 to 98 thousand. German partners, how is your head or has it turned into a complete doomkopf, or are you just getting out of the recessSee full review

black logitech g604 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse - up to 240 hour battery life, dual wireless modes, 15 programmable controls, hyper-fast scroll wheel logo

. after 2 years of use: therubbercomating began to peel off on the right, the double click of the left button was not observed, but there was a fierce clicking by editing the button (see video ). Now it became impossible to work in ue4, because there the camera flight in the viewport is carried out just when the right-click is pressed. I had to buy another mouse. I took the g600, because. I'm already used to the functional side buttons and I wanted to stop using the wretched g-hub. But then it tSee full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

It was not possible to monitor the order. The information that he was on his way did not become available until the day of delivery. Delivered perfectly on schedule without any delays. The package was brought to the front door by the messenger. The package was mangled and contained both cellophane and a bag inside of it. did not accrue points. Various advantages: Looks nice. In S mode, it travels approximately 15 kilometers with my weight of 87. There are additional ones in both D and Eco. IncrSee full review

mattress dimax optima roll medium, 70x170 cm logo

At first glance, it is very thin, but then the mattress rises, takes on standard forms, as a gift there are two pillows, you also need to wait until they rise. Everything is fineSee full review

capsule coffee machine inhouse multicoffee 2 in 1, gray logo

The most important thing is that this baby is versatile. If you want nespresso capsules - please, you bought coffee, ground it - please, before you bought a thick dolce nozzle and you have a full set of pleasure. For 7700 with a thick dolce nozzle, this is just some kind of gift. I have little space in the kitchen, a lot of household appliances and I have to save a lot of space. This coffee maker has become just a salvation for me, it is very small and you can literally shove it everywhere. Of cSee full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb soflens daily disposable, 90 pcs., r 8.6, d -7 logo

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO DO THIS! But I do not feel discomfort when wearing again the next day (including storage in a container with a special liquid)See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Great design, easy setup and voice control There are many functions, and he will read the news, and tell jokes, and put on special music, for sports, for the soul, for inspiration, and so on. Microphones are the best, hears everything that is said at a higher volume, even when there is noise around I repeat about the design: the capsule looks like a stone, it combines both modernity and restraint and versatility, so it is suitable for any interior The screen that displays the time is also very wSee full review

maxxis bravo hp-m3 205/65 r16 95h summer logo

Departure for her two summer seasons (for the winter I change to winter). I travel about twenty thousand a year, mostly in the summer. Usually to the dacha, and in the summer and autumn two trips to the Kuban and back to Hong Kong. Driving style is calm. On the highway I accelerate to 140-150. I drive a Volvo XC70 2022. I bought to replace the worn-out native Dunlop (the front two tires, chewed one, the second began to poison the side). I bought for reasons of economy with a similar tread patterSee full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

Well, I just put it on the street plus, so there is no opportunity to check in the conditions for which the rubber is intended. On dry pavement at 0 - +8 no complaints)See full review

27" monitor acer nitro vg270ubmiipx, 2560x1440, 75hz, ips, black logo

My first 2K IPS monitor. Before that it was on HP x20LED (heaven and earth) There are a lot of impressions. I took both for use in texturing 3D models, and for games. In terms of textures - the colors are very bright, high quality. In terms of games - God it's great. Lights are also all right - at an angle, white lights are slightly noticeable in the corners of the monitor (if you directly find fault and look at a black background), otherwise everything is fine.See full review

double trekking tent bestway cooldome 68084, turquoise logo

I bribed the anti-rain canopy, but now I understand that I had to take something more seriously. Four people - just bundled up. Ventilation is not enough, because of the small window, the tent is simply not blown through. Its pros: Compact in assembled form, pleasant to the eye coloring. Haven't been out in the rain so wetness is unknown. Mosquito and external "doors" with zippers, there is a small ventilation window, covered with a mosquito net (covered with a pediment) on the side opposite froSee full review

stockings b.well rehab jw-222 with openwork elastic, anti-sickness, class 2, size: 2, nero logo

For the first time I see that arrows creep so easily on compression stockings. The first appeared at the first putting on, okay, sewed up. I have to wear it only under pants now. For a month and a half of daily wear, dozens of creeping arrows formed on them. And the compression seemed to have become less, completely weak . I was tormented to sew up - it's not even a matter of puffs, although there are also a couple, the heels of the socks are rubbed. I don't recommend it, even if it's cheap.See full review

sports thermal underwear for the hall and the street katran shark (+ 20с to - 15с) khaki, light khaki, size: m-l (46-48/174-180) logo

Below are some advantages: Despite the fact that I am not an expert, the material and tailoring quality are acceptable. Everything is perfect to the touch and to the eye. Pros below: In jeans, it begins to warm up only when moving at -8. It is cool in general.See full review

dry dietary hypoallergenic dog food hill's prescription diet z / d food sensitivities for food allergies, 3 kg logo

My Pekingese suffers from persistent atopic dermatitis. He even has an allergy to the antihistamine Apoquel, which we haven't tried. When we first started feeding him ProPlan Dermatosis veterinarian diet, he started to scratch even more from him, and because he was on the fish, a really terrible odor emerged from the skin and wool. While eating with delight seldom leaves it on a plate, this dog food is consumed for the second month. After being used for a week, the stench disappeared. Of course See full review

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