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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

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Connector TypeOther
Cable TypeUSB
Connector GenderMale

About Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Make charging your Apple Watch utterly effortless. Simply hold the connector near the back of the watch, where magnets cause it to snap into place automatically. It’s a completely sealed system free of exposed contacts. And it’s very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment. 1m USB cable. Compatible with Mac

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Expensive price, but very good quality, so what to choose?

Hello my dear friends! I bought my Apple watch from the hands for $ 100, at that time they gave it to me with an old charger wire, after a while the charger broke and I went to the store for a new one, officially a new charger for the watch costs $…See full review

Simple and convenient. Extends the life of the stock socket

And so a couple of my friends bought this cable, they say that it's a cool thing, and by that, they pushed me to buy this cable. I bought this cable from aliexpress. There is an assortment of colors cable, you can also choose the length, 1 meter or…See full review

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

Below I will try to describe my opinion about the product Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. I bought it in February for a girl for 630, at that time it was the cheapest price, the charging cable is still working flawlessly. I bought a cable for…See full review

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

I present my personal and independent review on Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. This cable did not want to work adequately with any of the power supplies I have. It got very hot, charged at one percent in half an hour. I was completely…See full review