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I like that this software helps me keep track of my schedule for all my students at once without having to go through each student individually or have multiple tabs open. It can be very time consuming when you are trying to do everything manually especially if there's something wrong with one of them! Having an issue where it doesn't sync up sometimes so we don’t know what our teachers actually taught their classes. We use this app during school year as well as summer sessions because it keeps us organized throughout the entire day (and beyond).See full review

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Sanctuary Sky GFP2 EN151 Ultra Rare

I was pretty excited to get this game for my collection but after reading some reviews about it being incomplete there is no way that you can buy an item like "out of print’ (OP) games anymore so if they want their money back just don't bother buying them at all because even though its rare as hell these days when someone actually has one still be able sell or trade your copy I love this game! This is one of my favorite games to play with friends or by myself when i have nothing else better to do :) Was looking for another copy of this game to add some more spooks into my collection....found one! Came quickly also as it was brand new...which is always great when buying used games.. I love this game! It came quickly as stated by seller. My grandson was so happy to receive it! Thank you for your business.See full review

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QXpress Scheduling Software

I like how easy it was to set up our business with this product, we were able to do so in minutes! It has been very helpful when trying to schedule jobs as well track hours worked or even bill customers. There are many features but nothing really seems too confusing at first glance. We have not had any issues using this tool thus far and can see where all of my time goes each day easily now through qxScheduler. The only thing about this program which could be improved upon would probably be updating timesheets once they've already submitted them into quickbooks/qxp etc. This makes tracking overtime much easier than having people email you back and forth for updates after submitting their timesheet information via other means (ie phone calls). See full review

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I love that you can use it to see where your employees are at in their day, which is very helpful for me. It's also great because if there's an error or something they want changed then all of the information gets updated instantly. The interface could be improved by making it easier to get around as well as adding more features like being able to set up meetings/appointments through this software. If you're looking into having time tracking software for your business, definitely give this one a try! We've been using it since we started our business and have loved every minute of it so far! We were always getting confused about what hours people worked and how much overtime they put in per week. This has helped us greatly with keeping track of everything so everyone knows exactly when they should work and exactly how many hours they actually did. See full review

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Floown Planner

I love that it can be used by multiple people at once so we don't have to rely solely upon our managers or office manager! This has allowed us to get more done with less time spent managing meetings/events than ever before which was always something of an issue when using other products. There isn’t much dislike about this program but there really shouldn’t be any dislikes because it works well as advertised without issue. We use it mostly during non-business hours since most business days aren’t very busy - however if you know your schedule will require heavy usage then consider purchasing additional licenses depending upon how many employees work within each department (i.e., accounting requires 2 separate licenses). Our organization uses floown planner primarily for daycare center staff schedules such as teachers etc.See full review

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It has helped me in my day-to -day job as well with our payroll department by making it easier than ever before! I love how they have been able t help us solve all issues we come across during work hours (or even at night!) There is nothing that i dislike about this software so far; however there are some minor bugs which could be improved upon but overall its great experience working here! They were very helpful when implementing their services into our organization too :) Great customer service from start till end!! You won't regret choosing them if you're looking forward having an easy time managing employees' schedules/attendances etc plus being part offourpayroll system!! See full review

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The best feature is that it allows me to schedule multiple clients for one project. It also has an easy to use interface, which makes it very user friendly. The price of this program was not that great at first, but I have found that there are many free add-ons out there that can be added. If you're looking for a scheduling software that will help you organize your time in an efficient way, then Victor Schedule is the right choice for you. I am solving my problem as a freelancer by organizing all tasks that I need to perform each week. Also, I am able to get paid faster because I don't waste time looking for work. See full review

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Agent Entropy Uranus GFP2 EN054 Ultra

I was surprised how much fun this game is to play even without all its bells & whistles (which are optional). It's got some great puzzles that make you think outside your box as well! My only complaint would be with regard what seems like an odd choice for gameplay; it doesn't have any kind or level up system at first but does require use/acquisition points instead...I'm not sure why they did things differently here than in other games where leveling can take place over time through experience gained by defeating enemies etc., so maybe there just wasn"}s something else wrong about my copy? But if we're comparing apples vs oranges then perhaps both versions should work equally regardless which way round those two elements go?! Anyway....this version has more options available within each stage too compared wtih earlier ones i've played before--more weapons / powerups + extra rooms = additional challenge!! Well done Konami. :) Highly recommended especially when priced around $5-$6 US dollars! :D. See full review

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I like that Teamsight helps you manage projects with all of your team members. It allows me to keep track of my time spent, and it gives me a dashboard view from which to analyze where I'm spending the most time. I also really like that it's built-in with TFS so there isn't much else we have to purchase to be able to use this. I dislike not being able to customize some of the information within Teamsight. For example, I would like to see if a person is blocked or not in terms of time spent on each task. This information doesn't show up in the dashboards, but only shows up when reviewing individual tasks or hours on a task. This is a great tool for tracking project progress, as well as helping to visualize what is taking up the most time on any. See full review

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I enjoy that I can do my searching on Syncee, and the results appear in the same order as if I were searching on my computer. I dislike that there is no way to sort the results by price. There are many times when I am searching for products that are at a lower price, and I would like to see the results first before scrolling down to see the higher priced items. I enjoy searching for products and using Syncee to find the ones that meet my needs. I use it to search for products that are at a lower price than the ones that I am purchasing. The results show up in the same order as if I would search for them on my computer. See full review

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