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Review on Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable by Aditya Wheeler

Simple and convenient. Extends the life of the stock socket

And so a couple of my friends bought this cable, they say that it's a cool thing, and by that, they pushed me to buy this cable. I bought this cable from aliexpress. There is an assortment of colors cable, you can also choose the length, 1 meter or 1.5 meters. The price on March 25, 2018, was 100 hryvnia, which is about 235 rubles or 3 dollars 83 cents. I paid for the black cable, 1 meter long. I received the parcel by Ukrposhta on April 21, 2018. The parcel was packed in an oilcloth package. The cable itself is packed in such a package from the manufacturer. The package contains some information about the cable and the manufacturer. The cable is packed smartly, so it was also placed in such a package. This is what the cable looks like. Its full length, from edge to edge, is 104 centimeters. Cable in a fabric braid. Made with quality. This is what the plugs look like. This cable is for smartphones with a microUSB connector. This part sticks perfectly on the magnet to the cable. This is what this part looks like, which is inserted into the smartphone. Two rows of pins, gives us the ability to connect the cable as you like... I bought this cable for my smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Smartphone As you can see, this element does not protrude much. If the smartphone is in a case, then this is not very striking, but if without a case, the element protrudes noticeably. This is what the cable looks like with a magnet. On one side, there is an LED indicator, it glows green when the power supply is connected to the 220V network. I also checked the Keweisi KWS-V20 USB tester with this tester for how good this cable is. Well, now about everything and a little bit. Personally, I'm happy with this cable. The cable itself is long, 104 centimeters, there is also cable data 150 centimeters long. The cable is soft, in a fabric braid. As for the mechanism itself and the magnet in particular. Putting your smartphone on charge is now very convenient. They brought the cable and it will stick to the socket. But during the day it’s understandable, but at night, it’s generally bliss. When earlier we had to turn the plug correctly and find the socket, now we just bring the plug, and on either side, and that's it, the smartphone is charging. Also with this cable, you can connect your smartphone to your computer to copy files, the cable also copes with this task perfectly. What should be warned about is probably that not to lose the part that is inserted into the smartphone. Before use, check if this part is securely held in the smartphone socket. Since if you lose it, you will have to buy it and give it away for the smallest detail, about 60-70 hryvnias. I definitely recommend this cable! Thank you all for your attention!

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Pros & cons

  • Comfortable, good quality cable, it is soft and bends well, ice indicator
  • There is not

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