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Review on Disrupt Motion by Sergey Stetsenko

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interesting project related to cinema

Hello everyone, today we will talk about crypto odessee. What can be said about this company and the team that decided to enter this interesting and exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Personally, I learned about this project quite recently, and I was interested in their idea and approach to the development of our common world of cryptocurrency.

And so let's start from the beginning and go get to know the team together.

After we go to the main site, we will see an interestingly made site with a good interface and interesting design, referring us to stories about Odessa.

In the section about us, the team tells the basic principles of their work and the ideas that they put into this project.

A team of quite promising specialists who have been working in the blockchain for a long time.

Immediately I want to note the moment that this project is just starting its activity and not all opportunities are available now. So I can’t help but express my indignation that the wallet of this organization is supported only by Ethereum, which leads to the fact that the team is set to work only with large infestors. Since the transfer fee in ETH is large enough for small investors and not profitable for investments.

But if you are a large investor, then you can always consider this project.

The crypto odessee team talk about their ideas in the about us section. They are trying to combine video processing and cryptocurrency. At a time when many good and big premieres have not been released on the screens lately, this can push the film industry, and we will get more good films.

It is also impossible not to mention the fact that the team is not afraid to show themselves and their faces, provides links to themselves in various social networks, where they show not only their lives but also work on the project.

Also, the team is quite experienced and having more than 10 years of experience and 350 projects, examples of these works are also on the site!

If you are still choosing whether to choose this project for the implementation of investment projects, I recommend that you learn a little more about this company and the team. In general, this project seemed interesting to me, but I personally will not continue to use it, since the commissions are quite large, and they still do not open accounts in other systems.

In any case, you make the choice, be careful and invest wisely.

My rating will be 4 stars, but I would say that the more accurate rating will be 4.5, just the site does not allow this rating.

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