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Review on Disrupt Motion by Inioluwa Okedeji

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Getting Your Target Audience With Visually Appealing Creative Video Contents

A. Have you noticed you prefer watching a movie adaptation of a book or a video representation of a written content rather than reading the book or the written content itself?

B. Have you experienced easily remembering a scene from a movie rather than remembering a line of text from a book?

This is because, as humans, we are more moved by what we can see than any other medium of information engagement, which is why most people find it more interesting to watch a movie adaptation of a book, rather than the reading book itself. Or watching a video representation of a content rather than skimming through lines of text trying to get the information being passed across. The former [Movie Adaptation/ Video Representation] is a visual and audio representation of the information being passed across, while the latter [The Book/ Written Content] involves visually reading lines of text, to which understanding the information being passed across is dependent on the knowledge level of the reader.

Also, you find it easier remembering a scene from a movie, rather than remembering a line of text from a book, because, inasmuch as both are visual mediums of engaging information, one medium involves both visual and auditory engagements, which means audience and listeners have the opportunity of engaging the information being passed across via both visual and audio means, while the other is basically just written words.

Taking advantage of this natural human tendency in the area of marketing, branding and advertisement for Cryptocurrency and DeFi based projects is what Disrupt Motion is all about.

img 1 attached to Disrupt Motion review by Inioluwa Okedeji

The Mission

The primary mission of Disrupt Motion is focused on the expansion of Cryptocurrency adoption by helping projects scale through their Growth Process by utilizing creative visual animations to produce attention grabbing contents that'll foster mass adoption, which in turn increases the profit value of these projects to the general public.

The Vision

Like all visions are future-centered, the vision of Disrupt Motion is focused on becoming a creative giant in the future of DeFi and the Cryptocurrency, by setting a strong standard in the production of creative animations and video contents, as well as strategies for public engagement.

Disrupt Motion aims to accomplish its Mission and Vision by;

  1. Creating attention catching visual animations and contents. Disrupt Motion takes advantage of this human tendency of preferring Motion Pictures to words by creating creative contents in form of animations and videos, that are visually appealing.
  2. Utilizing Modern video production techniques to help different project reach and adopt its target audience and users.

Their Services

Having had their services tested and trusted for over a decade, with more than a thousand clients and hundreds of projects satisfied in their products. Disrupt motion offers its quality services in 3 significant phases of projects;

  • Pre-Launch & PreSale,
  • Public Sale,
  • Post Launch.

Their video content creation also comes in 3 unique forms;

  • Two dimensional [2D] Animations,
  • Live Action stock footage videos and
  • Live Action homemade videos,

all perfectly crafted and tailored with creative contents suited for specific projects and its target audience at a particular phase in its growth.

img 2 attached to Disrupt Motion review by Inioluwa Okedeji

Disrupt Motion also ensures they stay ahead of competitors by possessing the following qualities;

  1. By providing interesting video contents, they aim to attract not only end users but also long term investors, creating a vibrant community engagement in the process.
  2. The standard pricing level to acquiring their services is competitive yet affordable to those who know the value of the High Quality Creative Video Contents being produced.
  3. Disrupt Motion keeps track of each services rendered from beginning to the end, in order to get feedbacks that will lead to more improvement on their part, which means they seek to continually improve with each project they undertake.

In conclusion, Disrupt Motion is an innovative project that features a unique approach of utilizing creative video contents in the aspect of branding and marketing, in order to help projects attract their target audience and gain mass adoption.

While ensuring that I was well informed about this project before giving my review, I discovered that their social media presence is not that satisfying at all, in fact I might call it disappointing. It doesn't have a specified community, the CEO only has 6 followers on Twitter and the Discord channel only has a little over 50 members, a symbol that contradictory with a project that claims to have a decade of experience and completed hundreds of projects, satisfying over a thousand clients in the process. Even the project's Vimeo account only has 26 videos uploaded in total. This shows lack of transparency in this aspect, or probably a deliberate attempt in misinforming the public in order to attract clients.

img 3 attached to Disrupt Motion review by Inioluwa Okedeji

I see Disrupt Motion becoming a project of great impact in the cryptocurrency space, just as stated in its Vision, because of its intriguing use-case, but only if it dots all necessary 'I's and cross all necessary 'T's.

img 4 attached to Disrupt Motion review by Inioluwa Okedeji

  • The platform interface is attractive, one befitting of a project that is all about visual appeal.
  • It has something for every project in whatever stage the project may be in, and their team is made up of members who have the wherewithal, experience and expertise to suitable contents best fit for each project.
  • Their services are not limited to the average crypto project, but spans across, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 Projects. And this gives them a vast ocean of experience needed to satisfy future clients.
  • Poor social media presence for a project that claims to have 10 years experience and over a thousand clients, which shows lack of transparency in this aspect

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