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About BTC-Alpha

PTS-Alpha is a British cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2016. The listing of the trading floor includes popular tokens and promising altcoins: PTS, ETH, XMV, AGLT and others. In total, there are a little less than 100 different coins on the exchange. Trading is conducted on 4 markets: PTS, ETH, USD and USDT. The largest markets are VTS and USD. Thus, traders can access both pure cryptocurrency trading pairs and cross-currency ones.

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An Exchange with support for New Traders

BTC-Alpha is a Crypto exchange platform registered in the United Kingdom. The exchange basts of a 24-Hour volume of 64 million as at the time of writing which is okay as users will not be able to…See more

BTC-Alpha review

BTC -Alpha exchange platform is registered in the United kingdom,it was founded in 2018 BTC-Alpha platform host a large number of popular altcoins and crypto currency.   T BTC-Alpha platform is…See more

BTC-Alpha exchange

Today I will like to pen down my review on BTC-Alpha . BTC-Alpha was founded in year 2016 and base in United Kingdom. This platform has a limited coins but has 80 Currencies. My transaction with…See more

My Personal Overview About BTC-Alpha Exchange

I used BTC-Alpha Exchange For trading. My trading exprience was good. It's a good exchange for new & old traders. Very easy to use the platform. The trading fee is also resanoble compare than other…See more

BTC -Alpha exchange is a trailblazer

Today I shall be talking about a European exchange I ran into during my early days as a new virtual currency trader. The exchange was recommended to me by a friend as a newbie because of its risk…See more

BTC- Alpha exchange Platform With Attractive Features

BTC-Alpha, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade a variety of coins and tokens. I visited the website for the platform and decided to sign up. The interface was pleasant…See more

Review On BTC-Alpha

The BTC-Alpha is an exchange platform that is based and registered in the United Kingdom and has Vitalli Bodnar as the CEO. The exchange platform tends to show a high level of experience in what…See more

Good exchange for REV TRC-20 token trading.

I use this exchange to trade REV tokens because BTC-Alpha supports REV TRC-20 token deposits and the trading volume is fairly good. I trade here every week and I didn't face any major problems…See more

I guess I will not choose this exchange anymore ...

One of the worst exchanges I've ever experienced. I deposited altcoins the other day. I had to trade 3-4 times to be able to withdraw him as DOGE. As with other exchanges, you cannot trade directly…See more


The trading platform is web-based with TradingView charts. It has some impressive features and aspects. On the immortal side, the deposit and withdrawal methods are very limited and involve high fees…See more


When you do an online survey to see the certificates of the stock market, most of them are good reviews apart from a common complaint, for example the high fees for withdrawing funds. They find it…See more