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August 19, 2021

The Complete Guide to the FlatQube Exchanges

How to start using FlatQube

First, install the EVER Wallet browser extension by following this link -

After that, you can create a new wallet on the Everscale network, or connect to an existing one. You can then connect your wallet with FlatQube and take advantage of all the provided opportunities.

What is FlatQube for?

On FlatQube users can:

  • Exchange Tip-3.1 tokens at the best rate
  • Invest into liquidity pools
  • Track statistics and view charts for Tip-3.1 tokens and token pairs.
  • Invest LP tokens in farming pools with good APY
  • Create your own Tip-3.1 tokens

Cross-chain transfer. Octus Bridge

At the moment, Everscale has already implemented the possibility to transfer tokens from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon.

In order to transfer your funds from another chain to Everscale, you need to use the Octus Bridge.

Everscale is a fast-growing, promising network with low commissions and with good earning opportunities - after transferring tokens from other networks to Everscale, you can use them for yield farming in one of the pools presented on FlatQube.

Octus Bridge on Revain:

Earning with FlatQube

One of the available and perhaps the most effective methods to earn money in Everscale is yield farming using FlatQube.

FlatQube provides an opportunity to profit on yield farming. APY reaches up to 100% in the farming pools.

You can check out the complete farming guide here -

Have more questions?

Join the Octus Bridge chat! You can ask the developers and the other members of our friendly community any questions you’d like:

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