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Review on BitMart by Özgün A

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Works for Bitmart users

BitMart is a successful cryptocurrency exchange with close to 1,000,000 users, managed by a team with market experience from all over the world.
Bitmart has its own token and is traded on its stock exchange. Bitmart token is burned every month so that its value does not decrease / increase.
There are a few features of BitMart Exchange from other cryptocurrency exchanges. These;
+ With Bitmart '' X project '', the stock market lists some coins and you support one of the listed coins with the Bitmart tokens you have in your hand and you lock your tokens on that coin. If the coin you support / vote for is listed, you start to earn passive income.
+ You can earn money with the reference system. You get 50% commission from the transactions made by the people you invite on the Bitmart exchange. You also get 10% commission from your reference's reference.

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Updated 2 years ago
Rating changed from 4 to 5
BitMart is a useful exchange where you can do a lot of crypto transactions. In my article I wrote about 5 months ago, I mentioned some of my security concerns. BitMart developers have eliminated my trust issue by increasing their security procedures. But they had to do this. BitMart experienced rapid growth in a short time and they added a large number of trading pairs. Also, they added a lot of trading transactions. In addition, they have added many events to the stock market. They organize events frequently.
My favorite feature of the BitMart exchange is that it offers a simple-looking interface option for new learners.
They also added app for android and IOS. They increased the number of languages. The feature of purchasing crypto money with a credit card has arrived.
In short; Bitmart has accomplished great things in a short time. In this way, it achieved a very rapid growth in a short time and had a large number of users.

  • Reference system
  • Earning income by locking coins
  • Regularly burning Bitmart coins every month
  • I have some concerns about its reliability

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