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About RTAventures VC

RTAventures VC invests early in online businesses with special focus on healthcare related products and business models like SaaS (software as a service) and marketplaces.RTAventures VC is managed by Piotr Kulesza and Lubomir Jurczak and is based in Warsaw, Poland and Berlin, Germany.The largest investments include Docplanner, Typeform, Point Nine Capital.

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About RTAventures VC

Today I want to write about an early-stage venture capital firm which called RTAventures VC. I was interested in it because RTAventures VC invests in the online businesses with special focus on a healthcare sector. It was founded by by Lubomir...See full review

my review on RTAventure

RTAventures was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. And we can describe this venture as an early-stage venture capital firm based in Europe. RTAventures is a European venture capital firm that invests in early-stage venture...See full review

My audit on RTAventures VC

RTA Adventures VC is a beginning phase adventure financing business situated in Europe. They put resources into both beginning phase investment reserves and direct interests in Web and medical care adventures across Europe (and here and there past)…See full review

My research and my opinion About RTAventures VC

RTAventures VC, in my research has made over 40 investment and they use almost 5 technology for their website, they are very loyal to in their customer services. You can even search more information about them (RTAventures VC) on their website and...See full review

RTAventures: supporting businesses related to health and care online

This venture capital company founded in 2011 has been playing a transcendental role, since the services it offers are oriented towards a fundamental sector such as the health sector. To date, it has invested in more than 20 companies that combine...See full review

A quality investment company established in Europe.

RTAventures VC is a venture capital management company that has been a family business since its inception and offers a lot of advice to its users regarding investment. When I entered the website, I saw that there was very little information on the...See full review

RTA Ventures review

RTA Ventures is a venture company. It was founde 10 years ago. The main office located in Warsaw, however it also has another office in Berlin. The main region of activity is Europe. It invests in different ways and different industries. As an...See full review

RTAventures VC partner from the beginning

RTAventures VC specializes in making investments at the time of company emergence, called early investments, focusing on healthcare-related companies and market and service software business models. They are presented as potential partners in...See full review

My research on the company RTAventures VC

RTAventures is an European venture capital investment firm that invest in early-stage, seed-stage venture capital investment and direct investments in to the healthcare organization, internet and even other things beyond all this things.  This...See full review

my review on RTA Ventures

Based in Europe, Polish venture capital company, headquartered in Warsaw, has been operating since 2011. The RTA Ventures has also second office in Berlin, Germany, and it helps the company to operate in whole Europe. RTA Ventures VC experts are...See full review