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About Innova Memphis

Founded in 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Innova is a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor focused on starting and funding high-growth companies in the Biosciences, Technology and AgBio fields across the state of Tennessee. Innova links capital with great ideas to create groundbreaking products and services.At Innova we invest in start-up companies, help them grow, and then assist them in linking with established corporations for licensing, buy-outs or further investments. We provide the synergy of experienced management, market expertise and venture capital to accelerate the development of new products and services into viable business units that can stand on their own and then take their place with a mature market leader, if desired.Whether an innovation is still on the drawing board or stalled in the market place the Innova staff has the expertise, skills, and experience to envision and create a functioning business unit that is prepared to thrive in the market place. Technical know-how, market-proven staffing, and "just-right" funding assure the greatest chance possible for success.

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Innova Memphis is a new business funding for all agro communities.

Innova Memphis as it name implies, it is a reestablishment that aims at funding and financing early stage business with the requirements in terms of capital. It has been in active participation since 2017 and it is known for starting and funding...See full review

An association that gives capital and preparing organizations that are critical for associations' underlying advances

Innova Memphis is an association that helpers seed-stage or starting stage associations secure scale. This association not simply gives financing support. It moreover maintains the association with aides and subject matter experts. Innova...See full review

My opinion about Innova Memphis

Innova Memphis is an organization that was founded in the year 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation. As a result, Innova Memphis has been serving in this sector of starting and funding high growth companies the Bioscience, Technology and AgBio...See full review

Innova Memphis, supporting entrepreneurs from different communities.

I can't stop praising these companies that are dedicated to providing technical and financial support to other small, low-capital companies that are just starting out and need a lot of help in order to grow and establish themselves in the capital...See full review

My review on Innova Memphis

Innova Memphis, founded in 2007 is an early-stage investor focusing on launching and investing high-growth firms in the biosciences, technology, and agriculture sectors. Innova connects money with innovative ideas to build game-changing goods and...See full review

Innova Memphis the best of all

Innova Memphis review is here Innova Memphis is a company that was established some years ago precisely Founded in the years 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation. Innova Memphis is known to be a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor that...See full review

It is a very good company in terms of seed capital.

Innova Memphis is an investment company that was established approximately 14 years ago and entered the market. It supports the development and establishment of companies that carry out studies in the fields of bioscience and technology and have...See full review

Innova Memphis is focused on many tech areas

Innova Memphis is an accelerator company based in Memphis, United States of America. It was founded in 2007 and currently, the company is headed by Ken Woody as its pits president. The company is opened to different technical areas like...See full review

Innova Memphis

Hello guys, The topic I want to write today is about Innova Memphis. Innova Memphis is a organisation that helps seed-stage or early-stage corporations achieve scale. This agency now not solely affords funding support. It additionally supports the...See full review

About Innova Memphis.

Speaking of Innovation Memphis, Innova, founded in 2007 by way of the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, can be known as the pre-seed, early and early-stage investor inside the fields of Biosciences, Technology and AgBio in Tennessee, aimed at creating...See full review