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About SFC Capital

SFC Capital is a leading early-stage investment firm providing capital and support to British startups. By combining its Angel Network and Seed Funds, SFC has created a unique model that allows investors to get exposure to SEIS- and EIS-qualifying businesses, either directly or through a diversified portfolio curated and managed by SFC’s expert team. The company is backed by an impeccable track record and recognised by Pitchbook as the UK's most active VC. In 2020, SFC received a £10m allocation from Business Investments as part of the Regional Angels Programme.

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SFC Capital: Venture capital for UK ventures only.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in the UK, it only supports UK-based ventures with funding and they must be in seed stage, i.e. in their initial phase. There may be some consideration if they are in a more advanced stage but with fewer options to apply. Since its foundation it has financially assisted over 351 ventures, all in the UK, To apply you must answer an initial questionnaire that depends on your eligibility to move to another stage to be admitted, basically you must select which area applies, status of the venture, has a project leader and most crucially if you are based in the UK, if you are not resident you can not apply. Subsequently you enter a round to give information and culminates with a personal interview in which it is decided if you apply. Preferably finances technological projects. Food, mobile telephony, industrial, e-commerce and entertainment.

My review about SFC Capital

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about SFC Capital. SFC was created in the United Kingdom in 2012. The company is growing rapidly in financial services, venture capital and other industries. The main goal of the company is to enable people to invest in profitable industries such as the technology of the future. Honestly, I was very hopeful about this company, but to be honest, the results of my lack of research did not please me at all. Although the company has 9 years of experience, it has only made nearly 300 investments so far, and these investments are not large, according to statistics. In addition, according to statistics, the number of customers is not very high and most importantly, the majority of customers are from the UK. This shows that the company is not global. But partnering with some of the major media companies will help the company gain a decent customer base in the future. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review.

A company investing in the projects of the future from today

SFC Capital is a UK-based company that supports startups developed in the UK. SFC Capital company supports seed stage startups up to the A + stage. SFC Capital has its own communities. These communities include investors, funders, entrepreneurs and experts. Entrepreneurs present their seed stage projects and seek support. The greatest benefit of these communities is that they provide the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and investors directly. In addition, in these communities, ideas are exchanged between advanced entrepreneurs and seed-stage entrepreneurs. SFC Capital has an investor group called angel investors. Angel investors provide funding support to entrepreneurs without waiting for any (non-profit) provision. The only bad side of this company is that it only supports entrepreneurs in the UK. In other words, it is not a global organization. As a result; SFC Capital company is

Although it is not a very old company, it has received very good awards.

Although Sfc Capital is a UK-based entrepreneurship and investment company, it is one of the leading companies in this field with its investments and supports in early stage companies. It provides seed capital and start-up capital to promising regional enterprises. It has a perfectly functioning layout that allows business angels within its body to invest in high-potential startups, either directly or through a diversified portfolio curated and managed by experts in their team. Although it is a company that was founded about 9 years ago, they have done very well until today. There is also a scheme that provides support to portfolio companies by providing strategic consultancy. It is also possible to see what they did in a year-by-year chart. It has a very useful website as an interface. If you want to cooperate or work with this company, you can send your applications by writing your name, e-mail address, telephone number, corporate identity and message in a section on the…

A look at SFC Capital

Hello everyone, friendsSFC Capital is a leading start-up investment firm that supports and supports British startups. The system received £ 10m from Business Investment in 2020 under the SFC Regional Angels Program. This company offers its reliable and reliable services. The company was also founded in the UK in 2012. The company’s main goal is to give people a broader opportunity to invest in lucrative industries such as future technology. I also strongly believe that this company will be a more advanced company in the future. The main purpose of this digital system is to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and investors. Answers to all company-related questions can be found on the company’s personal website soon. The system is committed to supporting the development of all forms of entrepreneurship in the UK. SFC advises one of the most active Seed Investment Funds in the UK with more than 180 investments to date. PitchBook Data has been named the most active VC in the…


This platform has help many startup to grow and stand on there feet. The platform provide help for the startup that there achievement is glaring, has good motive and can easily be yield to support that need to be provided to be able to get the security fund. It has it a great team that always ready to work with startup for the same objective. The application can be done online, in my opinion the application is very easy to access anywhere in the world, since all the requirement were listed on the official platform. The startup can check it it qualify. It also has step by step on how to apply was listed on the platform which make the platform to be very easy to use. Having access to fund by the startup is not the only way to make the investment to succeed, i appreciate the platform for open the room for meeting the investors network. This in my opinion will go in a very log way to connect and network the business. Communication is throw open, It has many social medial platform…

SFC Capital is a reliable company.

Today, there are many companies in the world that offer great and reliable services. My review today. I write about SFC Capital. The company was founded in 2012 in the UK. Since then, the company has been growing rapidly and reliably in financial services, venture capital and various other sectors. The company’s main goal is to give people ample opportunity to invest in well-profitable sectors such as future technology. The company has so far invested only about 300, and judging by the statistics, these investments are considered to be a big deal, and according to statistics, the number of customers is still small and most of them are from the UK. But I think that in the future, by offering consistent work and new ideas, it will increase its subscribers and make great progress. I would like to thank all those who have read my review so far and I wish you success in your work.

SFC Capital....

It is a leading investment system that provides capital in the early steps to support new British companies and has established a distinctive program that helps investors discover projects through a diverse portfolio managed by a team of research and business managers. Their transactions have been characterized by credibility and a clean track record among companies, making them one of the most successful companies in the United States and in the investment world. Which attracted to IT entrepreneurs of large-capitalized startups. Stephen has set up software companies in database management, corporate mentoring and portfolio investment strategy and the company is investing £ 10 million to invest and accelerate startups in the US. In my personal opinion, it is a company with great credibility and profits, won the award for Best Innovation, rising star and Grwth owners Guild Award, and took 20 projects out of 2000 annually. The opening of its first fund in the United States made us one…

SFC is a strong early stage investors

SFC capital was established in 2012 by Stephen page as a venture capital investor and angel grangel group that invest in qqualified startups in the UK.They deal mostly with companies in computer tech areas like machine learning, robotics etc. The company encourages young entrepreneur by helping them to raise capital as well as helping those with huge networth to invest and earn good ROI on their investment. The result of this is that the economy becomes more stabilized, entrepreneur has a soft landing and unemployment becomes reduced. SFC is regulated by FCA so it is well grounded financially and considering that it has been around for close to a decade with good track record of investment, they are really recommendable.  Already the company has successfully invested in over 180 companies and all startups are liable to get some tax relief.

Review on SFC Capital by Rama.

It is an investment company that supports British projects and provides the right capital to them by managing the most important and successful businessmen and therefore has a track record of successive successes, and has been recognized by many international investment companies as one of the strongest companies in this field and the most innovative in achieving profits of a large size. In addition to being a trading company, it fosters strong relationships between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in various magazines to create projects and create creative ideas as much as possible. This company allows investments in onfido projects and plastic packaging walkways to be environmentally friendly, and it does not skimp on providing acceleration consulting and economic information suitable for start-ups. It has many activities in the United States and has supported more than 150 projects, all of which have been very successful. In the end it's a group of successful investors who deserve…

My review on SFC Capital.

It is a leading early stage investment platform that provides capital and support to start-ups in the UK. It has new and diverse businesses to its system of work and is managed by a team of experts, and is one of the most active venture capital firms in the UK. The company has a strong and long relationship between entrepreneurs and investors because it brings together a successful team that combines mental experience and healthy leadership to build a business and achieve a positive goal on the world. It has an investment support branch for women and the system of this company is essential for organizing content and clients at work time. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs James ezelai and stepat bolgat, it helps with the development of sales and rapid recruitment, has worked on more effective exploration plans and has had success in its work despite its young age. It is a company that supports artificial intelligence and in 2012 the team put forward pre-product and pre-revenue plans and

My Review on SFC Capital

SFC Capital is an early stage investment company with high potential that can be valued in the future, with a broad vision and perspective, providing financing and support to British startups willing to change and beautify the future. SFC Capital, which has invested in dozens of companies to date, has invested in more than 200 companies by 2020. When investing, it pays attention to the variety of investments and high potential. It is looking for people who like to work who will grow the capital of investors, using it by properly combining expertise, experience and entrepreneurial spirit. It believes that a relationship based on long-term trust with investors, entrepreneurs and employees will increase the success rate. SFCCapital is committed to supporting and assisting all forms of entrepreneurship in the UK.