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Door Room Fund a progressive student platform

5Dorm Room Fund is a $3 million American venture capital firm focused on investments in student-run startups. Door Room Fund was Established by First Round Capital in 2012, the company is operated by full-time undergraduate and graduate students...See full review

Dorm Room Fund is advancing western education to a higher heights.

Dorm Room Fund(DRF) is an American venture capital project that is situated in the United States. It was formed to resuscitate and improve modern day learning especially for university students. It was initiated in the year 2021 and most likely it...See full review

Review on Dorm Room Fund by Umut Y.

Dorm Room Fund, Founded in 2012, it has brought together aspiring entrepreneurs and sought out students to build companies, worked with more than 300 companies with experienced student management, raised a billion US dollars, supported the...See full review


The student has the opportunity to lean great thing at school which includes having a project done, in my opinion one thing that also needed is getting the right connection or network. This platform has been doing a amazing job in provides the...See full review

Dorm Room Fund: a great project you should know about if you're a student.

If you're a student and you don't know about the Dorm Room Fund, I can tell you're missing out so far. Because the Dorm Room Fund is an excellent project created to support students. Students are in a very important position as founders, managers...See full review

Dorm Room Fund.

Dorm room Fundis a supportive company for generations who build the future with their own hands and students who have a cutting-edge vision and have the ambition of success. was a great job for the investor Round Capital when in 2012 he undertook...See full review

Dorm Room Fund

Hello there. My review will be about Dorm Room Fund today. Dorm Room Fund is a US-based university program created in 2012. As we know, lately the number of university programs has been steadily increasing and most of them fail. But according to my...See full review

Doom Room Fund is a perfect project that is willing to fund undergraduates investors.

Doom room Fund is private venture which organises and operates student business with a yield of maximum utility. It is aimed at supporting students from college,Tertiary institutions down to distinct universities by helping them build a solid...See full review


This platform was established in 2012, it has raised billion of Dollar and has help hundreds of companies. It has a unique standard focusing on investing student run companies. Getting access to the official platform gives you all what you need to...See full review

Drom Room Fund is a priceless opportunity for students.

There are a lot of support companies that follow Smart plans and work in a professional way by supporting a certain type of projects and companies or investing a certain class of society. Dorm Room Fund uses this approach in its work, as it...See full review