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Review on Dorm Room Fund by Kuzey Tekinoğlu

Dorm Room Fund.

Dorm room Fundis a supportive company for generations who build the future with their own hands and students who have a cutting-edge vision and have the ambition of success.

was a great job for the investor Round Capital when in 2012 he undertook this project and worked on building a new generation to lead the new companies of the future.

These companies support a number of students ambitious to be the founders of activists in this company opened more than 300 companies with a capital of $ 3 billion to create a successful community of active investors to connect with each other, exchange experiences and to get the community of sophisticated life.

It makes profits in the hands of investors, operators and sophisticated experts such as its CEO Muller Fowler, Alex Baker executive director and other students who work with it. In person it's a successful company is looking for investment in all country in the world to develop and through my experience that this company are the best places in the world that you can achieve your life dreams and goals, and Dorm Room Fund is your right place to configure your startup in the future.

Pros & cons

  • Provides all means of support to entrepreneurs
  • It has an advisory team that provides information to entrepreneurs to be successful company managers
  • Nothing